Thursday, 16 June 2022

No 13584, Thursday 16 Jun 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A little boy catching gnat-like fly (8) SMIDGEON {S{MIDGE}ON}
5   Summon fool endlessly drinking liquor (4,2) DRUM UP {D{RUM}UPe}
10 Bundle containing convict's rifle (7) PILLAGE {PIL{LAG}E}
11 Like smooth flow of beat by popular artist in retreat (7) LAMINAR {LAM}{IN}{RA<=}
12 Exasperated by four through cover (5) LIVID {L{IV}ID}
13 Large antelope chasing nocturnal mammal around plateau (9) TABLELAND {L}{ELAND}<=>{BAT<=}
14 Memorisation without understanding is rubbish and idiotic in general (4,8) ROTE LEARNING {ROT}{IN+GENERAL}*
18 Where marathoner might be participating eventually (2,3,4,3) IN THE LONG RUN [C&DD]
21 Citizens in depression, overwhelmed by endless struggle (9) RESIDENTS {RESI{DENT}St}
23 Yahoo hacked! Overwhelming commotion (3-2) HOO-HA [T]
24 Destroy syndicate essentially involved in destroying nature (7) RUINATE {RU{s..dIc..e}NATE*}
25 Repeating point, member ignored harangue (7) I?E?A?T (Addendum ITERANT {ITEm}{RANT} - See comments )
26 Couple of girls in vigorous wrangle (6) HAGGLE {HA{GG}LE}
27 Africans in union also involved in reviewing problem (8) UGANDANS {U}{G{AND}ANS<=}

1   Ebullient president, clever to accumulate stock (6) SUPPLY {S{UP}{P}LY}
2   Enamoured by writer's third novel, fantastic (2,4) IN LOVE {wrIter}{NOVEL*}
3   Impressive broadcast organised (9) GRANDIOSE*
4   How some drugs are sold in public by predator controlling drug business (4,3,7) OVER THE COUNTER {OVERT}{H{E}{CO}UNTER}
6   Mare turned to eat one plant (5) RAMIE {RAM{1}E*}
7   Guy meeting most audacious high-ranking official (8) MANDARIN {MAN}{DARINg}
8   Page with elaborate diagram showing prototype (8) PARADIGM {P}{DIAGRAM*}
9   Fat boy's rage about barb, shocking (14) FLABBERGASTING {FLAB}{B}{RAGE*}{STING}
15 Uncouth expression of disgust by man in quarrel with nationalist (5-4) ROUGH-HEWN {RO{UGH}{HE}W}{N}
16 Chief priest greeting queen with bow (8) HIERARCH {HI}{ER}{ARCH}
17 Hiding in silence, suppressed by corrupt government (8) STASHING {STA{SH}IN}{G}
19 Person at auditorium conducting instrumental composition (6) SONATA [T]
20 One praying in front of mosque, saint perhaps (6) MANTIS {Mo...e}{SAINT*}
22 Drone in area around lake (5) DRAWL {WARD<=}{L}

Reference List
Popular = IN, Artist = RA(Royal Academician), Large = L, Member = M, Girl = G, Union = U, President = P, Drug = E, Business = CO, Page = P, Boy = B, Nationalist = N, Queen = ER, Government = G, Lake = L


  1. 25a. ITERANT=repeating ITEm=point (member ignored) RANT=harangue ITE+RANT

  2. Mandadin,Paradigm,Mantis,Flabbergasting were zome of the picks today.
    Area for a doctor is Ward!!

  3. Got as "at the long run" instead of in the long run, got "rough cuts" instead of rough hewn. Due to the above could not complete fully.
    As usual nice & tricky CW given by Dr.X. Enjoyed solving them.
    With regards,

  4. Seeing Dr.X today lightened up the morning and the dear doctor didn't disappoint with his trademark long ones. Delectable surfaces for Rote Learning and Over the Counter! I remembered "In The Long Run" from a recent grid and after these were the first ones in, the rest fell in place in a satisfying manner. Just like 8Ac!

  5. The very first clue in today’s lovely crossie reminded me of an old hindi movie.

    Let me recall it:

    A simple bank employee Amol seeing his new colleague a lovely lady Vidya OVER THE COUNTER instantly fell IN LOVE. But extremely shy in nature he was unable to DRUM UP the courage to express his feelings. Whenever he tried he began to DRAWL, words failed him. To RUINATE his plans, his own pompous and flamboyant colleague Asrani was a rival. Amol became LIVID but was unable to do anything except raising both arms in frustration like a Praying MANTIS. After a lot of HOOHA he came across an ad "How to win in love? - ROTE LEARNING course". Making inquiries he understood that this course had a good HEIRARCHy and ventured to approach the instructor.

    Amol had to climb a high TABLELAND along with some ROUGH HEWN tough looking UGANDANS to reach the course centre. He had to stay along with them and other RESIDENTS. The course conductor a retired Colonel (oh no, not our!) Wilfred was a toughie, no nonsense man. He drove up in his SONATA twirling his imposing moutache. Amol meekly introduced himself. Overawed by the colonel's GRANDIOSE manner Amol quickly dismissed thoughts to HAGGLE the price and a get a discount.

    The first steps were FLABBERGASTING but Amol settled down slowly. The Colonel's methods were unique. The course included lessons in MANDARIN (to be used stylishly later), eating with chop sticks (another style), playing TT (a game popular in Amol's bank) and bring in a change building confidence to the student IN THE LONG RUN. The course had a special diet too with leaves of RAMIE and other herbs in a salad.

    Amol a good learner took in the SUPPLY well. Finishing the course he found a PARDIGM shift in his attitude. STASHING all diffidence aside Amol rejoined work. The rest of the story is about how he wins over Vidya. Better seen than read.

    Of course hindi movie buffs will be familiar for others I must say the movie is enjoyable to watch, even today. It is a SMIDGEON - choti sii baat!

    1. Super tailpiece to match the lovely grid today. Thanks Dr X and Ramesh.

    2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    3. Doctor X grid always challenging one. Struggled with few puzzles. Very nice Tale by Ramesh. Nice to remeber Amol Palekaer after a long time. Thanks to Dr.X

    4. Thanks for weaving the engrossing story of a sweet movie, Ramesh!

  6. Nicely done Ramesh. Choti si baat- you kept the title to the last. Everything sounded familiar since I had seen the movie decades ago. struggling to recall the title and I had to wait till the end.
    If I remember right, it started an Amol Palekar series.

    1. Paddy - Amol palekar, Vidya Sinha, Asrani and above all Ashok Kumar as Colonel. Nice entertaining flick

    2. Yes,I saw and enjoyed the movie. t was a rage that he was a simple stumbling next door man hero who made his mark against stalwarts at that time. I only could not recall the title.

  7. Dr X at his devious BEST. Enjoyed solving.

  8. Gowri ma'am
    Missing your talepieces!

    1. Will catch up soon. 😊😊😊

  9. OVER THE COUNTER and FLABBERGASTING were both lovely. The former was easy to get from def, but very smooth wordplay. Also liked IN LOVE, ROUGH-HEWN, LAMINAR, STASHING, LIVID to name a few. Thanks Dr X!

  10. I got confused between Choti si Baat and Rajnigandha. Both the movies with the same lead characters were a treat to watch.

  11. Nice puzzle. Though got many through crossings & parsed later. FLABBERGASTED - my COD.
    Welcome Doc!!

  12. Esp. LAMINAR, MANTIS, LIVID .....are my Aha moments.