Thursday, 19 January 2023

No 13766, Thursday 19 Jan 2023, Afterdark

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Makes things very easy for workers? Fresh debate organised (11) FEATHERBEDS*
9   Mumbai Indians catch (a top coach including) a vehicle (7) MINICAB {MI}{N{1}{Co..h}AB}
10 Leading actor, woman, single overtaking Number One (7) HEROINE {HER}{O{1}NE}
11 Study of fictional king at north (5) LEARN {LEAR}{N}
12 Transmit readings, note encountered in roll back (9) T?L?M?T?R (Addendum - TELEMETER {TE}{LE{MET}ER<=} - See comments)
13 Quiet sanctuary vacated by mother (5) MUMSY {MUM}{Sa...rY}
15 Not able to take a short log up to fetch a fruit (9) CANTALOUP {CAN'T}{A}{LOg}{ UP}
18 Baldness? Not applicable to King Edward's head (9) NAKEDNESS {NA}{K}{ED}{NESS}
21 Lover in the morning ill-tempered starting late (5) AMOUR {AM}{sOUR}
22 Fort gets donor building main entrance (5,4) FRONT DOOR {FORT+DONOR}* 
24 Sample chipped at the top, apply some pidilite or gum (5) PASTE (-t+p)PASTE
26 Experts meet scholars at NY time to go to Rhode Island (7) MAESTRI {MA}{EST}{RI}
27 Up about house at Middlesex beat (7) PULSATE {UP<=}{LS}{AT}{sEx}
28 Steamy sites removed by order (11) SYSTEMATISE

1   I am fine, my broadcast is for people with wife and children (6,3) FAMILY MEN* An extra I and an L short in the fodder
2   Disorder in kneecap, nearly plastered (5) APNEA [T]
3   Writer looked beyond a point. So cliched (9) HACKNEYED {HACK}{N}{EYED}
4   Routine is mostly bore, should be reversed. Get a book, go to disco often (7) ROBOTIC {BORe<=}{OT}{dIsCo}
5   Grade online chapter, take time to cover first lesson (7) ECHELON {E}{CH}{E{Le...n}ON}
6   Pick drinks later on road (5) STRUM {RUM}<=>{ST}
 One of 26 contracted virus too (8) VIRTUOSO*
8   Female attention is a concern (4) FEAR {F}{EAR}
14 Facelift of man's done. Having cake, no cold (8) MAKEOVER {M}{cAKE}{OVER}
16 A curb on exercise, everyone should return for a performance without instruments (1,8) A CAPPELLA {A}{CAP}{{PE}{ALL<=}
17 Northbound salesman's powerful to carry on (9) PERSEVERE {REP<=}{SEVERE}
19 Sensualists, kinky trio in a London area, heart of Essex (7) EROTICS {E{TRIO*}C}{esSex}
20 Disaster, a cat has disappeared with a Greek poem (7) STROPHE cataSTROPHE
22 Greatness? Nothing with author (4) FAME {FA}{ME}
23 Carries to Lawrence at Sweden (5) TOTES {TO}{TE}{S}
25 A guru in Whatsapp (in social media) with ego (5) SWAMI {S{WA}M}{I}

Reference List
North = N, Note = TE, King = K Edward = ED, NY Time = EST(Eastern Standard Time), House = LS(Lok Sabha), Point = N(North), Book = OT(Old Testament), Online = E, Chapter = CH, Female = F, Man = M, Cold = C, Exercise = PE, London area = EC, Nothing = FA(Fanny Adams), Lawrence = TE{T.E. Lawrence), Sweden = S, WhatsApp = WA, Social media = SM, Ego = I


  1. 20D- No parsing given. On checking,I find that 'A Greek poem' is the df.
    So wp has to be Catastrophe (Disaster) - (CAT A) giving Trophe

    1. First A is not needed and is a bit confusing-
      'Disaster,cat has disappeared with a Greek poem' would have been sufficient.

    2. +1. Must be typo.
      Typo in 1a too

    3. Making too many typos and mistakes nowadays, Don't know how I overlooked, that I had not completed 20D!

    4. No problem. Time for us to chip in.

  2. Funny nothing (FA) has such a long history behind it!

  3. 1d i in surface and l in cryptic?

  4. What is the role of word broadcast in 1D. Can someone kindly clarify?

  5. 12A - while I know that the word is telemeter, I am unable get the annotation.

    It's past noon. Could someone crack this for the novices?

    1. After 1 PM anyone else can try in case not solved by then

  6. TE (note)-MET IN LEER (reel backwards)met is encounyered and reel is roll

    1. Acharya you are hereby promoted in case I have not promoted you earlier.

  7. You promoted me a few days back. Thanks again

  8. Found it tough yesterday..but was easygoing today. Thanks Afterdark.

  9. Acharya if I had promoted you why did you answer the solution left for a novice/non-regular?

  10. Could not parse Fame. Otherwise relatively easy.
    Cantaloupe is the usual spelling? E missing?
    Nakedness, Telemetry my cod.