Tuesday, 17 January 2023

No 13764, Tuesday 17 Jan 2023, Vidwan

Solution to 20A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   May yet save Taj with a revolutionary national motto (8,6) SATYAMEV JAYATE {MAY+YET+SAVE+TAJ+A}*
9   'Eve' is top part and fits Angelina Jolie and Madonna, say (8,7) ADOPTIVE PARENTS {EVE+IS+TOP+PART+AND}*
10 Diffusion of some of skins regularly (7) OSMOSIS {Of+SoMe+Of+SkInS}
12 No men complain outright (7) UTTER mUTTER
15 Sleuths of big cases? (3) FBI [T]
16 Require or need about a couple of royals (7) WARRANT {W{A}{RR}ANT}
17 Coming from behind we quietly find a seat (3) PEW {WE}{P}<=
20 Misrepresent faith mainly (5) ?E?I? (Addendum - BELIE BELIEf - See comments)
21 Charities built around 'love' saint, somethings that quite didn't make it! (7) ALMOSTS {ALM{0}{ST}S}
24 Long and complicated calculations burn me! (6,9) NUMBER CRUNCHING {BURN+ME}* [RA]
26 Angry Serbs burn icons of those who are not in support (14) NONSUBSCRIBERS*

1   Returns two-fold praise (4) LAUD<=
2   50% harmonious cat sign (7) SYMPTOM {SYMPathy}{TOM}
3   English legislator starts to insult Rishi incisively, citing abject lack of real ground experience! (9) EMPIRICAL {E}{MP}{In...t}{Ri..i}{In...y}{Ci...g}{Ab...t}{Lack}
4   One struggled, being surrounded by creepers (5) IVIED {1}{VIED}
5   Revolutionary married to a traitor (5) MARAT {M}{A}{RAT}
6   Men had a good time before starting of arguments between Red & Blue (7) MAGENTA {M{A}{G}EN}{T}{Ar...s}
7   Gold, for example, despatched by Spooner for colonisation (10) SETTLEMENT (~metal sent to settlement)
11 Queen's bust carved later (10) SUBSEQUENT*
13 So, almost a place where sand dunes shift? (3) ERG ERGo
14 Most of cryptic clues are kind of jokes (3-5) ONE-LINERS [DD]
18 Amitabh Bachchan - a new generation symbol of impactful begining (3,4) BIG BANG {BIG B}{A}{N}{G}
19 Lots of work for this famous founder of a business house (7) SOTHEBY [C&DD] Sotheby was not the founder.
22 Set and develop without work (5) GROUP {GROw UP}
23 Shocking lies about Schutzstaffel or Gestapo leader (5) GROSS {SS}{OR}{Ge...o}<=
25 If this geek could become friend... (4) NERD {NERD+IF}*={FRIEND}

Reference List
Men = M, Royal = R, Quietly = P, Saint = ST, English = E, Legislator = MP, Married = M, Good = G, Time = T, New = N, Generation = G, Work = W


  1. 20A. Belie= Misrepresent
    Faith= Belief. Faith mainly is F. Misrepresent Faith means F goes from Belief, leaving belie

  2. 2d hormonious is either sympathetic Or symphonious!

  3. 8a- I was struggling for a while to fit in Satyameva....until wisdom dawned on me.
    Pronunciation in Hindi always cuts down the last syllable- like Rama becomes Ram.

    1. sir in Tamil we pronounce 'satyameva'. setter sets in hindi satyamev. I too bit confused. then filled it. as satya pointed out RAM / Rama

    2. In original Sanskrit also it is Satyameva. What is written on the monument also is the same as in wiki link I had given earlier.

    3. The national emblem act of India 2005 states

      The motto "Satyameva Jayate" – Truth alone triumphs – written in Devanagari script below the profile of the Lion Capital is part of the State Emblem of India

      Don't think anyone can change the spelling.

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satyameva_Jayate

  5. 7 Am Gold for example ( metal) is a HP? Metal is mettle ( sounding )?

    1. I think Spooner itself involves homophones.

  6. 2D: Sympathy is not "harmonious" isn't it? POS mismatch?
    I tried to fit 2D as 50% harmonious = 50% IN symphony = SYMP :)
    Nice grid - liked UTTER, NERD, SATYAMEV JAYATE, MARAT and many others. Thanks Vidwan and Col!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It seems to be symphony [A harmonious state of things]

    3. I also put SYMPHONY as harmonious (noun vs adj) - hence got symptom

  7. My COD are 9a and 14d. Very engrossing fare. Thanks Vidwan.

  8. How does SOTHEBY really work? Even though I filled it. It was founded by Samuel Baker.
    How does lots of work fit in?
    Can someone explain?

    1. It is a punny def. Sotheby's is an auction house and "lots" refers to the products that are auctioned there.

  9. It is also sotheby's.
    Otherwise nice of grid.
    Adoptive Parents, Big Bang & One Liners were aha moments.
    Thanx Vidhwan

  10. 25dn Rare case where the Definition is not at the beginning or end of the clue

    1. Yes since it is a Composite Anagram. "This" refers to the def.


    2. Composite anagrams often have def in the middle (but then "this" Gives away)

    3. Thanks to both for the enlightenment!

  11. 24A Why should it not be NUMBER CRUNCHERS?