Tuesday, 7 June 2022

No 13576, Tuesday 07 Jun 2022, Incognito

Solution to 23A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Sexually excited? No! (6,2) TURNED ON {NO<=}
5   After removing oar, damaged motorboat's lower part (6) BOTTOM MOTOrBoaT*
10 Article missing in yearbook? Cancel! (5) ANNUL ANNUaL
11 English cat wandering around soldiers has ultimate right. That's law! (9) ENACTMENT {EN}{CAT*}{MEN}{r..hT}
12 Undo north-eastern exit (6) NEGATE {NE}{GATE}
13 Church congregated at Eastern Railway burial ground (8) CEMETERY {CE}{MET}{E}{RY}
15 Boy with the French serving implement (5) LADLE {LAD}{LE}
17 Once NATO meet was arranged around 1 (2,3,4) AT ONE TIME {NATO*}{ET{1}ME*}
19 Stubborn alumnus with damaged tins consumed (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{TINS*}{ATE}
20 A female deer carries two consecutive letters for author of Robinson Crusoe (5) DEFOE {D{EF}OE}
21 Bogus stone plant (8) SHAMROCK {SHAM}{ROCK}
23 Hunt's European type of support for civil structure (6) ?E?R?H (Addendum - SEARCH {S}{E}{ARCH} - See comments))
27 Army Service Corps' terminal ward is on the rise (9) ASCENDENT {ASC}{END}{ENT}
28 Men leaving terminal going around path (5) TRAIL TeRmInAL*
29 Some part of Mahathir's territory shows need for water (6) THIRST [T]
30 Kind of flour made by grinding acorn and elm (8) CORNMEAL*

1   School transport, for example (5) TRAIN [DD]
2   Rebels exploding grenades around Europe (9) RENEGADES {REN{E}GADES*}
3   Throw talc with energy and panache (5) ECLAT {TALC+E}*
4   More than 6 balls completed (4) OVER [DD]
6   Recovering after illness, he-men don't run around (2,3,4) ON THE MEND*
7   Slithered... slid out at that place (5) THERE sliTHEREd
8   Around end of April, the enemy may produce a colourless gas (9) METHYLENE {METHY{a..iL}ENE*}
9   Irritated oracle met tardy attender (9) LATECOMER*
14 Empty slots to be filled up and vaccines to be developed around beginning of April (9) VACANCIES {VAC{Ap..l}NCIES*}
15 Hurry up! Potty king's on returning tram! (4,5) LOOK SMART {LOO}{K'S}{TRAM<=}
16 Expatriates sprinted behind English plane with their suitcases at first (9) EMIGRANTS {RAN}<=>{E}{MIG} and {Th..r}{Su...s}
18 Anger if tea urn is broken around one (9) INFURIATE {IF+TEA+URN}* over {1}
22 CIA is confused about computer code, perhaps (5) ASCII*
24 After disposal of curio, irritated auctioneer consumed (5) EATEN AucTioNEEr*
25 Allah arranged for type of food permitted in Islam (5) HALAL*
26 Palindromic German chancellor hiding among cottonweeds (4) OTTO [T]

Reference List
English = EN, Church = CE, Eastern = E, Railway = RY, The in French = LE, Alumnus = OB, European/Europe = E, Energy = E, Potty = LOO, English = E  


  1. 23ac. HEARTH..H(unts) E(u..n) ARCH..T ( ype ) in place of C( ivil )

  2. A doubt about 18D- Anger is a noun whereas Infuriate is a verb/adj.

    1. Thank you Arden. I missed it. I was searching for infuriate as a noun.

  3. 23A: hunt= search
    Civil structure is arch
    Type of support s
    European is e
    With regards,

  4. Annotation for S is incorrect

  5. Could be s taken from hunt's?
    Then it is s+e+arch is oK.

  6. A doubt regarding 5A, 28A, 24D type of clues: If the word to be removed does not appear as such in the fodder, is an anagrind not required for the word to be removed as well?

    1. I personally feel that an anagrind is required for anagramming the letters of the word to be deleted. But when I used to do that, there were opinions on this blog that it was unnecessary. I am in a dilemma...

    2. Thanks Kishore.. I tried my hand at setting clues in another forum. I had not included an anagrind for the word to be removed and this was the comment I received. Hence the doubt.

    3. I feel it is okay to have one anagrind only. Agter all,it is removing one set of letters from another set and jumbling.
      Opinions differ.

    4. One way of looking at it is: For eg, in 24d, "disposal of curio" can be interpreted as disposal of the letters c,u,r,i and o. With that interpretation, no anagrind is required for the deletion because it is deletion of letters, not the word curio. Moreover, the clue works with having an adjective like 'broken' before the word 'curio', but many anagrinds can make the clue look a bit clunky. I will stick to the present construct for the time being.

    5. agree with you. 2 anagrinds in one clue would definitely look so.

    6. There was a time it was by order of bible to have two anagrinds. I remember my comment on recent incognito clue where the anagrind wasn't necessary (the anagrind was drunk and fodder was a biker or someone like IT) SINCE it was in the same order.
      But long before that there was a discussion on the subject and imho, a damaged motorboat can be anagrammed to bottomoar and then oar can be removed.

      So two anagrind shouldn't really matter. It Should be left to demands of surface elegance and setters choice.

    7. For eg:Damaged trail bike in absence of biker... Follow? (4)
      As commented by col then, it would have been better if the biker was damaged since tail would remain as it is after removing biker from trail bike.

  7. Nice satisfying clues, 23A was the best!

  8. Easy clues by Incognito. only few down puzles are left to complete. ANNUL, ENACTMENT,ASCII were my favourite. Nice to learn about ASCII. Thanks to Google

  9. I think 1ac is phenomenal.
    Nice grid. Cold solve. Thanx Kishore.