Monday 23 December 2019

No 12813, Monday 23 Dec 2019, Dr. X

1   Rush around ineffectually or sit alone sadly after husband enters dispute (5,4,4) CHASE ONES TAIL {C{H}ASE}{SIT+ALONE}*
8   Where one might apply chalk at the correct moment (2,3) ON CUE [DD]
9   Draw attention to minor stealing purse (9) SPOTLIGHT {S{POT}LIGHT}
11 Female, drunk after consuming a bit of rum, jumping into a dalliance (10) FLIRTATION {F}{LI{Rum}T}{INTO+A}*
12 Reviewing broadcast about England’s troubles (4) WOES {S{E}OW<=}
14 Gibberish by wife after knocking back spirit in confusion (7) HOGWASH {H{GO<=}{W}ASH}
16 Fierce tennis played by end of game (7) INTENSE {TENNIS*}{gamE}
17 A form of dancing where boor shakes with spasm (7) ROBOTIC {BOOR*}{TIC}
19 Confine unmarried chaps caught with miss (7) ENCLOSE {mEN}{C}{LOSE}
21 Sahib isn’t trapping bird (4) IBIS [T]
22 New rent is about to upset bachelor causing moments of great anxiety (4,6) NAIL BITERS {RENT+IS}* over {AIL}{B}
25 High on drugs, hotshot director interrupts shoot (6,3) SPACED OUT {SP{ACE}{D}OUT}
26 Males don’t have it? Nothing to disagree (5) OVARY {O}{VARY}
27 Understand what paparazzi want to do? (3,3,7) SEE THE PICTURE [DD] (Addendum - GET THE PICTURE - See comments)

2   Pawning a bit of stuff away? Disgraceful (7) HOCKING sHOCKING
3   Wife in house huffs and puffs in exercise outfit (10) SWEATPANTS {S{W}EAT}{PANTS}
4   Attack by Dhoni in the middle, close to marvellous in Final (5) ONSET {dhOni}{N{m...uS}ET}
5   Save director left in ruin over fraud by leading official (9) ECONOMISE {dE{CON}{Of...l}MISE}
6   Time for wife to leave work (4) TILL (-w+t)TILL
7   Native beginning to grumble and fight in bar (7) INGROWN {IN{Gr...e}{ROW}N}
8   Deranged, abandoned man bitten by dogs (3,3,5) OFF THE RAILS {OFF}{T{HE}RAILS}
10 Rumours about man avoiding arrest with cunning cheaply (11) TASTELESSLY {TA{STEm}LES}{SLY}
13 Tough having stroke — beginning to intrepidly carry on (5,2,3) STICK IT OUT{S{TICK}{In...y}TOUT}
15 Horse with a supplementary bridle (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
18 Unit ordered to carry equipment (7) BRIGADE {B{RIG}ADE}
20 Outside broadcasting involves training (4,3) OPEN AIR {PE} in {ON AIR}
23 Stick held by criminal at highway (5) LATHI [T]
24 Religious cult caught in lodge (4) SECT {SE{C}T}

Reference List
Husband = H, Female = F, England = E, Wife = W, Married = M, Caught = C, Bachelor = B, Director = D, Time = T, Man = M, Training = PE


  1. Got ibis and woes correct.

    Was guessing 'on dot' for 'on cue' and 'highlight' for 'spotlight'

    Chasing own tail was a beautiful idiom.

  2. Managed to complete it. Found it quite tough. 15D was new for me.
    8A, 3D and 18D were my faves

  3. Got the picture alright,but was left chasing my tail to get 1Ac.
    Quite a tough one.
    Exercise outfit- I confused it equipment like treadmill etc.
    Lots to mention for Raju- I mean Husbands & Wifes!
    Both the long ones,Brigade and Flirtation were top picks.
    Thank you Doc.

    1. The Doc is indeed a ladies man ! Wives& husbands, flirtation,unmarried does he manage to avoid bail biting to keep the wife away from woes ?Always a pleasure, Doc. Another day to come ?

    2. Thanks Paddy! A ladies man only in cryptic clue surfaces Raju :) Yes, one more to go thanks Raju.

  4. THCC had a field day at CW Finlas with Mohsin and Ramki in a last ball tie.
    Congrats to both of them.

  5. I too felt - it is very tough

    1. Sorry about that Ram, hopefully tomorrow will be easier for you.

  6. I could not attend the finals because of my grandson's birthday. I saw the queries of yesterday only today.

  7. A technical DNF for me as I forgot to enter Till. Loved the challenge. LOI was Spaced out. Loved Hackamore, Chase One's tail and Get The picture. Thanks Dr. X.

  8. Got the paper delivered by 9am this morning instead of the usual 6am. So got it sent to hospital to solve over lunch. Missed 1A and so 2D and 5D. Would have expected a clue to indicate the ingrown toenail (for 7D)from the doctor.😊 Nice wordplay in 3D, 8D,18D, 20D to name some

    1. Thanks a lot Doc! Sadly, could not get the toe into the clue.