Sunday, 19 June 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3207, Sunday 19 Jun 2022

1   Denied scorer runs; had second thoughts (12) RECONSIDERED*
10 Reckons there's no time for mutiny, son (7) REASONS {tREASON}{S}
11 Country's 'Bravo' welcomed by Shearer, international ace (7) ALBANIA {AL{B}AN}{I}{A}
12 We're told trim's wanting braces (5) PAIRS (~pares)
13 I sat first, dined on date, and filled up (8) SATIATED {I}<=>{SAT} and {ATE}{D}
15 Polish damage metal flyer (4,6) SAND MARTIN {SAND}{MAR}{TIN}
16 Modify part of expedition (4) EDIT [T]
18 Bone found in Dublin Bay oddly ignored (4) ULNA {dUbLiN+bAy}
20 Little iron supply in pasta (10) TORTELLINI*
22 Retreating in South Pole, five numb Englishmen initially wanting blankets (8) ENVELOPS {S}{POLE}{V}{{Numb}{En...n}<=
24 Part of record that might be whispered (1-4) A-SIDE ASIDE
26 Count up, then: 'House!' (a bloodthirsty call) (5-2) TALLY-HO {TALLY}{HO}
27 The French retorted: 'It is time to be snobby' (7) ELITIST {LE}{IT}{IS}{T}
28 Marines trial exercises in transport hubs (3,9) AIR TERMINALS*

2   Family member's heading off: joy! (7) ELATION rELATION
3   Oops – silly amounts of marsupials (8) OPOSSUMS {OOPS*}{SUMS}
4   Help me, duck, OK? (2-2) SO-SO {SOS}{0}
5   Wee drink at first satisfied (but only at first) theatrical types (10) DRAMATISTS {DRAM}{AT}{1ST}{Sa...d}
6   Religious leader's cut short talk (5) RABBI RABBIt
7   Gave 'old-fashioned' to describe Old Norse (7) DONATED {D{ON}ATED}
8   A little Triple sec mixed with purée, zest — making ...? (6,7) CREPES SUZETTE {Tr...e+SEC+PUREE+ZEST}* &lit
9   Fancifully, to date E.U. élite, you'll need perfume (3,2,8) EAU DE TOILETTE*
14 Inept Clanger lying down (5-5) ERROR-PRONE {ERROR}{PRONE}
17 Primarily, a loyal shepherd's assistant: trustworthy intelligent animal named ...? (8) ALSATIAN Acrostic &lit
19 After a month, Fitzgerald's written shortish book (7) NOVELLA {NOV}{ELLA}
21 Jerome K Jerome's central character? (7) INITIAL Definition by example
23 Actor, not quietly, portraying chicken? (5) LAYER pLAYER
25 Tippling eggnog to begin with, Everyman returned to chuck it down (4) TEEM {Ti...g}{Eg...g}{ME<=}

Reference List
Time = T, Son = S, Bravo = B, International = I, Ace = A, Date = D, South = S, House = HO, The in French = LE, Old Norse = ON, Quietly = P


  1. Good morning col.sir......sunday special by AJJI??????

  2. Replies
    1. This is the last one in my Kitty. So those interested please send in your crosswords for publication in the specials

  3. 6D.. Rabbi is ok. Where from Rabbit came ( to my knowledge, there has been no reference to it in the clue). Looking for some enlightenment....

    1. Gossip,chatter,jabber are some of the meanings given for rabbit. When in doubt,please refer to the dictionary.

  4. 8D, what is the solution required,
    Making....? Is it dessert? How?
    With regards,

    1. As given by Col., it is an &Lit clue. The whole clue defines the answer(& all words are part of word play)