Saturday, 4 June 2022

No 13574, Saturday 04 Jun 2022, Arden


1   Table and armrests designed to suit Sachin Tendulkar, perhaps (6,7)  MASTER BLASTER*
10 When two of them are up, it's OK (5) THUMB [CD]
11 Daughter is back, housed in better one-room accommodation (9) BEDSITTER {BE{D}{IS<=}TTER}

12 Talk with ease, you got it coming (9) ADDRESSEE {ADDRESS}{EE}
13 Fear of limited choice grips one (5) PANIC {P{AN}ICk
14 Sharing fancy dress (7) GARNISH*
16 Separate drill, essentially to make hole in stone (7) ISOLATE {drIll}{S{O}LATE}
18 Hybrid variety of fruit to lure in an investor (7) TANGELO {T{ANGEL}O}
20 Tug on hire possibly for a folk singer (7) GUTHRIE {TUG+HIRE}*
22 In the middle of March we see some patch of clouds (5) ARCUS {mARCh}{US}
24 Passive smoke? (5,4) PEACE PIPE [CD]
26 Yogi Agnesh briefly got agitated, later relaxed (4,5) EASY GOING {YOGI+AGNESh}*
27 A man who gets commission (5) AGENT {A}{GENT} Semi&lit
28 Prepared ham often and felt he should tend to his flock (3,2,3,5) MAN OF THE CLOTH {HAM+OFTEN}*{CLOTH}


2   Like below in two (7) ASUNDER {AS UNDER}
3   Breaking wind, accomplished — this can go with the food (5,4) TABLE WINE {T{ABLE}WINE}
4   Representation on transport (5) REBUS {RE}{BUS}
5   Investment technique like fish eating snake (9) LADDERING {L{ADDER}ING}
6   Jump over first man, can you do without? (5) SKIMP {SKI{Man}P}
7   Red sea takes it onfree country (7) ESTONIA {SEA}* over {IT+ON}*
8   Looking serious at mobile charged it fast (8-5) STRAIGHT FACED*
9   Copy components that show low concentration (5,8) TRACE ELEMENTS {TRACE}{ELEMENTS}
15 Spooner's confirmation — clue to what a tracker looks for (9) HOOFPRINT (~proof hint to hoofprint)
17 Anthelion decoded at once (2,3,4) ON THE NAIL*
19 Capital one invested in working casino (7) NICOSIA {N{1}COSIA*}
21 End covered with torn clothing (7) RAIMENT {R{AIM}ENT}
23 Goes wrong incorporating new musical notation (5) SEGNO {SEG{N}O*}
25 Fish hangs in the centre (5) ANGLE dANGLEs

Reference List

Ease = EE, Stone = SLATE, Felt = CLOTH 
On = RE, End = AIM, Torn = RENT, New = N, Hangs = DANGLES

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. I am late and expected to see a few comments.
    Very good crossie today and I am so so happy to have completed before 8.30 (of course with some help)

  2. Arden started easy ended with not so tough one. Thank you Arden.

  3. Today's CW given by Arden is moderate compared to yesterday. Got stuck in 8D and hence, 10A, 12A & 18A. By the way, a thumb signal is ok, but two thumb signal is supposed to be double OK. Am I right?
    With regards,

    1. What is meant in the clue is 'Thumbs up' and not a two thumb signal

    2. Two there is def.confusing. Though one calls it Thumbs up in plural the signal that is depicted or comes to mind is only one thumb.

    It is explained here.

  5. Kal Aj aur Kal Arden clues ever tough!