Wednesday, 4 January 2023

No 13754, Wednesday 04 Jan 2023, Arden

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 6A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

6   Caterwaul and attack one in the middle (5) M?A?L (Addendum - MIAUL {M{1}AUL} - See comments)
7   Misery under long pine (8) LANGUISH {L}{ANGUISH}
10 Trade non-taxable - no tax in this country (7) LEBANON{NON+taxABLE}*
11 Record followed by a record that's hollow - reject it (7) DISCARD {DISC}{A}{Re..rD}
12 Wild pig with a growth to match (7) WARTHOG {A+GROWTH}*
13 Happiness seeing a Muslim in a chapel (7) GALILEE {G{ALI}LEE}
14 Defoliant used - not within age limits (5,6) AGENT ORANGE {AGE}{NOT*}{RANGE}
19 Regular one comes in to join (7) SOLDIER {SOLD{1}ER}
21 Spray for salesroom, perhaps it's open at both ends (7) AEROSOL sALESROOm*
23 Fuel oil at the bottom will catch fire (7) LIGNITE {oiL}{IGNITE}
25 Rush back over the base, troop leader's at the lowest level (7) DEEPEST {S{E}PEED<=}{Tr..p}
26 Bear's breeches can therefore follow one (8) ACANTHUS {CAN}{THUS}<=>{A}
27 First lot goes into lot of compost (5) MULCH {MU{Lot}CH}

1   Perhaps carry contents up to the capital (8) CANBERRA {CAN BE}{cARRy<=}
2   Wrap up the last of the strudel in a piece of cake (6) CLINCH {C{s...eL}INCH}
3   Real thing about student admission - could be a regular feature before exams (3-7) ALL-NIGHTER {REAL+THING}* over {L}
4   Eat up in an Oklahoma city (4) ENID<=
5   Rate for a small piece of canvas (6) ASSAIL {A}{S}{SAIL}
6   Country gets a point from another country (6) MALAWI {MAL{A}{W}I}
8   Greek character represented by state with wild lions (7) UPSILON {UP}{LIONS*}
9   Summer slithers away (5) ADDER [DD}
13 I do mix with Germans and over indulge on food (10) GORMANDISE {I+DO+GERMANS}*
15 Raising clamour to have idly regularly is omission (7) ELISION {NOIS{IdLy}E<=}
16 Wind perhaps set in too soon (8) EASTERLY {EA{SET*}RLY}
17 Penny on fish, not on song (5) PSALM {P}{SALMon}
18 How chickens grasp? (6) CLUTCH [DD]
20 Cricket side on a controversy - disheartened by what they inherited (6) LEGACY {LEG}{A}{Co...rY}
22 Hey! Rum cocktail is watery (6) RHEUMY*
24 One chooses to suppress the report (4) ECHO [T]

Reference List
Long = L, Base = E, Student = L, Small = S, Point = W(west), Penny = P


  1. Though majority of clues , today , made me suffer brain fogging, i am happy that for the rest, my annos passed the muster..

  2. 27A. I liked it for its wording and pithiness

  3. 6A miaul - caterwaul
    Attack- maul
    1 in the middle

  4. First top left quarter, I could complete only all nighter. I knew, 1D was Canberra, but could not get anno. Just visited the blog. Perhaps, itself being used as "can be" is a clever one.
    Quite tough one today.
    With regards,

  5. Its a matter of couple of days, incognito makes a re- apoearance, unless he has something up his sleeve to make me "cry"ptic

  6. * appearance. Typo regretted

  7. LV met Champ Ramki at his residence. Few photographs are in the THCC Blog at the following link

    When LV met Ramki

    1. Thanks for posting the pics sir ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Where there is Ramki, there are bound to be Trophies!
      Thank you LV & Col.

    3. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    4. @Paddy sir Remaining trophies in another showcase ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    5. เคฐाเคฎเค•ी เคœीเคค!

  8. Tough but finished. Could not parse CANBERRA, becos thought perhaps is can instead of can be.
    Thanx Arden.