Monday 9 January 2023

No 13758, Monday 09 Jan 2023, Incognito

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 30A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Monk rejected a meal devoid of energy (4) LAMA {A}{MeAL}<=
9   Moved through water with setter and holy man (5) SWAMI {SWAM}{I}
10 Some parts of minivans, with initial capitalisation, may be terrible! (4) IVAN [T]
11 Robed girl had title (6) GOWNED {G}{OWNED}
12 After initially biting, reptile swallows unknown number in snowstorm (8) BLIZZARD {Bi...g}{LIZ{Z}ARD}
13 My French bird and animal (8) MONGOOSE {MON}{GOOSE}
15 Ladies laid out standards of perfection to be achieved (6) IDEALS*
17 Hide amount of money in ice-cream container and eat (7) CONSUME {CON{SUM}E}
19 Tailless monkey dances behind post office for game creature (7) POKEMON {MONKEy}*<=>{PO}
22 Major Danny's country (6) JORDAN [T]
24 Rescues student captured by primitive people (8) SALVAGES {SA{L}VAGES}
26 & 31 Absent, eh? Reveal everything! (5,3,5) SPILL THE BEANS {ABSENT+EH}* [RA]
28 Jerk beginning to tremble in front of enchantress (6) TWITCH {Tr...e}{WITCH}
30 When returning, sentry gives away a narcotic substance (4) ?R?G (Addendum - DRUG GUaRD<= - See comments)
31 See 26 (5) 
32 Grace changing lane (4) ELAN*

1   Temporary, but intensely pursued interest, with love for melancholic Portuguese song (4) FADO {FAD}{0}
2   Vehicle going on top of horses carrying head of estate results in bloodbaths (8) CARNAGES {CAR}{NAG{Es...e}S}
3   Familiar with duets composed about Oscar (4,2) USED TO {DUETS}*{O}
4   Losing them may make you mad (7) MARBLES [CD]
5   Fin oil spread around pious islander from South-east Asia (8) FILIPINO {FIN+OIL}* over {PI}
6   Sputter, "Include a couple of Zulus in dossier" (6) FIZZLE {FI{ZZ}LE}
7   Father returns Rhode Island brace (4) PAIR {PA}{RI<=}
14 Small volume inserted into eggs for creating ornamental moulding in architecture (5) OVOLO {0}{VOL}{0}
16 John's end of rope is unfastened (5) LOOSE {LOO'S}{ropE}
18 Boatman sails around island in Canadian province (8) MANITOBA {MAN{I}TOBA*}
20 Looked deeply into old pit containing a dinosaur head (8) EXAMINED {EX}{MINE} over {A} then {Di...r}
21 Spear creature having wrong age before one (7) ASSEGAI {ASS}{AGE*}{1}
23 Drag in river flood (6) DELUGE {DE{LUG}E}
25 Most recent Los Angeles trial (6) LATEST {LA}{TEST}
27 Separate component (4) PART [DD]
29 Take tea followed by tea orally and converse (4) CHAT {CHA}{(~tea)T}

Reference List
Energy = E, Girl = G, Unknown number = Z, My in french = MON, Student = L, Oscar = O, Pious = PI, Zulu = Z, Island = I, Old = EX


  1. 39A. Drug= Narcotic substance
    Sentry= Guard
    When returning= DRAUG.- givesaway 'a', it becomes DRUG

  2. 13A. Where/ How does My fit in the answer?

    1. Thanks sir. I thoughtfrench is MON( AS PER SYNONYMS)

    2. Gemini why don't you make it a practice to see the details given in the reference list. If you don't find your answer there then raise the question.

  3. A different, lovely rangoli by Gowri. Very nice!

  4. Rangoli by Gowri garu took me to the days when my mom, sisters drawing colorful Muggulu( Rangoli) before our house

  5. I feel Today's surface reading was a little trickier for an Incognito crossword

    1. Enjoyable and gettable,still.
      Pokemon was the last to fall. I almost thought I was going to leave a blank for the first time (in Incognito puzzle) I have to thank my grandson.

    2. I remembered Pokémon from Srinidhi's childhood days. We had to put up with it along with Chotta Bheem(which was enjoyable though) and many others:-)

    3. My daughter (Shrinidhi) was too fond of Pokémon and Chotta bheem. Pokemon was the top hit in comment box.

  6. 26 & 31 - Use of ? as anagrind is delightful!

    1. Since it is a Reverse Anagram, isn't SPILL (in the Answer) the Anagrind?

  7. Replies
    1. It is, Paddy. As rightly identified by Ramesh above.

  8. Lovely grid as always. I guessed Pokémon immediately thanx to Suriya. 🙂

    1. Lovely rangoli as always, Gowri. Keep it up

  9. Thanks for solving, everyone. I am travelling and hence may be unable to drop in here every day. Incidentally, thiss round marks the last of the Cuisine series.

  10. Finally solved today's grid and it was an outstanding. thank you Incognito. yet to solve your grid of 8-1-23. @ Gowri. Rangoli was too good. esp. the flower Parizaad made by rangoli seems realistic.