Monday, 20 June 2022

No 13587, Monday 20 Jun 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 27A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Swelling around anus with red rash essentially (4,3,6) PURE AND SIMPLE {P{ANUS+RED}*IMPLE}
8   Twitch after operation of the eye (5) OPTIC {TIC}<=>{OP}
9   Zero jobs for failures (9) OMISSIONS {0}{MISSIONS}
11 Feverish tot with dengue clutching one's mum (6-4) TONGUE-TIED {TOT+DENGUE}* over {1}
12 Money in wad turned soggy (4) DAMP {PA{M}D}<=
14 English expert stifles till one quits in final stage of chess match (7) ENDGAME {E}{N{DiG}AME}
16 Remained embarrassed after one passed wind (7) MEANDER REMAiNED*
17 Relative on a bit of rum, getting hazy (7) UNCLEAR {UNCLE}{A}{Rum}
19 One getting bowled over by author around lunchtime in exotic inn (7) NINEPIN {PEN<=}{1} in {INN}*
21 Track around fine lawn (4) TURF {RUT<=}{F}
22 Decoy having sex with English rogue for information (10) LITERATURE {LURE} over {IT}{E}{RAT}
25 Steals boxes, bringing back container with king's ornaments (9) NICKNACKS {NICK{CAN<=}{K}S}
26 Edged ball close to slips, caught by dive to the left (5) NOSED {O}{s..pS} in {DEN<=}
27 Imperious century, batting second with resolution (13) ?O?D?S?E?D?N

 Not properly adjusted, loose nut on universal joint rotates (7) UNTUNED {NUT*}{U}{DEN<=}
3   Stimulated by snorting cocaine, revolting individual at university went berserk (10) ENCOURAGED {O{C}NE<=}{U}{RAGED}
4   Fool stealing gold in French commune (5) NIORT {NI{OR}T}
5   Superhero dashes backwards, saving skin (6-3) SPIDER-MAN {NIPS<=} over {DERMA}
6   Problem about husband's sentimentality (4) MUSH {SUM<=}{H}
7   Fat around body part, revolting in skintight garment (7) LEOTARD {L{TOE<=}ARD}
8   Where to click precisely (2,3,6) ON THE BUTTON [DD]
10 Smashing mean monitor (11) SUPERINTEND {SUPER}{INTEND}
13 Supported fantastic Indian team (10) MAINTAINED*
15 Eastern academy assembling precise listening devices (9) EARPIECES {E}{A}{PRECISE*}
18 Liqueur given by scoundrel starting to attract associate in firm (7) CURACAO {CUR}{At...t}{C{A}O}
20 Carries clip outside, connects to an electrical outlet (5,2) PLUGS IN {P{LUGS}IN}
23 Losing head, anxious about university result (5) ENSUE {tENS{U}E}
24 Teen idol entertaining American city (4) ENID [T]

Reference List
Operation = OP, Money = M, English = E, Till = DIG, Lunchtime = 1, Fine = F, Sex = IT, King = K, Dive = DEN, Universal = U, Joint = DEN, Gold = OR, Husband = H, Eastern = E, Academy = A, Firm = CO, Associate = A, University = U


  1. "PURE AND SIMPLE" Vladimir was his name,
    ENCOURAGED looking at the dame
    With eyes wide
    We are UNCLEAR about the END GAME.

    1. Not just Vladimir,we are also tongue tied- for words to praise the superb surfaces today.
      Hats off to Doc.!

  2. 27a. CONDESCENDING=imperious C=century ENDING=resolution C(SECOND)*ENDING

    1. Badri you are hereby promoted to the regular list

    2. Why is it that those who are promoted to the regular list are not actively participating in the daily exchanges? Their job is not over with making a few good solutions. They should share some of their experiences in solving puzzles,what they enjoy and what they would like to share with others. Most of us who participate are by no means experts- we just come out and say what we like.

    3. Can anyone who got promoted recently put forth his/her point of view?

    4. I do my 2 bits by posting every day. My issues are
      1. I mostly solve late at night. Am the last to post - by which time discussions are over & done with.
      2. I am still not confident. Frequently I google to cross check spellings, meanings etc (though never actual solutions).
      3. I am even less confident about commenting on clues etc. I only raise doubts whenever i have them.
      But as a solver I am slowly inching there. Hope to start cracking it fully soon.
      Thanx to Prasad, Paddy, Prasanna (the 3 Ps), Sathia & a few others who post regularly & give their comments.

