Saturday, 14 January 2023

No 13763, Saturday 14 Jan 2023, Crescent

Rangoli by Gowri

8   Stand to display body and wallop German (4) BIER (~ beer) Not sure of Anno
9   Timber in door now warped with age (6-4) ORANGE-WOOD *
10 Robin's head struck in round with Little John cracking bone (8) CLAVICLE {C{LAV}IrCLE}
11 Ask for time to enter current contest (6) INVITE {IN}{VI{T}E}
12 Growing dwarf in denial about being inhibited by silly bias (6) BONSAI {B{NO<=}SAI*}
13 A large number run to evil, breaking into houses (8) TRILLION {T{R}{ILL}ION*}
15 Dollar reserves otherwise soar, Bank of England keen to get off the mark (5,4,4) BREAK ONES DUCK {BUCK} over {SOAR+e...nD+KEEN}*
17 Spring seen in desert expedition (8) DISPATCH {DI{SPA}TCH}
19 Mark in a grave denoting respect (6) ADMIRE {A}{D{M}IRE}
21 Extremely happy in say, Wodehouse's language class (6) PHYLUM {P{HappY}LUM}
23 Offenders of religious belief systems crossing the essence of propriety (8) CULPRITS {CUL{proPRIety}TS}
24 Out of position when one's starting to take simpler way out (4,6) SOFT OPTION {OF+POS(-i+t)TTION}*
25 An eagle in some other nest (4) ERNE [T]

1   Can love fiercely if like this (5-1) BILLY-O {BILLY}{0} Semi&lit
2   Crack shot craves cover to snipe (8) CREVASSE {CRAVES}*{SnipE}
3   Pain in the neck, introduced to minute taste of teasers, becoming unfair (3,7) NOT CRICKET {NOT{CRICK}E}{Te...s}
4   Turning cheek not hit, saint wanting seconds shows face up to blow (4,2,2,3,4) TAKE IT ON THE CHIN {CHEEK+NOT+HIT+sAINT}*
5   Fruit slice from evil guru in retreat (4) UGLI [T<=]
6   Partners cycling left to turn (6) SWIVEL {(+s)SWIVE(-s)}{L}
7   Deft manoeuvring with extremely fine twists or drop of knees (8) FOOTWORK {W+TOO+F}<={OR}{Kn..s}
14 Fitting in before playing for time (10) INSTALLING {IN}{STALLING}
15 Fashionable resort in Britain? Absolutely correct (8) BRIGHTON {B}{RIGHT ON} Semi&lit
16 High quality rump steak topped with dressing (8) UPMARKET {RUMP+sTEAK}*
18 It is found in combining term for many a constitution (6) POLITY {IT} in {POLY}
20 Stout barrel in bar (6) ROTUND {RO{TUN}D}
22 Shock on earth coming to moon (4) MOPE {MOP}{E}

Reference List
Little John = LAV, Time = T, Current = IN, Run = R, Dollar = BUCK, Mark = M, Can = BILLY, Minute = NOTE, Seconds = S, Left = L, Britian = B, Barrel = TUN, Shock (of hair) = MOP, Earth = E


  1. 8a wallop is beer and spelles bier in german

  2. 10a. Can any one justify and explain this clue.

    1. It is justified and explained in the main post above

    2. Round:circle R struck
      John:lavatory in short Lav.

  3. 😌starting at 8:15am to solve today's CW. Solved erne🤔next 30 minutes🙄 another 15 minutes 😟visited this blog by 9:10am, knowing well every clue is beamer to me.
    Today it is not crescent but sickle.
    With regards,

  4. Beautiful Rangoli (Radha &Krishna) by Gowri.

  5. Tough one. Surfaces could have been better.

  6. Today's puzzle took me a long time and I didn't get 3 words, but it felt good to cudgel my wits against a new setter. Thank you, Crescent.

  7. Tough nut to crack from Crescent. Could finish after taking too long a time. Nice workout though.

  8. Did three days puzzles in a row. By far this was the most challenging off the three.
    Thank you Crescent.
    Happy Sankrati and Pongal to all.

  9. Very tough. Starting with BILLY O, didn't get 5 answers. 😟

    1. I think somewhere the veief to new setters is missing to mention that
      THC is an English "language" Cryptic as opposed to cryptic set in English.
      Atleast that's what kept me hooked to THC past decade.
      Slowly it's looking like Times where your GK (world) is more important than your English language.

    2. Pls read brief (not veief)