Wednesday 25 January 2023

No 13771, Wednesday 25 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 16D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Frightening offence by husband wanting money (8) SINISTER {SIN}{mISTER}
5   Wife enthralled by grass is simpering in retreat (6) MISSIS [T<=]
10 Old characters in secret romance (5) RETRO [T]
11 Look trendy, extremely casual and wildly hot in one-piece garment (9) LOINCLOTH {LO}{IN}{Ca..aL}{HOT*}
12 Rushed back to serenade princess in Asian city (9) NARSINGDI {RAN<=}{SING}{DI}
13 Person who observes poor rodent dropping dead (5) NOTER ROdENT*
14 Trouble in European capital after Left topples Right (6) PLAGUE P(-r+l)LAGUE
15 Revolutionary experience in ravine leaves fellow elated (7) GLEEFUL {G{FEEL<=}ULf}
18 Knife in alcove beside round bag (7) BAYONET {BAY}{O}{NET}
20 Insensibility of rebellious degenerates drinking at university (6) STUPOR {ST{UP}OR<=}
22 Fights hard from start to finish (5) TIFFS (-s)TIFF(+s)S
24 Protecting female seen tottering in bar (9) DEFENSIVE {F+SEEN}* in{DIVE}
25 Person starts to cry, horrified by insane rat race (9) CHARACTER {Cry}{Ho...d}{RAT+RACE}*
26 Angered by one revolutionary abducting king (5) IRKED {1}{R{K}ED}
27 Finished reviewing absorbing chapter on principle of Enigma cipher (6) ENCODE {DO{C}NE<=}{En...a}
28 Embraced and undid lace, frantically releasing clasp at centre (8) INCLUDED {UNDID+LaCE}*

1   Runs limited by turn and good bounce (6) SPRING {SP{R}IN}{G}
2   Absolutely sozzled nut going around a jamboree (9) NATURALLY {N{A}TU*}{RALLY}
3   Revealing plans when son and his girl fight over nothing (7,4,4) SHOWING ONES HAND {WHEN+SON+AND+HIS+G}* over {0}
4   Finally compose revolutionary work, inspired by idea for pastoral poem (7) ECLOGUE {c...sE}{CL{GO<=}UE}
6   Minor artfully nails it with queen capturing rook (15) INCONSEQUENTIAL {NAILS+IT+QUEEN}* over {CON}
7   Play piano in class (5) SPORT {S{P}ORT}
8   Small ball-shaped object in treatment of heel spur (8) SPHERULE*
9   Injured nilgai is suffering (6) AILING*
16 Fine lap dance finally in bar - made merry (9) F?O?I?K?D (Addendum - FROLICKED {F}{RO{LICK}{d..cE}D} -  See comments)
17 Check new sob story about Cleopatra at launch (8) OBSTACLE {SOB*}{TA{Cl...a}LE}
19 Lawyer shot outside, close to comatose until now (2,4) TO DATE {TO{DA}T}{c...sE}
20 Small, slight model wanting shade (7) SAFFRON {S}{AFFRONt}
21 Bonded with liberal director enthralled by marijuana (6) WELDED {WE{L}{D}ED}
23 Head of family managed club in Swiss capital (5) FRANC {Fa...y}{RAN}{C}

Reference List
Money = M, Look = LO, Trendy = IN, Princess = DI, Dead = D, Right = R, Left = L, Fellow = F, University = UP, Female = F, King = K, Chapter = C, Runs = R, Good = G, Girl = G, Rook = CON, Piano = P, Fine = F, Lawyer = DA, Shot = TOT, Model = T, Liberal = L, Director = D, Club = C


  1. Had a good laugh at the single piece garment (of the poor man)!! Typical of Dr.X, letting us imagine various more interesting options.

  2. These days capitals are getting money oriented.

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  3. 9A,26A,19D. Happy that i could get the anno correctly..

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  5. This deserves a promotion :)

    1. He is yet to get used to his promotion a week back.

  6. Acharya please do not comment when you are not supposed to do so

  7. 23-D was a tricky clue since I was caught with the word BERN (capital of Switzerland). Kudos to Dr. X for this teaser.

  8. Hi, I had answered once earlier this week, but since 16D is still up for grabs as of 2 pm, may I give it a go?

    Fellow = F
    Lap = Lick
    Finally Dance = E
    Bar = Rod
    Fellow Lap dance in bar is F(RO(LICK)(E)D)

  10. 16;D : Not fellow but FINE,

  11. Paddys dedication paying off!
    Sania in final.