Wednesday, 11 January 2023

No 13760, Wednesday 11 Jan 2023, Incognito

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Balderdash! One Indian bread? (4) ROTI {ROT}{1}
9   Throw out part of Suevic team (5) EVICT [T]
10 Virginia Dalton makes South Indian doughnut? (4) VADA {VA}{DA}
11 In gambling place, endless money is now offered in the beginning (6) CASINO {CASh}{Is}{Now}{Of...d}
12 a. Initial medical assistance? (5,3) FIRST AID Definition by example
13 Watchful, six soldiers capture port (8) VIGILANT {VI}{GI}{ANT} over {L}
15 Lieutenant's song in loop (6) LARIAT {L{ARIA}T}
17 Hot burnt remains is husband's narcotic substance (7) HASHISH {H}{ASH}{IS}{H}
19 Silly setter starts to dance in opera theatre in Copenhagen (7) IDIOTIC {I}{Da..e}{In}{Op..a}{Th...e}{In}{Co...n}
22 Desecrate narrow passage (6) DEFILE [DD]
24 Coach corrupted? Rig a race! (8) CARRIAGE*
26 Rebellious clans dot northern part of UK (8) SCOTLAND* Semi&lit
28 Initially, Indian American follows general, one with high IQ (6) GENIUS {In...n}{US}<=>{GEN}
30 Fried food from Jaipur, India (4) PURI [T]
31 Chump throwing away cereal from double cream mixture (5) DUMBO {DOUBle+creaM}*
32 Top accountant rejected setter (4) ACME {CA<=}{ME}

1   Soda mixed to make pancake in the South (4) DOSA* My family preparing to tackle the 6 foot long Dosa at Hotel Annapurna in Coimbatore.
2   Shrink strange rodent leaving third dimension (8) ?I?I?I?H (Addendum - DIMINISH (tHIrd+DIMeNSIon)* - See comments)
3   Iron lawmaker's gold hat (6) FEDORA {FE}{D{OR}A}
4   Non-conformists feel absence of having fishes in tanks at first (7) MISFITS {MIS{Fi...s}{In}{Ta..s}S}
5   Famous actor and model went ahead. Surprised? (8) STARTLED {STAR}{T}{LED}
6   Incarnation aggravates throwing eggs randomly (6) AVATAR AggRAVATes*
7   President Amin kidnaps student getting breakfast item in Chennai (4) IDLI {ID{L}I}
14 Foolish one in tavern begins to exaggerate (5) INANE {IN{A}N}{Ex...e}
16 Getting old silver in Germany (5) AGING {AG}{IN}{G}
18 They may serve when stars wed excitedly (8) STEWARDS*
20 Eastern relation is going astray (8) ORIENTAL*
21 Flying ace Amy picks up daughter in educational institution (7) ACADEMY {ACE+AMY}* over {D}
23 Recognize Indian king has island (6) INTUIT {IN}{TU{I}T}
25 Wrongly ignore district, for example (6) REGION*
27 Friend from China uses marijuana at first (4) CHUM {CH}{Uses}{Ma...a}
29 Food found in Bhandup market (4) UPMA [T]

Reference List
Dalton = DA, Soldiers = GI, ANT, Port = L(Left), Lieutenant = LT, Hot = H, Husband = H, Lawmaker = DA, Gold = OR, Model = T, Student = L, Germany = G, Daughter = D, Island = I, China = CH


  1. ROTI, VADA, IDLI, PURI, DOSA, UPMA served by STEWARDS - mouth-watering breakfast items

  2. Nice Theme of South Indian dishes. Had my breakfast IDLI, VADA , DOSA at south Indian hotel at Angul and taken a parcel of UPMA for my CHUM and eager to have Roti in Lunch hour. Thanks for the e-dishes. Thank you Incognito. All the four grids are A1. Have a good day.

  3. 3D. a DA (district attorney) is not a lawmaker!

    1. Indeed, it should be lawyer, not lawmaker

  4. 2dn diminish. (third dimension - rodent)*

    1. 2d With 'strange' as Anind, initially I thought 'rodent' is part of the fodder. Then realised the Anagram applies after the Deletion! Nice Wordplay.

  5. Replies
    1. TUT is King Tutankhamun. IN - Indian I - Island

    2. Indian:in

      But i can't see any context where intuit replaces recognise!
      Agree they are sub-cat of Understand but it would be like equating male and female to be synonyns because both are human! (

    3. This is what Free Dic.says- To know or understand by intuition: "The child bore his infirmity bravely ... yet may have intuited that his days were numbered" (Virginia Spencer Carr).

    4. Intuit can also mean recognise -

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. King is Tut. Having island- TU(I)T

    1. Intuition is probably better known than intuit.

    2. Paddy sir.... in Dic. the meaning of 'tut 'given as 'disapproval'.


    4. Thank you sree-sree sir. sometimes I have to refer wikipedia. But overall Incognito's today grid fills stomach. Delicious south Indian varieties......

    5. Disapproval is more Tut tut than mere tut!!

  7. Started with Roti and ended with Upma. Better to have included Gelusil also into the grid!!

  8. Blame it on Incognito. Threw my diet regimen outta the window. Had my favourite upma, vada-)

  9. Food located in "all the corners" of CW.
    Have Hashish and gamble in casino not vigilant and losing fedora. What an idiotic Scot. Dumbo!
    With regards,

  10. Back home to complete- South Indian dishes I mean.

  11. Today it felt like I hadn't left my kitchen.
    @ Paddy - Kishore could have added HOUSE WIFE/COOK too.
    @ Col - Lovely pic.
    @ Kishore - Nice grid. Specially liked - Vigilant, Startled & Lariat.
    For me too INTUIT was last to fall.

  12. No need for kitchen- straight to the dining table!

  13. That's the last of this lot of puzzles and the last in the series of cuisines.

  14. As always, thanks for solving

  15. And thank you for the sumptuous fare- pun intended.