Thursday, 9 June 2022

No 13578, Thursday 09 Jun 2022, Incognito

Solution to 12A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   That lady has love for the leading male actor (4) HERO{HER}{0}
9   Join United Nations wearing woven tie (5) UNITE {UN}{TIE*}
10 Suspend ethnic Chinese girl (4) HANG {HAN}{G}
11 Pop and mom give shelter to North American in country (6) PANAMA {PA}{NA}{MA}
12 Returned can containing unexpired and number one cooking medium (5,3) O?I?E ?I? (Addendum - OLIVE OIL {LOO<=} over {LIVE} and {1} - See comments)
13 Hottest or coldest after commencement of summer precipitation? (8) SPICIEST {ICIEST}<=>{Su...r}{Pr...n}
15 Cooling medical device and ipecac preparation (3,3) ICE CAP*
17 Obliquely enquire with adult at new church (7) ASKANCE {ASK}{A}{N}{CE}
19 American soldier eats cooked conch dumpling (7) GNOCCHI {G{CONCH*}I}
22 Young lady in Amsterdam self-heals to some extent (6) DAMSEL [T]
24 Initially, clinic doctor admitted setter in air-conditioned ward for casualty (8) ACCIDENT {Cl...c}{Do...r} over {I} in {AC}{ENT}
26 Note: Butter is used initially in coffee-flavoured dessert (8) TIRAMISU {TI}{RAM}{IS}Used}
28 Crush cane around time before end of summer to get sweet stuff (6) NECTAR {NEC{T}A*}{s...eR}
30 You and I consume Indian drink (4) WINE {W{IN}E}
31 La Paz building shopping centre (5) PLAZA*
32 Language spoken in Gopalpur, Durgapur (4) URDU [T]

1   Religious scripture's very elaborate discourse appears in the beginning (4) VEDA Acrostic
2   Bread that is free of charge accompanied by Italian alcohol, for starters (8) FOCACCIA {FOC}{ACC}{It...n}{Al...l}
3   Dog consumed priest (6) CURATE {CUR}{ATE}
4   Roving compatriots leaving camp to make rice dish (7) RISOTTO cOmpaTRIOTS*
5   Plead, “It’s small, charged particle” (8) PETITION {PETIT}{ION}
6   It’s said to bring a smile to your face, perhaps (6) CHEESE [CD]
7   Against a new note (4) ANTI {A}{N}{TI}
14 Tapas may be made from ingredients of this food (5) PASTA*
16 Pale tennis champion gets nervous at first (5) ASHEN {ASHE}{Ne...s}
18 By mistake, police confiscate aluminium musical instrument (8) CALLIOPE {C{AL}LIOPE*}
20 Medical staff wrongly accused around second of July (8) CADUCEUS {CAD{jUly}CEUS*}
21 South Africa has incomplete picture painted on a wall with one Japanese warrior (7) SAMURAI {SA}{MURAl}{1}
23 Joining line for English mariners (6) SEAMEN {SEAM}{EN}
25 Painting material stored in Etruscan vase (6) CANVAS [T]
27 Biscuit cut away and thrown for bird (4) IBIS BIScuIt*
29 Assistant? Bad idea! (4) AIDE*

Reference List
Love = 0, Girl = G, Can = LOO, Adult = A, New = N, Church = CE, American soldier = GI, Note = TI, Butter = RAM, Indian = IN, Free of charge = FOC, English = EN


  1. 12A. Olive Oil. Unexpired- live. Returned can= ool ( loo). No1= i

    1. Parts, parts OK (south Indian movie style). Anno!

    2. You mean assembly missing though all parts are there?

  2. Another good puzzle from Incognito, enjoyed solving it. COD is 6d, solving it brought smile on my face.

  3. Is there a theme on food with

  4. A good spread- Gourmet's delight. From starter to dessert via some cake,rice,gnocchi and pasta with cheese. Add some nectar to it and you can't ask for more!

    1. paddy sir.....Special thanks to Col. for the visual look of all delicious dishes.

  5. Nice clues as usual but 19A,26A and 20D new to me!

  6. Gnocchi & Tiramisu are CW specials. I learned it here only.

  7. Thank you dear Mr. Kishore Rao for today's crossword compilation with ample shares for a treat of wining-n-dining, 'High Tea' in particular.
    And my gratitude to you for letting me learn about delicacies like 2-D (FOCACCIA), 19-A (GNOCCHI) and 26-A (TIRAMISU).
    Yes, despite being a 'Brahmanam Bhojan Priya' (Saapat Rama or a glutton/gourmet), I was stuck on these above cited clues while solving today's interesting 'food for thought' crossword.

  8. Thanks, everyone. Hope you enjoyed the Italian menu after Chinese last time. The series will continue.

  9. Lovely spread Kishore! Nice grid too.
    CADUCEUS was new to me. Had to google.

  10. Btw - spiciest also is part of food.

    1. I perceived as a qualitative category . I have a small clarification. the word 'speciest' can feel by taste. but not part of ingredient.

  11. & if u have a DAMSEL accompanying you on this dinner date - nothing like it!!!! You will feel no less than a SAMURAI.

  12. Delecious e-treat by Incognito. Though I solved 12D- could not get the perfect anno. for LIVE. got it only after viewed the blog. after a deep attempt i was satisfied with answeres. but, feeling bad for not getting the anno. FOCACCIA , TIRAMISU, ASKANCE were new for me.

  13. Special thanks to Col. for the visual look of all delicious dishes.