Tuesday, 21 June 2022

No 13588, Tuesday 21 Jun 2022, Bruno

Artwork by Prasanna

Solution to 13D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Ask/encourage vicar to take off top coat (6) INVITE IN(-c+v)VITE
4   Store's nothing posh — has tacky, lacy, embroidered tank-tops (6) OUTLET {0}{U}{Ta..y}{Lacy}{Em...d}{Tank}
8   Tip of church has gold — attractive architectural feature (7) CORNICE {Ch...h}{OR}{NICE}
9   Sure Twix spread can be sandwiched? (7) BETWIXT {BE{TWIX}T}
11 Oil producer's uniform had notice to be displayed in speedo oddly (6,4) SESAME SEED {SAME}{SEE} in {SpEeDo}
12 Not odd for function to be cut short (4) EVEN EVENt
13 Currency of world body impounded by Shell (5) POUND {PO{UN}D}
14 Red, uncut rocks sold at a loss (8) UNDERCUT*
16 Paid money to fry dead flies with hint of elaichi (8) DEFRAYED {FRY+DEAD+El...i}*
18 Mug of German scientist — not #1 in Germany (5) STEIN einSTEIN
20 Boycott ate English vegetable (4) BEAN {B{E}AN}
21 Inmate gang stole artwork that was smuggled (10) CONTRABAND {CON}{ART*}{BAND}
23 Car company overcame struggle to advance (7) FORWARD {FOR{WAR}D}
24 Puerto Rico's gold taken at America at a certain rate (3,4) PRO RATA {PR}{OR}{AT}{A}
25 Order Scottish dress to put on Queen (6) KILTER {KILT}{ER}
26 Furniture of St. John returned to archives, finally (6) STOOLS {ST}{LOO<=}{a...eS}

1   1-0 United? (2,3) IN ONE {1}{NONE}
2   State's valuation — excluding crude oil — sadly unsatisfactory (7)  VANUATU {VAlUATioN}*{U}
3   Check date and year represented by stock market event (6,3) TICKET DAY {TICK}{DATE+Y}*
5   Overturn Union and wait for judgment (5) UPEND {U}{PEND}
6   Somewhat slow GEa rival's found a way to accelerate (3,4) LOW GEAR [T]
7   Extra dubious opportunity that can get you some money (3,6) TAX RETURN {EXTRA*}{TURN}
10 Unemployed communist worker staging dhurna often (9) REDUNDANT {RE{DhUrNa}D}{ANT}
13 Pizza at church office — paid by the slice? (9) P?E?E?O?K (Addendum - PIECEWORK {PIE}{CE}{WORK} - See comments)
15 Animal from river tasted er… awful (6,3) DESERT RAT {R+TASTED+ER}*
17 Regeneration of kidneys infected with tapeworm in the middle (7) RENEWAL {REN{tapEWorm}AL}
19 Ban half of poem — ban essay (7) EMBARGO {poEM}{BAR}{GO}
21 Abuse of drugs, finally overcome by medicine (5) CURSE {CUR{d..gS}E}
22 Attack overturned records (5) NOTES {SET ON}<=

Reference List
Vicar = V, Posh = U, Gold = OR, 1 in German = EIN, English = E, America = A, Queen = ER, John = LOO, Unsatisfactory = U, Year = Y, Union = U, Church = CE, River = R, Of Kidneys = RENAL 


  1. 6D I thought low gear is to decelerate

    1. That's the counter intuitive part of driving. Low gear accelerates but speed is engineered to be low. Why you need to shift to lower gear, floor the accelerator and slight pause and shift gear while overtaking.

    2. yes. lower gear means more power.

    3. Good drivers say that this is not possible with automatics.

    4. True automatics are nightmare for exhilarating drives.

    5. Now a days many Automatic drive cars come with manual overdrive for negotiating steep slopes and for overtaking vehicles at speeds greater than 120 kmph

  2. Nice grid, 11a and 7d are my favorites.

  3. 13 D
    Solved, let others try

  4. 1D solved as IS ONE 1-0 is one.
    Why the exclamation mark on united?

  5. 22D. Considering the recent news I took 'attack' as 'STONE'

  6. Through an INVITE Vladimir got a call,
    Dressed like BEAN went to OUTLET mall,
    He came FORWARD
    Countenance of a nerd
    In ONE WORD - had a great fall.

  7. 13a think pound and impounded " are advised to be avoided"

  8. 13D - (PIE)(CE)(WORK)
    Pizza - PIE
    Church - CE
    Office - WORK

  9. Replies
    1. +4
      The quote of Sadguru at the bottom 👌

    2. My sicere thanks to Mr. Paddy ,Mr.Ramesh,Mr. MB, KKR Garu & Mr Ramesh. Also my special thanks to Col. sir for posting my artwork.

  10. How I wish 7D were true! Have been filing year after year...

  11. But for a return,it must have been deducted earlier as TDS which is paonful!

  12. Nice art work Prasanna!

  13. Nice grid. My fav - CORNICE (obviously) & EMBARGO.
    Nice art work Prasanna!

  14. Thank you Col.sir for posting my Artwork. regards,

  15. Found it to be easier than Bruno's earlier grids! Favs were CORNICE, EMBARGO, BEAN, PIECEWORK, TAX RETURN to name a few. Had to google to confirm 2D. Did not spot the theme till I saw the blog. Great artwork for Yoga Day.

    Thanks Bruno, Col and Prasanna.