Saturday, 21 January 2023

No 13768, Saturday 21 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Brilliant surfaces in all clues today.

1   Massage hot aristocrat immediately (5,3) RIGHT OFF {RIG}{H}{TOFF}
5   Partners captivated by snake beside one ornamental tree (6) BONSAI {BO{N}{S}A}{1}
10 Stumble in street, say (7) STUTTER {ST}{UTTER}
11 Expose husband meeting one babe at entrance in retreat (7) EXHIBIT {EX{H}{1}{Babe}IT}
12 Worm behind small grass-like plant (5) SEDGE {EDGE}<=>{S}
13 Wild hedonist consuming ecstasy secretly (2,3,4) ON THE SIDE {HEDONIST}* over {E}
14 School for young children organised trek in garden (12) KINDERGARTEN*
18 Be aware of what is going on, like a music conductor? (4,3,5) KNOW THE SCORE [C&DD]
21 Quickly prepares formula containing extremely sweet drink (7,2) RUSTLES UP {RU{SweeT}LE}{SUP}
23 Good, seasoned beef (5) GRIPE {G}{RIPE}
24 Member consumed by reactionary hatred is nitpicking (7) INSIDER [T<=]
25 Twists and turns, chasing leader of terrorists (7) TANGLES {ANGLES}<=>{Te...s}
26 Yearning to dance with popular girl (6) HOPING {HOP}{IN}{G}
27 Everyone beginning to enjoy murderous tale (8) ALLEGORY {ALL}{En..y}{GORY}

1   Strikes artfully, sacrificing knight to give check (6) RESIST STRIkES*
2   Crafty rogue stealing diamonds and money in Haiti (6) GOURDE {GOUR{D}E*}
3   Drink gets man at hotel lit up completely (2,3,4) TO THE HILT {TOT}{HE}{H}{LIT*}
4   Found a dormouse scurrying inside as well (3,4,7) FOR GOOD MEASURE {FORGE} over {A+DORMOUSE}*
6   Colour of brooch, reddish-yellow (5) OCHRE [T]
7   Self-restraint is essentially important in battling obesity (8) SOBRIETY {SOB{i..oRt..t}IETY*}
8   Mean man arrested at last (2,3,3) IN THE END {INT{HE}END}
9   Crucial to have fixed tenure with cover for risky investment (7,7) VENTURE CAPITAL {V{TENURE*}{CAP}ITAL}
15 Wasted a crore to acquire horse? Revolting conceit (9) ARROGANCE {A+CRORE}* over {NAG<=}
16 Leader of anarchists leaving Kashmir is shot in encounter (8) SKIRMISH {KaSHMIR+IS}*
17 Miss consuming primarily undiluted drink blunders (6,2) LOUSES UP {LO{Un...d}SE}{SUP}
19 Fantastic tailor in Venetian commercial centre (6) RIALTO*
20 Abandoned extremely salty meal, pathetic (6) MEASLY {SaltY+MEAL}*
22 Seduced by director during Christmas in retreat (3,2) LED ON {LE{D}ON<=}

Reference List
Hot = H, Aristocrat = TOFF, Partners = N,S, Street = ST, Husband = H, Small = S, Ecstasy = E, Drink = SUP, Good = G, Dance = HOP, Popular = IN, Girl = G, Knight = K, Diamonds = D, Drink = TOT, Hotel = H, Director = D, Christmas = NOEL


  1. 17D. Louses up . ( Already provided and not attempting anything new).However, trying to present the anno
    Miss= Lose( synonyms)
    Primarily Undiluted= U
    Drink= Sup

    1. Why this comment? The annonis in the main post

    2. Yes. However, Miss= Lose , was a new one . Chkd in the .Hiwever it is not in the reference list. Thats why

    3. When you miss something you loose the main point. Why ref. / dictionary?

  2. @ Prasad - I had a doubt yday. Posted there. Could u kindly clarify?

    1. Your doubt is not clear. I don't see anything wrong there

    2. What she probably means 'end' appearing without any changes in the solution.

  3. 11A.. what is the purpose of 'retreat' .

  4. I suppose it refers to entrance in retreat because EXIT is out gate

  5. As Co. put it on top, brilliant surfaces. Such surface reading sets out a good CW from the rest. Being cryptic is only one part. Thank you Doc. for the absolute enjoyment. Finished pretty fast for a Dr.X CW.

  6. Dr X grid always challenging one. got know many new words. GOURDE,BONSAI. Excellent surfaces as mentioned in top. have a nice week end. Thank you Dr X & Col. sir.

  7. 14A & 9D stand out as best examples. Great going!

  8. @ col - ydays clue. The solution is ENDURANCE. clue uses the word END directly. Is that permissible?
    Clue is directly a part of the solution.

  9. Agree whole-heartedly with Col.'s opening remark. Brilliant surfaces.

    1. Yes. For a change i remember going to sleep with a good feeling. Not too many twists and turns in this one. Surfaces curvature was negotiable.

    2. I should add:generally with DrX, there are one or two unsure anno's while I go to sleep waiting for a morning light to shine.

    3. You do it some time past midnight?!

    4. 99% of the time. That's my last activity. A test of quality is when I sleep off (how much I complete before......)

  10. I think it is okay since it is a partial anagram.

  11. Me too finished fast for Dr.X. Crystal clear clues.
    Venture Capital & For good measure - my fav