Sunday, 11 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3219, Sunday 11 Sep 2022

1   Subjects such as History, English, Classics on ice regrettably (6,8) SOCIAL SCIENCES {E+CLASSICS+ON+ICE}*
8   Primarily Islamic republic, Azerbaijan's neighbour? (4) IRAN Acrostic &lit
9   '80s ballad that's ornate was fast enthralling one (6,4) PURPLE RAIN {PURPLE}{RA{1}N}
10 C. European city, in retrospect, used to be chilly (6) WARSAW {WAS RAW<=}
11 Oddly, loner awash, swimming with toothy mammals (8) NARWHALS {LoNeR+AWASH}*
12 Great Dane cavorting in genteel eatery (3,6) TEA GARDEN*
14 Scoffs wines, spirits etc loudly (4) BOOS (~booze)
15 Pint? Regularly bleary, Everyman's beginning to tuck in (4) BEER {BlEaRy} over {Ev...n}
16 Beautiful princess with roly-poly dessert: very excited! (7,2) PSYCHED UP {PSYCHE}{PUD}* ( Correction - {PSYCHE}{PUD<=} - See comments)
20 Ale container, a large piece of brass (4,4) BASS TUBA {BASS}{TUB}{A}
21 Somewhere in France, piece of offal's acerbic (6) ALSACE [T]
23 Good old pancakes, finally disappeared inside cookers: frightful apparitions (10) HOBGOBLINS {HOB{G}{O}{BLINi}S}
24 Extravagant praise for dance party (4) RAVE [DD]
25 Sees bronco told off on the wagon (5-4,5) STONE-COLD SOBER*

1   Arise in plane, perhaps (7) SURFACE [DD]
2   Ice creams consumed by deaconess (5) CONES [T]
3   A nation with naval strength, we're told: it's in the mains (2,5) AC POWER (~ a sea power)
4   The queen to cross parting water (that is, lake), finding dog (8,7) SPRINGER SPANIEL {ER}{SPAN} in {SPRING}{IE}{L}
5   The writer had 50 hesitant expressions: they won't work (6) IDLERS {I'D}{L}{ERS}
6   Cold spot, Norway: the European's replaced by another (5,4) NORTH POLE {NOR}{TH(-e+pole}POLE}
7   Being somewhat high-minded, I blessed foodstuffs (7) EDIBLES [T]
13 It's used for pumping reggae with sun out (6,3) GREASE GUN {REGGAE+SUN}*
15 Corroborate order to get some distance from Paddington? (4,3) BEAR OUT [C&DD]
17 Lectures caught by young women (7) CLASSES {C}{LASSES}
18 Show half of mum's brothers having left (7) UNCOVER {UNCles}{OVER}
19 You should see Papa before seeing this city! (6) QUEBEC In NATO code P(papa) is before Q(QUEBEC)
22 Abandon in brushwood (5) SCRUB [DD]

Reference List
English = E, Dessert = PUD(Pudding), Good = G, Old = O, Queen = ER, Lake = L, 50 = L, European = E, Caught = C


  1. All the best for Practice round of IXL 22

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wishing all the participants, particularly the Holder, the very Best in this tear's IXL contest.

  4. Col sir, the contest is from sept 18?

  5. Yes. Today is a test round, more for the technical (read web server and load management!) Checks. And practice for new comers to go through the process.

  6. In 10A: C. European city= warsaw
    used to is WAS, Is chilly is RAW?

    1. From Free Dic,
      4. Unpleasantly damp and chilly: raw weather.

  7. Will the first round next week be as easy?

  8. Maybe, but still the clues themselves were readily solvable.