Wednesday 18 January 2023

No 13765, Wednesday 18 Jan 2023, Afterdark

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Negligent auditor getting sued, having lost half a lac primarily (6) CASUAL {CA}{SUed}{A}{Lac}
4   Terminating after appointment finally made hard (6) TAXING {AXING}<=>{a...nT}
9   Transfer is making officials very enraged according to sources (4) MOVE Acrostic
10 Soldiers advance, soldiers may end at treasury (10) REPOSITORY {RE}POSIT{OR}{maY}
11 Story's maybe on point (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}
12 Bypass syndicate; dismissal a day later (4,4) RING ROAD {RING}{RO}{A}{D}
13 A harridan with war weapon (6-3) BATTLE-AXE {BATTLE}{AXE}
15 Consents to cut off the front of roof, a part of it (5) EAVES lEAVES
16 Bit a piece of sausage with hot wine (5) SHRED {Sa...e}{H}{RED}
18 Come together during extremes of evacuation, borders of city in crisis (9) EMERGENCY {Ev...{MERGE}...oN}{CitY}
22 Importance of earnings (8) INTEREST [DD]
23 Perhaps Danish are late, routeway is vacated (6) PASTRY {PAST}{Ro...aY}
25 Fish, fruit and single sip of sake (5,5) LEMON SOLES {LEMON}{SOLE}{Sake}
26 Bill given for container that's only 67% full (4) B?A? (Addendum - BEAK BEAKer - See comments)
27 That woman has Krone, well-exposed to currency (6) SHEKEL {SHE}{K}{wELl}
28 Perhaps Welsh are green resettled at England first (6) RENEGE {GREEN*}{En...d}

1   Having chickpeas in Delhi right before afternoon, got a disease (7) CHOLERA {CHOLE}{R}{A}
2   Position of Supreme Court on English nationals is edifying primarily (5) SCENE {SC}{E}{N}{Ed...g}
3   Contract to sailor; free government employment first (7) ABRIDGE {AB}{RID}{G}{Em...t}
5   Allow animal at hospital ward (6) ASSENT {ASS}{ENT}
6   Cross that Reliance Engineering has taken over Tesla (9) INTERLACE {IN{T}ERLACE*}
7   Waste parking top bike in shed (7) GARBAGE {GAR{Bike}AGE}
8   A sheet covering professional side's match in the neighbourhood (13) APPROXIMATELY {A}{PLY} over {PRO}{XI}{MATE}
14 So other fee collected to arrest republican (9) THEREFORE {OTHER+FEE}* over {R}
17 Bishop released from trenches, hurt at the head earlier and thighs (7) HUNKERS {bUNKERS}<=>{Hurt}
19 A military installation taken over by soldiers in response (7) RIPOSTE {1}{POST} in {RE}
20 Freight vehicle, tesla procured by a company (7) CARTAGE {CAR}{T}{A}{GE}
21 The French know the occupant (6) LESSEE {LES}{SEE}
24 Winters at the end can get pitch-dark (5) SABLE {w...rS}{ABLE}

Reference List
Auditor = CA, Soldiers = RE(Royal Engineers), OR(Other ranks), On = LEG(side), Dismissal = RO)Run out), Day = D, Hot = H, Wine = RED, Krone = K, Right = R, Afternoon = A, English = E, Nationals = N, Sailor = AB, Government = G, Hospital ward = ENT, Tesla = T, Side = XI, Republican = R, Bishop = B, The in French = LES


  1. 26A - beak - bill
    67% (about 23rds) of beak(er) - container

  2. 17d a haunch is not just thigh only!

  3. GE is Afterdark's! Now probably Tesla as well!

  4. 26A. From Wiktionary,

    welsh · (derogatory, sometimes offensive) To cheat or swindle someone, often by not paying a debt, especially a gambling debt

    1. That arose fr general distrust of english towards welsh as those not keeping their word.

    2. For English people anything foreign is suspect- They suspect they will be just like Britishers!! They have such terms for the French, for the Dutch (Dutch treat).....

  5. Finished Afterdark in under 45 mins. Hunkers was the last to fall.

    1. Finished Afterdark?
      Conveys a different meaning.

  6. Can someone suggest books on solving Indian cryptic crosswords?

    1. Cryptic Crosswords are universal. If you meant Indian authors, no idea. But this one is definitely a good bet.

      The Times How to crack cryptic crossword puzzles by Tim Moorey

    2. Can download e-book from