Thursday, 12 January 2023

No 13761, Thursday 12 Jan 2023, Lightning

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 14A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Baking material is hard to develop (8) FLOURISH {FLOUR}{IS}{H}
5   Hard worker interrupting cry for help in South American city (6) SANTOS {S{ANT}OS}
9   Liberal opinion missing the second line, say (8) LATITUDE {L}{AtTITUDE}
10 Virginia fire department finally not in use (6) VACANT {VA}{CAN}{d...nT}
12 Regularly fear resistance at gate - perhaps a mistake (5) ERROR {fEaR}{R}{OR}
13 Have relic remodelled for Sivaji maybe (9) CHEVALIER*
14 Out of sorts, score century in game (6) ?O?C?R (Addendum - SOCCER {SCORE+C}* - See comments)
16 Former lover caught holding money that is obsolete (7) EXTINCT {EX}{TIN}{CT}
19 Allowing two-thirds of written message in Germany (7) LETTING {LETTer}{IN}{G}
21 Meeting places university establishes all around (6) FORUMS {FOR{U}MS}
23 Expensive Indian tea? Third serving on a child's eating place (4-5) HIGH-CHAIR {HIGH}{CHA}{I}{thiRd} (Addendum - {HIGH}{CHAI}{seRv..g} - See comments)
25 Hollow container with fish? (5) CREEL {Co...eR}{EEL} &lit
26 Country's supporter with passion disheartened, going around island (6) BRAZIL {BRA}{Ze{I}aL}
27 Friend ran into short jersey on tree (8) PALMETTO {PAL}{MET}{TOp}
28 King determined to get over depression (6) TROUGH {T{R}OUGH}
29 Connected with Jean, odd one going berserk (8) ADJOINED {JEAN+ODD+1}*

1   Screen document about Tesla with resistance (6) FILTER {FIL{T}E}{R}
2   Farthest some trout wandered (9) OUTERMOST*
3   It can spin looking the same either way (5) ROTOR [CD]
4   Cocktail perhaps on vehicle (7) SIDECAR [DD] (Addendum - {SIDE}{CAR} - See comments)
6   A place to experiment with plant providing material for ornaments (9) ALABASTER {A}{LAB}{ASTER}
7   Fillet, halibut helping to make elaborate meal (5) THALI [T]
8   Overwhelm and treat USA in a bad way (8) SATURATE*
11 Powerful, excellent legwork exhibited at the start by sportsman (4) PELE Acrostic Semi&lit
15 Finally settling advance, slowly breaking hold (9) CLINCHING {CL{INCH}ING}
17 What may be seen on the jersey of anaesthetist X? (6,3) NUMBER TEN {NUMBER}{TEN}
18 Absolute help - regular blast destroyed set of letters (8) ALPHABET {A}{HELP+BlAsT}*
20 Lake below beach city is the destination (4) GOAL {L}<=>{GOA} Goa is a state and not city
21 Encourage former American president embracing battle (7) FORWARD {FOR{WAR}D}
22 Annual Monday to showcase nut (6) ALMOND [T]
24 Plant male used to make guacamole (5) GUACO GUACamOle
25 Arrived with ordinary and small part (5) CAMEO {CAME}{O}

Reference List
Hard = H, Liberal = L, Gate = OR, Century = C, Caught = CT, Germany = G, University = U, Indian tea = CHAI, Supporter = BRA, Island = I, King = R, Tesla =T, Resistance = R, Absolute = A, Lake = L, Ordinary = O


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Intended anno is Side (on) Car (vehicle).

  2. 23A Third serving refers to third letter of serving. The anno may be HIGH CHAI + R

  3. 14 across soccer, anagram of score and c for century

  4. 23A. High chair( already solved, trying to provide an anno ( which is already done too )
    High= expensive
    Tea= Chai
    Third Se(R)ving is R

    1. Thanks .Realized the faux pas after posting it.

  5. 13a CHEVALIER - could it be applied to Chatrapati Sivaji?

    1. Sivaji Ganesan (Picture attached) - actor who got Chevalier award. Nothing to do with Chatrapati.

  6. Nice themed tribute grid - thanks Lightning and Col! Also to Gowri for the lovely Rangoli.

  7. I think CAMEO can also fit the theme - Pele has done quite a few cameo roles in movies like Escape to victory, Birth of a legend (as himself) etc.

  8. 10A- Fire=can? Did not find in ref.list.

  9. Nice tribute to Number 10 Pele with an Indian touch- Thali, Chevalier Sivaji, Indian tea to name a few.

  10. The right half of CW got over quickly. The left half took more time. Some I have to visit the blog to get it.
    Nice one given by Lightning.
    Beautiful Rangoli by Gowri.
    With regards,

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    1. I mean setter nicely done the word play. we used to pronounce as chai.

  12. Nice grid. Finished in 30 mins.