Friday, 27 January 2023

No 13773, Friday 27 Jan 2023, Hypatia

Solution to 5D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sister accepting a church's suggestion (6) NUANCE {NU{A}N}{CE}
4   Spice shelf mostly returned to daughter by a mother (8) CARDAMOM {RACk<=}{D}{A}{MOM}
9   Reportedly country provides oil (6) GREASE (~greece)
10 One lamp lit in study to find fault (8) COMPLAIN {CO{1+LAMP}*N}
12 Economic imbalance of area housing elderly in retirement (5,3) TRADE GAP {P{AGED}ART}<=
13 He shoots needles from behind with hesitation (6) SNIPER {PINS<=}{ER}
15 They're exchanged by participants in union? (7,5) WEDDING BANDS [CD]
18 Concerned with feasting - not grand or massive (12) ASTRONOMICAL gASTRONOMICAL
21 European entering international transaction for old specialist (6) EXPERT EXP(-o+e)ERT
22 Turn very appealing to block the French kiss (8) OSCULATE {SO<=}{CU{LA}TE}
24 Discuss in college about poetry (8) CONVERSE {C}{ON}{VERSE}
25 Satisfied to consume rough food grain (6) MILLET {M{ILL}ET}
26 Doctor, mayor and general returning to fish (5,3) MORAY EEL {MAYOR*}{LEE<=}
27 Note to seize free capital of Yemen 24 hours before the weekend (6) FRIDAY {F{RID}A}{Ye..n}

1   Work long with one who turns in late? (5,3) NIGHT OWL {LONG+WITH}*
2   Structure deal with assistant in city (8) ADELAIDE {DEAL*}{AIDE}
3   Guys err in process of reconstruction (8,7) COSMETIC SURGERY {GUYS+ERR}* [RA]
5   Crazy maiden hiding in America's fine (4) A?O? (Addendum - AMOK {M} in {A}{OK} - See comments)
6   Nehru admired Apu's versatile author (6,2,7) DAPHNE DU MAURIER*
7   French footballer's chart contains British exercise (6) MBAPPE {M{B}AP}{PE}
8   Say Om, engraved by craftsman traditionally (6) MANTRA [T]
11 What's naturally sweet like Mick of the Rolling stones? (7) JAGGERY [DD]
14 Main judge is fighting religious order (7) JAINISM {MAIN+J+IS}*
16 Scribbled about women rocking cradles (8) SCRAWLED {SCRA{W}LED*}
17 Infection at hospital ward luckily cleared out smoothly (8) FLUENTLY {FLU}{ENT}{Lu...lY}
19 View the fab, futuristic mega slim terminals in electronic device (6) WEBCAM Tail Acrostic
20 Some stop energetic Rohit Sharma, for one (6) OPENER [T]
23 Man, perhaps lives life on vacation (4) ISLE {IS}{LifE}

Reference List
Church = CE, Daughter = D, Study = CON, Grand = G, European = E, Old = O, The in French = LA, College = C, Note = FA, With = W, British = B, Exercise = PE, Maiden = M, America = A, Judge = J, Women = W, Hospital ward = ENT


  1. Col.
    If it is Friday,it is for newcomers/ non regulars?

  2. Maybe you can leave it to them tomorrow to compensate?

  3. 5D Amok - crazy
    M- maidem
    A - Amerca
    OK - fine

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Your annotation is that of a charade clue. Pl relook.

    3. I don't understand what you meant. Possibly you meant that I didn't explain the hiding part.
      M(m)aiden hiding (positioned within A and Ok

    4. Preferably, a(m)ok. Pluses in this blog is used to communicate as American+maiden+ok(fine) which is not the case here.

  4. My comment in yesterday's post which I wrote earlier today

    I have an early morning departure on Saturday, accordingly the blank clues which I normally post on Friday will be posted on Saturday for this week. Today there will be a regular blogpost at 8:30