Tuesday, 13 September 2022

No 13659, Tuesday 13 Sep 2022, KrisKross

Solution to 19D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Danseuse — extremely boring, extremely reserved (6) MODEST  {MO{Da...sE}ST}
4   A ballerina achieving victory — she moves ahead (8) ADVANCER {A}{D{V}ANCER}
10 See Irish cop frantically chasing boy (9) BISHOPRIC {IRISH+COP}*<=>{B}
11 Dark fish (5) BLEAK [DD]
12 Carriages returning from Nagasaki or Tokyo (7) TROIKAS [T<=]
13 One of eight vehicles failing to start in sultanate (7) OARSMAN {O{cARS}MAN} 
14 Rabbi's short farewell message (5) RADIO {R}{ADIOs}
15 Nerds sue stupid consumers (3,5) END USERS*
18 Chaotic jam halt outside a mausoleum (3,5) TAJ MAHAL {JAM+HALT}* over {A}
20 Soft, thin board (5) PLANK {P}{LANK}
23 No good going through false, faked projections (7) FLANGES {FLA{N}{G}ES*}
25 Country with showers after half of winter (7) TERRAIN {winTER}{RAIN}
26 Tennis player heading off with a new agent (5) ORGAN {bORG}{A}{N}
27 Frees one's soul, troubled, accepting meditation finally (9) UNLOOSENS {ONES+SOUL}* over {m...oN}
28 Still in rebellion, holding value and courage (8) TEMERITY {TE{MERIT}Y<=}
29 Sickness from primarily navigating across uprising ocean (6) NAUSEA {Na...g}{Ac...s}{Up...g}{SEA}

1   Man near lake leaving crabs, say, for family members (8) MOBSTERS {M}{lOBSTERS}
2   Conflict in team mostly on the rise before tie (7) DISCORD {SIDe<=}{CORD}
3   Cattle in, say, European city (9) STOCKHOLM {~ stock call  stock home)
5   How to clue old title for movie? (6,8) DOCTOR DOLITTLE {OLD+TITLE}* [RA]
6   A doctor about to turn yellowish (5) AMBER {A}{MB}{RE<=}
7   Somewhat mediocre American substitute for milk (7) CREAMER [T]
8   Nationalist abandons position in gathering (6) RAKING RAnKING
9   What the smartly dressed man did before marriage (7,3,4) PRESSED HIS SUIT [C&DD]
16 Star or sun, over a period, initially exploding (9) SUPERNOVA  {SUN+OVER+A+Pe...d}* Semi&lit
17 Cows in our part of the world losing ability to move (8) AKINESIA {A{KINE}SIA}
19 Spiritual leader, upset, not quite willing for merger (7) A?A?G?M (Addendum - AMALGAM {LAMA<=}{GAMe} See comments)
21 Stimulates exhausted athletes, having become tired, lacking energy (7) AWAKENS {At...eS} over {WeAKEN}
22 Surviving with nothing inside an apartment (6) AFLOAT {A}{FL{0}AT}
24 One escaping from region at war — he is doomed (5) GONER REGiON*

Reference List
Victory = V, Boy = B, Rabbi = R, Soft = P, No = N, Good = G, New = N, Man = M, Lake = L, About = RE, Nationalist = N, Energy = E


  1. Replies
    1. Anno for 3d should be STOCK (cattle) + hp HOME (in). Request Col to kindly edit it.

    2. Have corrected it Ramki.
      However pronunciations as shown in Wikipedia is as under, which was new to me as well.


    3. Col, the Swedish local pronounciation still sticks to kehL. English is Holm with l almost silent. (Courtesy Stockholm syndrome)

    4. Wow Col - I didn't know of this pronunciation too! Was going by the English version.

  2. Yet another delight from Ramki. Enjoyed it fully. Happy to see Borg- one of my favourites.

    1. +1 many aha moments have prompted me to pen a modest tail piece. Please read.

    2. Thanks Paddy and Ramesh - glad you liked it.

  3. It's that time of the year when all cruciverbalists are geared up for an event as attractive to them as TAJ MAHAL is to tourists. The defendant surely is all set in his familiar TERRAIN. He is the SUPERNOVA amongst many MODEST contestants (like me) AFLOAT.
    But don't lose heart lofty and skilled challengers, no one is a GONER and it isn't the END. USERS may feel prospects are BLEAK but the sign is AMBER not red. Do step up the challenge in TROIKAS.

    But must walk the PLANK. Indeed, challengers have to do much more than just DOCTOR DOLITTLE to beat the champion OARSMAN in the race. Perhaps discover what CREAMER he uses in his coffee? Or pray and seek a BISHOPRIC blessing? Stay healthy free from sickness or NAUSEA? Maybe simply UNLOOSEN the mind keeping it cool and free of DISCORD. Or find an AMALGAM of the above that AWAKENS the animal spirit. Whatever be spirited like MOBSTERS and mount a challenge worthy of a RADIO and media broadcast from ASIA to as far as STOCKHOLM and further.

    Hope to see some new ADVANCERS accompanying the champ to the final. All smiling and smartly appearing on stage at the final having PRESSED HIS (or her) SUIT RAKING in the honours.

    Good luck to all IXL contestants! Thanks to cryptic Singh for the ORGANisation of the contest year after year.

    1. Nice one to bolster our spirits on the eve of the biggest event of the year. It is fitting that it comes today- day of the champion setter!

  4. Stockholm, Dr.Doolittle, Pressed his suit were some of the good ones.

  5. I liked all of them. Doctor Dolittle is my favourite. Thanks Ramki

  6. 19D: merger=amalgam
    Spiritual leader is Lama, upset becomes Amal
    Willing is game, not quite willing is gam
    Hence, Amal+gam
    With regards,

  7. Didn't understand TEY in 28a (still in rebellion) and MOST (holding the DE) in 1a. Where did they come from? Please help

    1. Still = YET, in rebellion is the reversal indicator to make it TEY

      Danseuse extremely indicates to take extreme letters so that's DE. The second extremely is MOST

  8. In 10ac - what is the definition? See??
    Kindly clarify.

    1. noun: see; plural noun: sees
      the place in which a cathedral church stands, identified as the seat of authority of a bishop or archbishop.

    2. Thank u. Didn't know this till now.

  9. Great grid! I am relatively new to solving cryptics. Loved the surface on a bunch of clues - modest, Doctor Doolittle. Didn't quite parss pressed his suit, can somebody please explain?

    1. Thanks Mitali. Explanation for PRESSED HIS SUIT is as Sree_sree has given above.

    2. Thanks for responding, @Sree and @Ramki! It is delightful to have discovered this blog. I had not come across this expression before this puzzle - you learn something new everyday!