Wednesday, 8 June 2022

No 13577, Wednesday 08 Jun 2022, Incognito

Solution to 11A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Brown king’s place for skinny-dipping? (4) TANK {TAN}{K}
9   Tall section of Cathedral of Tyre (5) LOFTY [T]
10 Keen leading lady retires (4) AVID<=
11 Guy dropped with an exclamation of pain (6) ?E?L?W (Addendum - FELLOW {FELL}{OW} - See comments) 
12 Illustrations from old maps redrawn to include ends of latitude (8) EXAMPLES {EX{AMP{La...dE}S}
13 Gambler Edward improved (8) BETTERED {BETTER}{ED}
15 Poems on South American port (6) ODESSA {ODES}{SA}
17 Pseudonym one may use in prison? (3,4) PEN NAME [C&DD]
19 Setter gets gentlemanly title on return with assistance for legendary woman (7) MERMAID {ME}{MR<=}{AID}
22 Woman with burnt remains cleans with water (6) WASHES {W}{ASHES}
24 Shun road going around country (8) HONDURAS*
26 Bury has a popular kind of cooking banana (8) PLANTAIN {PLANT}{A}{IN}
28 Exile sahib travelling around Norway (6) BANISH {BA{N}ISH*}
30 Sink one's teeth into baron with crooked tie (4) BITE {B}{TIE*}
31 Remove all signs of Times Square finally (5) ERASE {ERAS}{s...rE}
32 Till university pot is distributed (2,2) UP TO {U}{POT*}

1   Detest part of chateau (4) HATE [T]
2   King is wearing forged steel over supporting structure (8) SKELETON {S{K}ELET*}{ON}
3   Less speedy owls fly before commencement of evening rain (6) SLOWER {OWLS*}{Ev...g}{Rain}
4   Hurts feelings when organising send-off (7) OFFENDS*
5   Tree accountant planted in Mysore redevelopment (8) SYCAMORE {SY{CA}MORE*}
6   Ms West consumes cooked pig and bird (6) MAGPIE {MA{PIG*}E}
7   Prepared limeade without using ale to get a ten cent coin (4) DIME lIMeaDE
14 European men return before beginning of afternoon to get injection (5) ENEMA {E}{MEN<=}{Af...n}
16 Rishi Valmiki's god (5) SHIVA [T]
18 Texts: “There’s silver in dining rooms” (8) MESSAGES {MESS{AG}ES}
20 No rum cocktail before flu is sorted out? Sad! (8) MOURNFUL {NO+RUM}*{FLU}*
21 English in China translated for Indian city (7) CHENNAI {CH{EN}NAI*}
23 Hamper female deer with queen (6) HINDER {HIND}{ER}
25 Caught a couple of boys in den when returning (6) NABBED {N{A}{BB}ED<=}
27 Resting place of wild animal in Tiruvannamalai resort (4)  LAIR [T]
29 Location of South Indian tourism exhibition for starters (4) SITE Acrostic

Reference List
King = K, Woman = W, Popular = IN, Norway = N, Baron = B, University = U, Accountant = CA, European = E, English = EN, Female Deer = HIND, Queen = ER, Boy = B


  1. 11A: guy= fellow
    Dropped is fell
    An exclamation of pain is ow
    Hence, fell+ow
    With regards,

    1. "Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance."

    2. Sathia each time you say noted but you continue to repeat the same despite being informed. Please let others also try and restrict yourself to once a week

  2. Another breezy CW given by Incognito.
    My solving time is very less to complete this. While solving, you simply admire the simplicity of clues that fall in with proper annotations without much of effort.
    Thanks Incognito for wonderful CW.
    With regards,

  3. Thank you for a breezy morning Kishore.
    Thank you Col. for the wki link on Chennai. Looks grander (than in reality?) through the wiki lens. Proud to see our college too- oldest engineering college in the country.

    1. Col.'s link helps me to read in depth about chennai city.

  4. Col.,
    Honduras flag appears at the wrong place.

  5. Today i want to share a personal moment with all of u - especially old Hindi song lovers. & to my deterrents - No! It has nothing to do with CWs.

    When i was in my late teens, my friend's father decided to buy her a music system. I accompanied tjem to the shop. Those days such friendships existed.

    As we were looking at records - i kept glancing at Gaman. Uncle said - Beta lo na! That was enough for me to possess my first & lone record.

    As soon as we went back - i played Gaman first & Aaja Sanwariya filled tge whole house. What a magical moment! I looked up to c a smiling Uncle - completely in sync with our music & our world!

    Alas! Uncle left us soon - in an accident. Forget me - even his family had no chance of saying Good Bye!

    Gaman has remained my lone record. Never owing a record player - i oftten visited homes with players to listen to it.

    Today, Uncle has been gone for exactly 40 years. My friendship is still strong. So is the music & the special moment!

    Here is to all of u - who love Gaman & Aaja Sanwariya!

    1. And the other song from Gaman, "seene main jalan" also was a favourite during childhood. Thank You Gowri for sharing this nostalgic piece.

    2. Nice Gowri. I too heard the song.

  6. Crisp and fast, enjoyed all the clue!

  7. 20D. The word 'cocktail' as an anind was used more times in the past as per my recollection.. As in ' gin cocktail'.

  8. Incognito is our new Gridman. Very engrossing and pleasant clues. Makes one feel really good after clearing the board.

  9. Breezy CW as usual. My fav - FELLOW.
    Thanx Kishore.

  10. 🙏 to my favourite setter!

  11. Just finished the Grid. Throughly enjoyed. Incognito my all time favourite .19A - bit struggled. the word title MS or MR. finally done with aha moments.