    5. Thank you Col. This blog has helped me a lot to solve CCWs. Appreciate all the help and guidance, I have a lot to learn still. Sorry for the delayed response, I live in US and don’t to get read all the comments before I go to bed.

    6. Thanks Dr. Quite few aha moments today, enjoyed solving it.

    7. Paddy sir, I am standing on point number 2 stated by Gowri. During COVID period I was too keen to solve and raising doubts. But after COVID I was fully engaged with site works . so I will be the last but one. Also, the daily clues I solved. but, posting timings I will be at site or no networking area. For me will take light years to solve like Vasanth, PADDY , KKR, AJ mam & other experts.Earlier, I used to start solving CW in wee hours. Now, I could see that I have just moved an inch from previous stage.

    8. congratulations Badri. Good solve

  3. The 4th edition for me is the best of the lot. Could finish in just over an hour. Many aha moments. This inspired a tale of two (not cities) but men - 1A vs 27A. Please read on:

    It was the ENDGAME. One last stop to glory for the team who had MEANDERed their way to the finals. A whole nation was eager and all PLUG(ged) IN anticipating a great upset.

    Batting first the underdogs just NOSED their way to a modest total. Listening to the commentary on the EARPIECES we could hear experts opine odds are in favour of the defending champs. One expert said "it's gonna be a DAMP squib and I will eat my words if the chsmps don't pulverise them". Some disaapointed fans even UNTUNED from the broadcast. However the skipper ever OPTI(mist)IC motivated and ENCOURAGED his team saying "it's our turn on the TURF and we will show them". He was confident that victory will ENSUE against all odds.

    A couple of quick wickets spurred the fighting underdogs on. Then in walked the greatest batsman of that era in a CONDESCENDING manner. True to form, he batted vigorously scoring boundaries and was dominant. UNCLEAR on strategy the challengers looked lost. Then like SPIDERMAN to the rescue the skipper running back at mid wicket took a great catch of the marauding batter's lofted shot. This was the turning point, from here on the fantastic team MAINTAINED pressure. Skipper made smart bowling changes ON THE BUTTON. The rest of the batting fell regularly like NINEPINs eventually folding up.

    This was like an ENID Blyton fairy tale a triumph fit for a place in LITERATURE leaving the pundits TONGUE TIED. The sarcastic expert literally ate his words! Fans all over the nation were MUSH and shed tears of joy.

    Their skipper a man PURE AND SIMPLE. He was not one to coach or SUPERINTEND. Nor did he berate his mates for any OMISSIONS. He simply let his men play naturally.

    Their trophy is at ICC Dubai but a duplicate is preserved amongst other kNIC kNACKS by BCCI. Yes the fantastic Indian team! Truly deserved to enjoy this feat toasting champagne and sipping CURACAO.

    Unforgettable Kapil's 1983 world cup winning heroes. Ever in our hearts.

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Excellent story Ramesh, very well-written indeed! Good memories.

    3. Ramesh writes well and his memory is generally very good. In this case it has been refreshed by the film 1983. I am told it is exceedingly good but yet to see.
      Yes,Kapil's catch with his back to the batsman (making it ever so difficult to keep following the ball) was the real turning point not to mention Greenidge lbw Sandhu (if my memory serves me right)

    4. It is bowled not lbw. Just checked.

    5. Thanks Gowri. Paddy and Satyan. Some grid fills are inspiring a story. I just attempt one.

    6. Great Story for a super puzzle!

    7. Super story to match the puzzle!

  4. Typo in 12ac
    {M} to be placed after D

  5. superb story Ramesh sir. We are privilged to have such a great stories from Dr RKE, Ramesh & Gowri. 3 different versions but very interesting. Regards,

  6. Esp.Dr X grid, I have changed my formula by solving vertical grids. some times it works to finish easier. lovely Puzzlles Dr. Telescopic puzzle quite tough to identify. I liked it. Regards,

  7. Doc! That was a super grid. So many nice clues. & I finished in 21 minutes (timed it). My fav - SUPERINTEND, TONGUE TIED, SPIDER MAN.
    Thanx for a fantastic hat trick (last week) +1.
    & a confidence booster too. 😊😊😊