Tuesday 24 January 2023

No 13770, Tuesday 24 Jan 2023, Dr. X

Solution to 15D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Some unusual words today.

1   Gratifyingly brief film about Dr Watson reviewed (5,3,5) SHORT AND SWEET {SHEET} over {DR+WATSON}*
8   Coats and hats around back of store (5) CAPES {CAP{s..rE}S}
9   Prompt to take afternoon rest (9) REMAINDER {REM{A}INDER}
11 Police line-up has Bihar's foremost criminal (10) PUNISHABLE {LINE+UP+HAS+Bi..r}*
12 Seaweed in botanical garden (4) ALGA [T]
14 Dash back, carrying money to get beer and dish of meat (7) TIMBALE {B{M}IT<=}{ALE}
16 Weatherperson in lecture describing recurrent climate phenomena (2,5) EL NINOS [T<=] Semi &lit
17 Vigorously cleans front of protective camera accessory (4,3) LENS CAP {CLEANS*}{Pr...e}
19 Like a cross fastened over entrance to surgical hospital (1-6) T-SHAPED {T{Su...l}{H}APED}
21 Fell initially, learning a jump in figure skating (4) AXEL {AXE}{Le...g}
By original work: Nellinka (originally from File:Axel-Paulsen-Sprung.png) modification by User:Nordelch 
22 Student in dilemma rebelliously abandons poorly understood subjects (5,5) BLIND SPOTS {B{L}IND}{STOPS<=}
25 Entire rift developed after assassination of king and queen (9) NEFERTITI {ENTIRE+rIFT}*
26 Same blunders across ten tests (5) EXAMS {E{X}AMS*}
27 Consuming drink, evil cheat misbehaves, inviting English female's rebuff (4,2,3,4) SLAP IN THE FACE {S{LAP}IN}{TH{E}{F}ACE*}

2   Word that's more specific in short song about small horse (7) HYPONYM {HY{PONY}Mn}
3   Rise up! Stand and fight (10) RESISTANCE {RISE*}{STANCE}
4   Technique to tackle round opening of aneurysm in blood vessel (5) AORTA {A{O}RT}{Aa...m}
5   Soothing medicine is satisfactory, having reduced swelling all round (9) DEMULCENT {DE{LUMp<=}CENT}
6   Keen head of infotech cracks revolutionary code (4) WAIL {In...h} in {LAW<=}
7   Oddly evil old novel about phantom (7) EIDOLON {EvIl}{OLD*}{ON}
8   Top Italian criminal bagging good profit from sale of asset (7,4) CAPITAL GAIN {CAP}{ITALIAN}* over {G}
10 Speaks with enthusiasm, animatedly praises husband hosting small retro party (11) RHAPSODISES {PRAISES+H}* over {S}{DO<=}
13 Where book might be no longer useful (2,3,5) ON THE SHELF [DD]
15 Lies trembling after receiving kiss, excited about performing in the sack (9) E?P?L?I?N (Addendum - EXPULSION {E{X}{UP<=}LSI*}{ON} - See comments) 
18 Den with fuel blown up as stipulated (7) NEEDFUL {DEN+FUEL}*
20 Film about American civil rights activist is mundane (7) PROSAIC {P{ROSA}IC}
23 Knocking back drink after consuming ecstasy, start to hysterically snicker (5) NEIGH {GI{E}N<=}{Hy...y}
24 Republican in depression over blunder (4) TRIP {PI{R}T}<=

Reference List
Afternoon = A, Money = M, Hospital = H, Student = L, King = R, Ten = X, English = E, Female = F, About = ON, Good = G, Husband = H, Small = S, Party = DO, Kiss = X, Ecstasy = E, Republican = R


  1. 15D. Expulsion= sack
    Lies= lies,trembling suggests elsi
    Kiss= x
    On= upon
    Performing is anagrind
    Lies+ x+ upon

    1. Sorry about= upon
      Excited is about( upon) becoming puon

    2. excited - up
      about - Reversal indicator
      excited about - pu
      performing - on
      [{x}{pu} in {lies*}] {on}

  2. 11A- Def.is police or Criminal. I took punishable as criminal and then police becomes anagrind?

  3. 21A- I was done in by the comma after 'Fell initially'. Trying to fit in F!

  4. Stiff challenge from Dr. X . Couldn't get Demulcent.Loved the other clues. Thank you Dr.X.

    1. Still confused abt the container indicator!
      Could get only because of forced flaxseed intake every morning.

  5. I think having is supposed to be the container indicator.

    1. Having in itself is a weak container.
      But all round is not reversal indicator IMU. Around is. So "having -all round" as combined verb indicates decent inside lum.