Thursday, 26 January 2023

No 13772, Thursday 26 Jan 2023, Hypatia



Artwork by Prasanna


Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 9A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Showcased Lucknowi clothes from behind road with no other outlet (3-2-3) CUL-DE-SAC [T<=]
9   Sister cycling in boxer's rings (6) A?N?L? (Addendum - ANNULI   {A{(+n)NNU(-n)}LI} )
10 Lake in lush place (4) SLOT {S{L}OT}
11 Recollect secret port's encrypted (10) RETROSPECT*
12 Read about rupee getting firm (6) STURDY {STU{R}DY}
14 Discourses involving relationship in working society (8) ORATIONS {O{RATIO}N}{S}
15 Is oat chip healthy plant food? (9,4) PISTACHIO NUTS {IS+OAT+CHIP}* [RA]
18 Wedding vows recalled in saga containing many parts (8) EPISODIC {EP{I DOS<=}IC} 
20 Drink sadly on vacation, drowning husband by mistake (6) SHERRY {SadlY} over {H}{ERR}
21 Spooner’s leading lady missing in, say (6,4) DOMAIN NAME (~ no main dame to domain name)
22 Founder's flag (4) SINK {S}{INK} [DD] - See comments 
23 Writer starts to plagiarise every new chapter in library (6) PENCIL Acrostic
24 He and I dash, sent away behind the Spanish (8) ELEMENTS {EM}{SENT*}<=>{EL}

1   Period lost with flu spreading at the start of pandemic (4,4) FULL STOP {LOST+FLU}*{Pa...c}
2   Modify diet or change (4) EDIT*
3   Bird rising thus before fiery end (6) OSPREY {SO<=}{PRE}{f..rY}
4   Some feeding a dog a dodgy Asian dish (4-4) GADO-GADO [T]
5   Putin tried fighting with Europe to camouflage Russian leader's lack of skill (10) INEPTITUDE {PUTIN+T(-r+e)EID}*
6   The French study backs fine perfume bottle (6) FLACON {LA}{CON}<=>{F}
8   Throw out and catch these to avoid wasting time (3,2,3,5) CUT TO THE CHASE {OUT+CATCH+THESE}*
13 Mutating insects are fighting (10) RESISTANCE*
16 Senior setter, frequently at play passionately (8) ARDENTLY {ARDEN}{aT+pLaY}
17 Picking up rule, engineer gets nth power (8) STRENGTH {R} in {GETS+NTH}*
19 President strayed? It's documented (6) PROVED {P}{ROVED}
20 Say Sushmita's packing to marry in country (6) SWEDEN {S{WED}EN}
22 King lost in search for maiden to appear (4) SEEM SEE(-k+m)M

Reference List
Lake = L, Rupee = R, Society = S, Husband = H, Dash = EM, The in Spanish = EL, Europe = E, Russia = R, The in French = LA, Fine = F, Senior setter = ARDEN, Rule = R, President = P, King = K, Maiden = M


  1. 22a thght DD
    Flag: droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

  2. 9a. Annuli, means rings (nun)* in Ali

  3. Nice artwork by Prasanna and beautiful Rangoli by Gowri has added colours to this 74th Republic Day.
    With regards,

  4. 15A is oat chip , how is it a reverse anagram ? Is it not a routine angram. ? Is healthy a reverse anagrind ? + Nuts is = plant food..Seeking more gyan

    1. A routine anagram will have fodder for "nuts" Also in the wp.
      Nuts: plant? How?

    2. Nuts is plant food. Right?. Where is the RA?

    3. Hmm.... Have to agree.... Seems plausible. If pistachio nuts could be plant food. Any nuts could be. And healthy as anagrind.

    4. Nuts (meaning crazy) is the Anagram Indicator in the Reverse Anagram - PISTACHIO* is the Reverse Anagram of IS OAT CHIP and Healthy plant food is the Definition

      The other option does not work. If we take "Plant food" as "nuts", there would be no definition. Healthy is not an anagram indicator. No word can do double duty unless it is an &Lit and the clue cannot be an &Lit

    5. Healthy:in a good condition, arguable.
      And classification has to come from the clue! Not like "it can't be this and this so it has to be this. "
      And imho, one could get to nuts if it weren't for plant food in the clue!
      In RAs Def is def part of wp, imho (not like &lit, though) .
      A plant food, could have been better def and avoided this discourse.
      There is no universal acceptance that nuts are healthy.

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    7. Please read "could not get to nuts".

    8. To Hypartia, Where is nuts and how is this to be slotted in the answer. Nuts i know is going crazy. But where it went crazy to get nuts..?

    9. Suggest you check this post on Reverse Anagrams at Crossword Unclued to get a clearer understanding of how these clues work.

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  7. Nice rangoli by Gowri and excellent artwork by Prasanna

  8. 4d .such a lengthy Telescopic clue with an excellent word play. nice to learn senior setter. thank you Hypatia for Republic day special. almost solved. few vertical yet to complete. struggled a lot with 8D.

    9a - sister - NUN ; Boxer - ALI
    ( A(NNU)*LI)

    Many thanks to Col.sir. for posting my artwork. Sincere thanks to all for your wishes. Nice Rangoli by Gowri.

    1. noted my error. I missed the word play 'cycling'. hence, the anno. may NNU(-N). I saw your comment few min. ago. Thank you col.sir. let me vigil on word play.

  9. Republic day greetings to all.

  10. I have an early morning departure on Saturday, accordingly the blank clues which I normally post on Friday will be posted on Saturday for this week. Today there will be a regular blogpost at 8:30

  11. Ok sir. I was eager to post my answers since 7.29 AM. Thats the interest you create sir..