Monday, 6 June 2022

No 13575, Monday 06 Jun 2022, Incognito

Solution to 4D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Cars go around lion in movie (4) SCAR*
9   Perhaps, hoteliers in north look back with euphoria, reminiscing sentimentally for starters (10) INNKEEPERS {IN}{N}{PEEK<=}{Eu...a}{Re...g}{Se...y}
10 Medical professional is returning fish to bank of river? (6) DOCTOR {COD<=}{TO}{Ri..r}
11 Cries out in surprise, “Previous partner demands?” (8) EXCLAIMS {EX}{CLAIMS}
12 Rival’s operation initially publishes one book (8) OPPONENT {OP}{Pu...s}{ONE}{NT}
14 Powerful fighter hits the yard in the beginning (6) MIGHTY {MIG}{Hits}{The}{Yard}
16 Leaders of routed Indian parties shed tears (4) RIPS Acrostic
17 Europeans in custody of Sudanese (5) DANES [T]
18 Force Ms West to hug king (4) MAKE {MA{K}E}
19 Stay on the high sea (6) REMAIN {RE}{MAIN}
21 Discounted picture damaged after commencement of cyclone (3-5) CUT-PRICE {PICTURE}*<=>{Cy...e}
23 Told, “Horribly reincarnated? Not nice!” (8)  NARRATED ReincARNATED*
26 He excitedly dashed behind model in city (6) TEHRAN {HE*}{RAN}<=>{T}
27 Blue ribbon on older cub is damaged (6,4) CORDON BLEU*
28 Legendary vessel from Khandepar, Goa (4) ARGO [T]

1   Henchman having a small quantity followed by puzzled policeman after losing an article (10) ACCOMPLICE {A}{CC}{POLICEMan}*
2   Shakespearean character loses head over partners giving speeches (8) ORATIONS {hORATIO}{N}{S}
3   Ferocious fire breaking out in front of church (6) FIERCE {FIRE*}{CE}
4   Knight echoes, “Leg joint” (4) ?N?E (Addendum - KNEE {KN}{EE} - See comments)
5   Happily receives Western Elevated Railway Company direction about setter (8) WELCOMES {W}{EL}{CO}{ME}{S}
6   Jumped and crooned about Paul Revere initially (6) SPRANG {S{Paul}{Re...e}ANG}
7   Gloomy part of pilgrimage (4) GRIM [T]
13 Vessel-in-charge gives garment (5) TUNIC {TUN}{IC}
15 Assume responsibility of redevelopment of a creek and ghat (4,6) TAKE CHARGE {A+CREEK+GHAT}*
17 Giving away sodium can swallowed by canine (8) DONATING {DO{NA}{TIN}G}
18 Decaying ham and grass produce methane (5,3) MARSH GAS*
20 Roughen up sailor riding accidentally damaged e-boat at first (6) ABRADE {AB}{Ri...g}{Ac...y}{Da...d}{Eb..t}
22 Adds, “Kid’s awake” (4,2) TOTS UP [DD]
24 For starters, admirable victory on Nile river (4) AVON Acrostic
25 Plaything found in Viceregal Lodge on return (4) DOLL [T<=]

Reference List
North = N, Operation = OP, Book = NT, Fighter = MIG, King = K, On = RE, Model = T, Partners = NS(North-South in game of bridge), Church = CE, Knight = N, Echo = E, Western = W, Elevated railway = EL, Company = CO, Vessel = TUN, Sailor = AB


  1. 4d. KNEE=leg joint, KN=knight, EE=echoes KN+EE

  2. 22D) I parsed it as
    Child's - TOT'S
    Awake - UP

    1. +1. But kid is up or tot is up could also be a def.

  3. As usual, Nice and breezy clues given by Incognito. Thoroughly enjoyed solving them.
    With regards,

  4. Nice puzzle. Incognito on Monday means a broad smile on our faces. Thanx Kishore.