Sunday, 4 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3218, Sunday 04 Sep 2022

1   What makes a rainbow concerning, a little bit? (10) REFRACTION {RE}{FRACTION}
6   Appropriate site to get dates (4) PALM [DD]
9   Low temperature beers – getting round in? They're undecided (4,6) MOOT POINTS {MOO}{T}{P{O}INTS}
10 Drop undergarments; heavenly body (4) MOON [DD]
12 Login's with two characters swapped; tablet acting up: it's doomed to fail (6,6) LOSING BATTLE {LO(-g+s)SIN(-s+g)G}{TABLET*}
15 Drunken outburst suppressed by unnamed others: good (7) ETHICAL {HIC} in {ET AL}
16 I endlessly exasperate Scotsman, over in African city (7) NAIROBI {I}{BORe}{IAN}<=
17 Webmail regularly dropped price in Dubai? (7) EMIRATE {wEbMaIl}{RATE}
19 Cuban sheepishly conceals spirit (7) BANSHEE [T]
20 Lie about with ale six times? It's idle gossip (6-6) TITTLE-TATTLE {LIE+ALE+TTTTTT}*
23 Perhaps writer of Happy Birthday's more friendly not initially (4) ICER nICER
24 Lenient – or by the letter! (10) PERMISSIVE {PER}{MISSIVE}
25 Lunatic in daze knocked back (4) NUTS<=
26 Immediately, jerks concealing bias regularly in facts and figures (10) STATISTICS {STAT}{TICS} over {bIaS}

1   Wander around noisily in European capital (4) ROME (~roam)
2   Part of poem where 'legend' is seen in two parts? (4) FOOT (LEGEND in tow parts = LEG END which is FOOT) 
3   'Warm and cooked.' 'A crab apple. Oh!' (12)  APPROACHABLE*
4   Rival IT firm? Not so small (7) TRIVIAL*
5   Autumn month, November, enthralling America: go figure (7) OCTAGON {OCT}{N} over {A}{GO}
7   Primarily adaptable punctuation: one stroke to represent omission / possession (howsoever erroneously!) (10) APOSTROPHE Acrostic &lit
8   WW2 general caught on tape in Uruguayan port (10) MONTEVIDEO {(~monty){MONTE}{VIDEO}
11 Cuts down on waste with unfortunate realisations (12) RATIONALISES*
13 Banal, affected pedantries (10) PEDESTRIAN*
14 Extremely into economy, taking FT in 30s, wonky (10) THRIFTIEST {FT} in {THIRTIES}*
18 Appeal to characters in Jobcentre attractively (7) ENTREAT [T]
19 Bravo that Ma knitted rectangle of fabric? (4,3) BATH MAT {B}{THAT+MA}*
22 Everyman's beginning to tuck into the French wines' worst parts (4) LEES {LE{Ev...n}S}

Reference List
Low = MOO, Temperature = T, Concerning = RE, Immediately = STAT, November = N, Bravo = B, The in French = LE


  1. Next week onwards there will be no specials at 10:30 in view of the online rounds of IXL 2022. Specials will resume on 27 Nov