Tuesday, 10 January 2023

No 13759, Tuesday 10 Jan 2023, Incognito

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 3D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Disappeared... carrying fruit! (4) PEAR [T]
9   Put off ten wearing exciting nighties around university (10) EXTINGUISH {X} in {NIGHTIES}* over {U}
10 Girl wanders in thickets (6) GROVES {G}{ROVES}
11 Discontinue baker (5,3) BREAK OFF {BAKER}* [RA]
12 Association of readers reserve golfing equipment (4,4) BOOK CLUB {BOOK}{CLUB}
14 Lure ward with frozen water (6) ENTICE {ENT}{ICE}
16 Prison No.18 (4) STIR Defintion by example
17 Delta, Echo, Foxtrot... Frustrated? (3,2) FED UP {D}{E}{F}<=
18 After giving up deal, made love wildly in shift (4) MOVE {MadE+lOVe}*
19 Engineer and the French trapped extra-terrestrial insect (6) BEETLE {BE}{ET}{LE}
21 Unbiased parties steal urn by mistake (8) NEUTRALS*
23 Spinning ballet dancer losing belt in place where one might find a date (8) CALENDAR {bALlet+DANCER}*
26 Ancient ocean destroying the sty (6) TETHYS*
27 Got off due to mind getting agitated around beginning of safari (10) DISMOUNTED {DUE+TO+MIND}* over {Sa...i}
28 Stone from ring with friend (4) OPAL {O}{PAL}

1   Insect goes around rocking blotter and drink container (4,6) BEER BOTTLE {BE{BLOTTER*}E}
2   Inciter agitating over pork (8) PROVOKER*
3   A ship, perhaps, remains same even after losing 1/3 from its front and back (6) ?E?S?L (Addendum VESSEL veSSel - See comments) 
4   Flying creatures fly back and pierce with sharp instrument (4) STAB<=
5   Keep Eden trimmed to leg height (4-4) KNEE-DEEP*
6   Trip king and alien after sixth month, in short (6) JUNKET {K}{ET}<=>{JUNe}
7   Horrible snafu in absence of navy and defenders of America's sky, in short (1,1,1,1) USAF {SnAFU}*
13 President's quirky in bed (5) BIDEN*
15 Equestrian soldier from California upsets army van carrying head of logistics (10) CAVALRYMAN {CA}{ARMY+VAN}* over {Lo...s}
17 Find glue smeared in artillery piece (5,3) FIELD GUN*
18 Spoil Roman hat in long run (8) MARATHON*
20 Units of energy produced by the Royal Meteorological Society? (6) THERMS {THE}{RMS}
22 Nudity can be dirty (6) UNTIDY*
24 A Chinese president's turning point (4) AXIS {A}{XI'S}
25 Tax judge? (4) RATE [DD]

Reference List
Ten = X, University = U, Girl = G, Ward = ENT, Delta = D, Echo = E, Foxtrot = F, Engineer = BE, The in French = LE< Extra-terrestrial = ET, King = K, Alien = ET, Navy = N, California = CA


  1. Sorry for the delay. By mistake the schedule time for posting was set for 10:30 AM

    1. Saw the error only when KKR messaged me that the blog was not up.

    2. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    3. Col. on Sunday special mode!!

  2. 3D easily solved, may others try πŸ˜ƒ

  3. 3D. Intelligent clue. Happily solved. Ofcourse, not posting. I have exhausted my quota .

  4. 3D Vessel. Ss remains same after removal of ve / El. Ship=vessel.

  5. 9A The double SANDWICH clue is interesting

  6. Nice CW given by incognito.
    Nice rangoli by Gowri.
    With regards,

  7. Typo in 1A. It should be Bottler.

  8. Can somebody explain how 16A is a defintion by example?

    1. It is actually a DD with the second definition as DBE

    2. Rethinking, it is a pure DD. No DBE.

    3. Only the cross reference to a different clue throws you off..Move and Prison both define Stir.

  9. Could someone help me with 16A. I was running around with Argon (AR) and ended up at a dead end

    1. Some times the number indicates the clue number in the grid ie 18a. And 18a ref to move.
      So the clue becomes

      Prison move(4) a DD

  10. While on 18a, it sprang in my mind : what if Doc would have set the clue. My I.

    After giving up wild deal, made love on table(4)

  11. Replies
    1. As a verb table has a synonym - move.
      Table the motion.

  12. Dear 'Incognito' Kishore Rao, believe me, enjoyed solving your crossword grids over the past three days though simple, are (were) pretty tricky vis-a-vis since almost all your clues had the solution within.....
    Not that I am claiming any credit but today except for 18-A, managed to solve all others....

  13. Lovely grid. My COD - Marathon (in the long run!)
    Thank u Kishore for keeping our confidence up for 4 days! πŸ™‚