Monday, 30 January 2023

No 13775, Monday 30 Jan 2023, Avtaar

Congrats to Avataar for his Half Century in The Hindu.

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   One among every other feline gets lost (7) ?O?L?R? (Addendum - FORLORN - {F or L or N} - See comments)
 Nobleman in Paris who visits another planet (7) MARQUIS {MAR{QUI}S}
10 Flatness, oddly, in propellers (4) FANS {FlAtNeSs}
11 Veteran international loads semi-automatic pistols just right (10) GOLDILOCKS {G{OLD}{I}LOCKS}
12 Revolutionary work in alternative medicine (6) POTION (OP<=TION)
13 Moderate leader of India welcomed by comrade recently (8) PALLIATE {PAL}{L{In..a}ATE}
14 Flatland in Palo Alto, almost completely destroyed (9) ALTIPLANO {IN+PALO+ALTo}*
16 Peasant from backward district in Maharashtra (5) KISAN<= 
17 Quick! Say,"Cheese" before start of filming (5) BRIEF {BRIE}{Fi...g}
19 Squad captivated by how Detective Sergeant cracked murder cases (9) WHODUNITS {UNIT} in {HOW+DS}*
23 Iron strap reflecting "L" carried by beginner (4-4) GOLF-CLUB {FLOG<=}{C{L}UB}
24 Very old, large bird echoing sound (6) VOLUME {V}{O}{L}{EMU<=}
26 Long off? (10) SABBATICAL [CD]
27 Division backing king (4) FORK {FOR}{K}
28 Sex joints getting aired, apparently (2,5) IT SEEMS {IT}{SEEMS(~seams)}
29 Squeeze lock to eavesdrop, says Spooner (4,3) BEAR HUG (~hair bug to bear hug)

2   Where one may find films enjoying a good run (2,1,4) ON A ROLL [DD]
3   Unlimited vintage drink (5) LASSI cLASSIc
4   Trendy, majestic clothes of the Queen (7) REGINAL {REG{IN}AL}
6   Commercial featuring carefree life away from home (6) AFIELD {A{LIFE*}D}
7   Incomplete citation by Indian nationalist put out in daily (9) QUOTIDIAN {QUOTe}{InDIAN}
8   African politicians drink at Hampstead bars (7) INKATHA [T]
9   New black sat phone? Congratulations! (4,2,3,4) SLAP ON THE BACK*
15 Story by popular English fellow is beyond description (9) INEFFABLE {FABLE}<=>{IN}{E}{F}
18 Warning to stop terrible, unending atrocity (4,3) RIOT ACT ATROCITy* Semi&lit
20 Delegate's review of electric vehicle - much adored (7) DEVOLVE {EV}{LOVED}<=
21 In the Philippines, wild buffalo is detained by gnu - a ram attacks from below (7) TAMARAU [T<=]
22 Donald Thomas, after cutting hands badly, drops a drink (3,3) OLD TOM {dOnaLD+ThOMas}
25 Long-time prisoner initially locked-up in farmhouse escapes resourcefully (5) LIFER Acrostic

Reference List
Who in French = QUI, International = I, Detective Sergeant = DS, Very = V, Old =O, Large = L, King = K, Sex = IT, Trendy = IN, Commercial = AD, Nationalist = N, Popular = IN, English = E, Fellow = F, Electric vehicle = EV


  1. 22d imho, second Anind missing. The way clue is structured.

    1. Sorry. My mstake. Deleted second D.

    2. There is no anagram in 22d. Only the fodder to be deleted has to be anagrammed as the letters of OLD TOM appear in Donald Thomas in sequence

  2. 18D- Is warning 'To read/ give the Riot Act' or just Riot Act?

    1. It is a semi&lit. The whole clue is the definition

    2. Riot Act definition BRB "a form of words read as warning to rioters to disperse"

  3. 29a- Spooner- Hear bug or Hair bug?

  4. This is my 50th CW published in the Hindu (this blog will show 53 as it includes 3 which were before I started setting for the Hindu).

    1. Congratulations for your 50th CW in TH. Looking forward for "many Avtaars" of you in the near future.πŸ‘

  5. Thank you Colonel for the headline πŸ™

  6. Great going Sreeni! March on to a century.

  7. @Avataar/Sreeni - I just returned from a week long Heritage trip to the Hoysala territory.
    Met ur friend & classmate Shyam.C.Raman there.
    He said a special Hello to you.

  8. What a coincidence - that u r the setter today. πŸ™‚

  9. Also a special congrats on hitting half century

  10. 1A. Forlorn= lost
    Every Other feline= F,L,N

    Other= Else i.e. ,either or ..every other OR, OR
    Gets is anagrind

    1. Mostly right. No anagram. One among every other feline is F or L or N. Def: Lost

  11. Since i posted the answer after 11AM, i am still entiltled to attempt as a novice tomorrow at 830 AM-)

  12. Congrats sir πŸ’
    Avtaar-2 from 51-100!

  13. Congratulations Avtaar for hitting a half century in style.

  14. Tough going, as usual for me, for a Avataar Puzzle. But was fun to solve. Hearty Congratulations on the Half Century.