Sunday 15 January 2023

The Sunday Crossword No 3237, Sunday 15 Jan 2023

1   Tiny shrill sound perhaps ... Young birds (not large) in trees (7,7) WEEPING WILLOWS {WEE}{PING}{WILL}{OWlS}
9   Everyman, note, tucked into very old booze (4) VINO {V}{I}{N}{O}
10 Hollywood big shots actively kept a chart (3,3,4) THE RAT PACK*
11 Somewhat damp, ref abandons building (6) PREFAB [T]
12 At last, interest and care shown adopting Pole (2,3,3) IN THE END {INT}{HEE{N}D}
13 Surely sad? Sad, surely (9) ASSUREDLY*
15 Primarily, Antony's spouse's pets, sadly! (4) ASPS Acrostic Semi&lit
16 Ultimately stuck to bath oil that's in make-up bag (4) KOHL Tail Acrostic
17 Mending and sorting washed socks? (9) REPAIRING {RE-PAIRING}
21 Word from above: disheartened Jewish scholar leaves (8) KOHLRABI {KOHL}{RAbBI}
22 In nobleman's house, outspoken style (6) MANNER (~manor)
24 Tenth hiker represented in sculpture (3,7) THE THINKER*
25 Ably and supply (4) WELL [DD]
26 In war, new soldiers displayed malaise (5-9) WORLD-WEARINESS*

2   Dodgy régimes may produce these? (7) EMIGRES* &lit
3   Strength of spirit in demonstration (5) PROOF [DD]
4   Outstanding number at head of data collection (7) NOTABLE {NO}{TABLE}
5   Who'll shortly send you to sleep? (3,6,6) WEE WILLIE WINKIE [GK]

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
Up stairs and down stairs in his night-gown,
Tapping at the window, crying at the lock,
Are the children in their bed, for it's past ten o'clock?

6   Nestled among azalea, N.T. officer's shed? (4-2) LEAN-TO [T]
7   Bully proposers horribly (9) OPPRESSOR*
8   Approves another helping (7) SECONDS [DD]
14 Cushion on horseback, cowboy's accessory (9) UPHOLSTER {UP}{HOLSTER}
16 Specialised skill? Get to work in the allotment immediately, says Spooner (4-3) KNOW-HOW (~ hoe now to know how)
18 One loves seeing Star Wars villain, helmet removed, capturing space station (7) ADMIRER {vAD{MIR}ER}
19 Post-Christmas débris is irritating (7) NEEDLES [DD]
20 Wide-ranging, strove to secure a run (6) VARIED {V{A}{R}IED}
23 Absence of plonk nearly certain to end in failure (2-3) NO-WIN {NO}{WINe}

Reference List
Large = L, Everyman = I, Note = N, Very = V, Old = O, Pole = N, Run = R, Plonk = WINE


  1. Special at 10:30 will be the first crossword used Onstage in the IXL 2022 finals

  2. Since there will be no paper tomorrow the Second Onstage Crossword of IXL 22 will be published as a special at 7 AM

  3. 3d IMO
    Strength:Pro (&cons)
    Of: of
    Def:spirit of demonstration

    1. I think Col is right. Strength of spirit=proof spirit; proof=demonstration