Wednesday, 1 June 2022

No 13571, Wednesday 01 Jun 2022, Arden

Solution to 22A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Country sides are noisy inside and overcast outside (6) CLOUDY {Coun{LOUD}trY}
 Club King discarded, go away! (5,3) CLEAR OUT {C}{LEAR}{OUT}
9   Watched the Queen return by the night flight (6) REDEYE {EYED}{ER}<=
10 Leader shot right at the back — sign of impending trouble (3,5) RED ALERT {LEADER*}{RT}
12 Plant or a wild lion? Harbouring a doubt (8) ABUTILON {A}{BUT}{LION*}
13 It's a short launch — has got some capital (6) BOGOTA {BO{GOT}At}
15 One's altogether in it, perhaps (8,4) BIRTHDAY SUIT [CD]
18 Fellow scientist had standing, I dropped out as he became a monster (12) FRANKENSTEIN {F}{EINSTEIN} over {RANK}
21 One more graduate, right away begins simple life (6) AMOEBA {A}{MOrE}{BA}
22 Advice to promote mediocrity — shun a drink (8) ?E?E?A?E (Addendum BEVERAGE {BE aVERAGE} - See comments)
24 It's not even innate pride that makes one fearless (8) INTREPID {InNaTe}{PRIDE*}
25 Biased press has only questions (6) POSERS {P{O}SERS*}
26 Knockabout in Australia — it's hard and many go from east to west (8) HANDYMAN {H}{AND}{MANY<=} (Correction - {H}{AND}{(+y)YMAN(-y)} - See comments)
27 Cut it, indeed disorganised (6) EDITED {ED{IT}ED*}

1   With a rub can produce a natural wax (8) CARNAUBA {A+RUB+CAN}{A}
2   Used to protect those who resist change (3,5) OLD GUARD {OLD}{GUARD}
3   Loot is there for all to see (8,7) DAYLIGHT ROBBERY [CD]
5   Cover point brought in — one wasn't truthful (4) LIED {LI{E}D}
6   Calibration does go wrong for a performance enhancer (8,7) ANABOLIC STEROID*
7   Exposed previous state (6) OREGON fOREGONe
8   Big man shows interest in a painter (6) TITIAN {TIT{I}AN}
11 Plea for help by girl behind those in the middle (7) HOSANNA {ANNA}<=>{tHOSe}
14 Old woman brought in and welcomed (7) USHERED {US{HER}ED}
16 Nowadays in modest surroundings but dissolute overall (8) DECADENT {DEC{AD}ENT}
17 Crazy end since one was mad (8) INCENSED*
19 Michael Jordan is, however, part European (6) DANISH [T]
20 Maybe later pick up some dumplings (3,3) WON TON NOTNOW<=
23 Climate inland is capital (4) LIMA [T]

Reference List
Club = C, Queen = ER, Fellow = F, Only = O, Hard = H, Point = E, Interest = I


  1. Arden was easy today. Waiting for tough ones.

  2. A doubt about 26A- Many go East t West gives YNAM and not YMAN as required.
    I filled in but with doubts.

  3. Looks as if only the Y goes from east to west. But no indication of moving only the final letter. It would have been better if it would have been ' finally many '

    1. Yes,you are right. It is only displacement of Y.

    2. I think it's a slip by Arden. I too did not notice it when typing the annotation.

    3. Maybe Arden intended East to mean the last letter, which moved to West, making it the first letter. Wild thinking!!!

    4. Many a times we use 'from top to bottom or bottom to top' to indicate the shift of the top

      letter to the bottom or vice versa. In an across clue, yes, I agree it can be misleading..

    5. Clue in today' Eco.Times-
      Accompany score back to front with tango (6)
      (+E SCOR-E)T+> Escort

    6. Clue in today's ET-
      accompany score back to front with tango (6)

  4. 22A solved, wait for others to try

  5. 22 A - Advice to promote mediocrity - Be Average - Shun A - Beverage - which is a drink

  6. Found it easier than Arden's usual grids! Liked ANABOLIC STEROID, INTREPID, POSERS, USHERED to name a few. Had 4A as CLEAR OFF initially and hence got stuck with the painter!