Sunday 22 December 2019

The Sunday Crossword No 3079, Sunday 22 Dec 2019

Found this tough with some obscure words.

1   Elected absurdity that only amuses some (2-4) IN-JOKE {IN}JOKE Anno for JOKE pending (Addendum - {IN}{JOKE} - See comments)
4   As to this charge: are you sure? (2,4,2) IS THAT SO*
9   Ditching North, retire to Piedmont location (5) TURIN {TURn IN}
10 Unconventional bunch of cheques for the auditor? (9) BOHEMIANS (from ~ czechs)
11 First two notes in wrong order? Try again (4) REDO {DO}<=>{RE}
12 Invested in 'About a Boy' (4) CLAD {C}{LAD}
13 Scottish speciality – flipping internal organ! – not liked at first (5) NEEPS SPlEEN<=
15 Determined chaps united to get food at agreed price (3,4) SET MENU {SET}{MEN}{U}
16 We're told massage is a necessity (4) NEED (~knead)
19 Ladies given latitude to opine online (4) BLOG {B{L}OG}
20 Little baby going around city causing rampage (3,4) RUN RIOT {RUN{RIO}T}
23 Country dancing yankee shaking behind (5) KENYA YANKEe*
24 Rascal, no-good rascal (4) ROUE ROgUE
25 Removing silver plating, asking to reveal surface (4) SKIN aSKINg
27 Expert put on weight for TV show (9) PROGRAMME {PRO}{GRAMME}
28 A Spanish greeting: in return, a Hawaiian greeting (5) ALOHA {A}{HOLA}<=
29 A fight? What might end a fight? (4-4) DING-DONG [DD]
30 Perhaps quark's revolutionary energy covering casing of electrons (6) CHEESE {CHE}{El...nS}{E}

1   Bury the hatchet finally, suppressing second concern (8) INTEREST {INTER}{thE}{S}{h...eT}
2   Civic responsibility that might involve a lot of time? (4,4) JURY DUTY [CD]
3   Philosopher's hypocrisy is called out (4) KANT (~cant)
5   Send a rude chef out with malicious glee (13) SCHADENFREUDESolved using anagram finder
6   'Perhaps you smell sort of benign,' Australian admitted (5,5) HUMAN BEING {HUM}{A}{BENIGN*}
7   River Tees engulfing northern home (6) THAMES {HAME} in {T'S}
8   To dominate, bosses about (6) OBSESS*
10 Story with endless bile, filth's from Italian capital (13) BILDUNGSROMAN {BILe}{DUNGS}{ROMAN} Cheated on this one
14 Substantial raving cleared club (4,6) REAL MADRID {REAL MAD}{RID}
17 Learner quits close-knit organisation with excuse for opting out (4,4) SICK NOTE {ClOSE+KNIT}*
18 Wise to suppress mood when primitive men seen (5,3) STONE AGE {S{TONE}AGE}
21 Broadcaster with power: leading journalist made a high-tech connection (6) SKYPED {SKY}{P}{ED}
22 Joke's non-starter (cry of dismay heard) needing to be cut (6) UNMOWN {pUN}{MOWN}(~moan)
26 He wrote Lutheran Masses in Welsh, my friend (4) BACH [DD?Anno pending See comments

Reference List
North = N, About = C, United = U, Latitude = L, Good = G, Revolutionary = CHE, Energy = E, Second = S, Australian = A, Learner = L, Power = P


  1. No Sunday Special today in view of IXL-2019 finals.

    All the best to all IXL Finalists. I will be missing the finals for the first time since it started in 2013

    1. Sorry Col. Must have been a decision taken ,so that's ok. I saw some fantastic vintage and super models of cars and remembered you a lot as to how you'd have enjoyed viewing them. It was on a garage exhibition in a Mall in Odaida prefecture in Tokyo. Unbelievable spectacle. Will send you some pics taken.

  2. Best wishes KKR Suresh Sreesree Vasant and the rest

  3. Best of wishes to all participants. I am not participating this time.

  4. 1A elected=IN, absurdity=JOKE, IN-JOKE= Definition "a joke that is understood or appreciated by only a small group of people"

  5. 19 A BOG- does "Ladies"refer to ladies toilet?

    1. Yes, like "Gents".
      Words written on respective toilet doors.
      Instead of Ladies, you may also have Women, simply.
      It is this (Women)that gives W in crosswords. The door may have just the letter W.

    2. Thank you Sir, but I thought, it was always "bogs" to mean toilet and not "bog"

    3. Some dicts. that I looked up have only the singular 'bog' meaning toilet. One might say the bog, rather than 'bog'.

  6. 26 D Bach composed the Lutheran Masses, a mix of Latin and German church music. Googling tells me that the Welsh word BACH means "dear", which is indicated by "my friend" in the WP

  7. Best Wishes to all participants.
    Prasad's train reached in time?
    Ram- not attending? Strange to note Col. will be absent. How come?

  8. Got all except 14D and 30A (still puzzled by CHEESE), so feeling very chuffed!

    1. 30A- Cheese.
      Revolutionary is 'Che' (Che Guevara of Argentina) The rest is marked in the blog.

  9. Congrats to Mohsin for winning IXL 2019!Must have been a heart stopper as it was a tie between him and Ramki.
    Thanks to all who passed the information.

  10. Congrats to Mohsin and Ramki.
    Jail THCC

    1. Jai jai to THC. CONGRATS to Mohsin.for IXL 2019. Ramki, take solace as there was a tie.

    2. Sorry for the typo. It should have been Hail THCC.