Saturday 7 January 2023

No 13757, Saturday 07 Jan 2023, Incognito

Rangoli by Gowri

7   Legendary creature and alien kept in Yankee igloo at first (4) YETI {Y}{ET}{Ig..o}
8   Perhaps how the artist shoplifting in the paint shop was caught? (3-6) RED-HANDED [C&DD]
10 Drink with German spice (6) GINGER {GIN}{GER}
11 Animals follow tailless mammal producing sugary substance (8) MOLASSES {ASSES}<=>{MOLe}
12 Awfully silent before starting to install network for wire-tap (6,2) LISTEN IN {SILENT*}{In...l}{Ne...k}
14 Nag residing in O'Hara's stable (6) HARASS [T]
16 Dirty relative with a pole (7) UNCLEAN {UNCLE}{A}{N}
18 Send criminal with evidence (7) CONSIGN {CON}{SIGN}
21 Prohibit initially rebellious English living in container (6) BARREL {BAR}{Re...s}{En...h}{Li...g}
23 Regal Scotsman includes joke on imaginary number (8) MAJESTIC {MA{JEST}{I}C}
25 As fast as a gastropod... or a bullet? (8)  SLUGGISH [C&DD]
27 Royal seat flung on radio (6) THRONE(~thrown)
29 Princess's fee for release (9) DISCHARGE {DI'S}{CHARGE}
30 Band of cloth strapped around soft hat in the beginning (4) SASH Acrostic

1   51 Romans enter province creating organised faith (8) RELIGION {RE{LI}GION}
2   Call for some jewellery (4) RING [DD]
3   Doctor at Yard takes broken urn for rehearsal (3,3) DRY RUN {DR}{Y}{URN*}
4   Stubborn soldier follows first man (7) ADAMANT {ANT}<=>{ADAM}
5   Oh boy! All running hither and thither in commotion (8) BALLYHOO*
6   Dad jumps around with son's tots (4) ADDS {DAD*}{S}
9   Garment from doctor on English ship (5) DRESS {DR}{E}{SS}
13 Construction worker mentioned in mercantile records (5) TILER [T]
15 Takes a break on street at end of class (5) RESTS {RE}{ST}{c..sS}
17 Nothing left, okay? (3,5) ALL RIGHT [DD]
19 Actor Alec's genius is misrepresented around new school (8) GUINNESS {GUI{N}NES*}{S}
20 For starters, American military policeman has old relic and jug (7) AMPHORA Acrostic
22 Top class student editor was sick (5) AILED {A1}{L}{ED}
24 Jedi endlessly hugged extra-terrestrial model and flew around at high speeds (6) JETTED {J{ET}{T}EDi}
26 Cut girl on tree (4) GASH {G}{ASH} 
28 At heart, Parashar is impetuous (4) RASH [T]

Reference List
Alien = ET, Yankee = Y, Pole = N(North), Imaginary Number = I, Princess = DI(Diana), 51 = LI, Yard = Y, Soldier = ANT, Son = S English = E, Ship =SS, On = RE, Street = ST, New =N, School = S, Top class = A1, Student = L, Editor = ED, Extra-terrestrial = ET, Model = T, Girl = G


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  2. Absolutely. I could do it in less than 30 minutes. Incognito is truly a blessing in incognito

  3. Finished in 13 minutes. Thanx Incognito. 🙂

  4. Gowri garu, Rangoli is truly colourful

  5. Yes Sathia, Gowri’s rangoli for the current year seems to be peacock.
    Hers is a lovely demonstration of the various moods of peacock, each one lovelier than the previous one. Hats off!!

  6. Please read ‘Gowri’s theme for rangoli for the current year’ seems to be peacock.

  7. Like themed CW's, this is themed Rangoli!

  8. Breeeeeeeeeze. That's Incognito!

  9. Thank u all if you especially AJ - for noticing my Rangoli & appreciating it daily. I simply looked up some reference drawings & sketches for peacocks. There were so many options that I felt tempted to try out atleast handful. 🙂