Tuesday 3 January 2023

No 13753, Tuesday 03 Jan 2023, Arden

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 25D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Perhaps begin knocking it back - makes one get knocked out (5,8) BINGE DRINKING {BINGE}*{DRINKING}
10 Inept fellow had wee bit to drink (5) DWEEB [T]
11 Key supports for fast bowling (9) BACKSPACE {BACKS}{PACE}
12 Being a father seeking parity with ten others (9) PATERNITY {PARITY+TEN}*
13 Ruler with a cat, say (5) AMEER {A}{MEER}
14 A long story about a new dog (7) SPANIEL {SP{A}{N}IEL}
16 Make enumerator delete one printing mistake (7) ERRATUM enUMERAToR*
18 Function is to store peeled fruit in wine (7) TANGENT {TE{mANGo}NT}
20 Another 16 on protecting harbour during bad weather (7) TYPHOON {TYP{H}O}{ON}
22 French philosopher brings back some spice (5) SUMAC<=
24 I see actor play around with highly specialized knowledge (9) ESOTERICA*
26 Whisper secrets regularly, coverage is incomplete (9) UNDERTONE {UND{sEcReTs}ONE} 
27 Male deer cross over lake (5) SOREL {SORE}{L}
28 Connected pair becomes clumsy (8-5) ACCIDENT PRONE*

2   Train that is in motion or inaction? (7) INERTIA {TRAIN+IE}*
3   A breeding ground for material (9) GABERDINE*
4   Place within where some Dahlia buds spring up (5) DUBAI [T<=]
5   Want to travel with a skin condition? (5,4) ITCHY FEET [DD]
6   In Bangkok, a shack serving porridge (5) KASHA [T]
7   Dined at home, it's the cleanest (7) NEATEST {NE{ATE}ST}
8   After a fall only place for a child that's fat (7,6) ADIPOSE TISSUE {A}{DIP}{O}{SET}{ISSUE}
9   Tried working out in the head - in a way it could be harmful (13) DETRIMENTALLY {TRIED*}{MENTALLY}
15 Nimble around those cutting fruit (9) LITHESOME {LI{THOSE*}ME}
17 Dictator on interacting with the media (9) REPRESSOR {RE}{PRESS}{OR} (Addendum - REPRESSER {RE}{PRESSER} - See comments)
19 Clean chit covers working maid moving from place to place (7) NOMADIC {NO{MAID*}C}
21 Greek character on accepting something very small (7) OMICRON {O{MICRO}N}
23 Tonic or gin sourced from Pembrockshire, say (5) CORGI [T]
25 Open closet in two parts (5) O?E?T (Addendum - OVERT {OVER}{T} - See comments)

Reference List
New = N, Wine = TENT, Harbour = H, Lake = L, Only = O, Clean chit = NOC


  1. 17d presser; media interaction event. Dictator:represser

  2. I think the anno for 7dn should be (NE(ATE)ST), Sir.

  3. Gowri’s rangoli is beautiful.

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  5. A doubt about 9D.
    Is out the Anagrind? If so it is not placed next to the fodder.
    Is to be read cryptically as "Tried out working in the head". This has a good surface reading also.

  6. So, only 'in the head' for mentally? Somehow I had it as working in the head.
    People add up in the mind - men/ tally!

  7. See WrdPlougher's comment in yesterday's crossword

    1. They come from "even negative publicity is publicity".
      I seriously propose a blank page on the setters day.
      Or a special.

  8. Disappointing. More frustrating than the CW set by him/ her.

  9. Replies
    1. In case any novice/non-regular does not give the answer till 2 PM. Anyone else can give the solution and annotation

  10. 25d OVERT : open
    Closet in two parts :
    Close(OVER) t(T)

  11. On the dot to fill in your COD!!

  12. I revisited the blog at 1:58, only to find that 25d still remains.

    1. Just in jest, since you had earlier said its your favorite.

  13. I am still not very happy with close being interpreted as over.

    1. You have a point here. I cannot think of any sentence where close can be substituted for over is over. Closed can be substituted for over as Padmanabhan pointed out. But close?

  14. close= over, pretty close!
    We say it's all over when something is done or matter closed. Sometimes we have to go by meaning as in usage.

  15. In the thesaurus, close(as adverb) is given as a synonym to over. Only my mind has yet to digest.

    1. I took as closet = covert, and covert in two parts as c and overt. Overt=open.
      Then looked for a way to drop C???

    2. Close as an adverb is only in the sense of becoming proximate, not in the sense of over

    3. CV would raise points like this

    4. Pick up a pole, north Or south and it doesn't matter if you are close/by/over!

  16. Thrilled to have aced Arden. My cod - OVERT, UNDERTONE.