Wednesday, 15 June 2022

No 13583, Wednesday 15 Jun 2022, KrisKross

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Young reporter getting time in Chennai to become a painter (6) CUBIST {CUB}{IST}
4   Ship from Switzerland comes in ahead of schedule (8) SCHOONER {S{CH}OONER}
10 Song, maybe about a rich man (9) MONEYBAGS*
11 Row over grand animal (5) TIGER {TI{G}ER}
12 Charm with last of champagne? No, a rum cocktail (7) ENAMOUR {c...nE+NO+A+RUM}*
13 They say everyone dies in this marathon? (4,3) LONG RUN [DD]
14 Office worker broke locker, missing nothing (5) CLERK LoCKER*
15 US city girl welcoming star (3,5) LAS VEGAS {LAS{VEGA}S}
18 Wake up from bed finally at noon, perhaps (6,2) COTTON ON {COT}{aT}{NOON*}
20 Couple of you after retirement can even wed! (5) UNITE {U}{TIN<=}{wEd}
23 One politician facing every charge (7) IMPEACH {1}{MP}{EACH}
25 Win state, breaching border from the east (7) PREVAIL {LI{AVER}P}<=
26 Set up a kiosk counter, partly non-functional (5) KAPUT [T<=]
27 Helping to protect University in decay (9) RUINATION {R{U}{IN}ATION}
28 Left fish as presents (8) PORTRAYS {PORT}{RAYS}
29 Charlie relaxes and stops (6) CEASES {C}{EASES}

1   Force to smuggle millions in trade (8) COMMERCE {CO{MM}ERCE}
2   Dressing in black, with maturity (7) BANDAGE {B}{AND}{AGE}
3   Sick on vacation — however, after drinking shake, rise quickly (9) SKYROCKET {SicK}{Y{ROCK}ET}
5   Cats and spaniels frolicking in daydreams (7,2,5)  CASTLES IN SPAIN {CATS+SPANIELS}*{IN}
6   Volunteer to join work to attain money (3,2) OPT IN {OP}{TIN}
7   Atmosphere, say, in rebellious nation (7) NIGERIA {AIR}{EG}{IN}<=
8   Keen group of artists? (6) RARING {RA RING}
9   Evergreen and enduring duo (6,3,5) LAUREL AND HARDY {LAUREL}{AND}{HARDY} Semi&lit
16 Quote: "Nature seems endlessly mysterious" (9) ENUMERATE {NATURE+sEEMs}*
17 Swan and duck, initially let loose in marshy area (8)  WETLANDS {SWAN+Duck+LET}*
19 In theory, individual to eat bland food and start to recover (2,5) ON PAPER {ON{PAP}E}{Re...r}
21 Designed ultimately useful font with ASCII characters, to emphasise a point (7) ITALICS {u...eL+fonT+ASCII}*
22 Lift movie award, reportedly (4,2) PICK UP (~ pic cup)
24 Leader deleted more silly post (5) A?T?R (Addendum AFTER dAFTER - See comments)

Reference List
Switzerland = CH, Grand = G, University = U, Charlie = C, Million = M, Black = B, Money = TIN, Artist = RA(Royal Academician) 


  1. Replies
    1. This is for the solution given by Orthopaul

    2. More silly post is drafter. Leading letter is d...deleted

    3. You haven't still said what is the def. It is Post,but how?

    4. 24D: Silly is daft, more silly is dafter with leader (d) gone becomes after= post ( like posterior)
      With regards,

    5. Also like post lunch session in Cricket!

    6. Cricketing language makes it easier to understand!
      Doctors may say post operative care.

    7. Yes - "post " as "after " was what I had in mind.

  2. As delectable as ever. Thank you KrisKross for the wonderful hour in the morning.
    Liked to wake up at noon!

  3. Quite tricky CW given by Krisskross. Looks simple but tough to solve. For ex: to emphasise a point you underline or make it bold, but here it is italic.
    Cotton on, wetlands are some of good clues.
    With regards,

  4. Top-notch CW by KrisKross. My favs were...COTTON ON, PREVAIL, SKYROCKET, NIGERIA among many others.

  5. Nice to see Laural & Hardy. Thank you Ramki & Col.

  6. Many enjoyable clues, thank you, Criss -Cross!

  7. Nice grid Kriskross. struggled for CUBIST & SCHOONER. rest all done . for time I was tried with 'ERA' . CASTLES AND SPIN helped me a lot for filling hor. grids. REGARDS,

  8. Nice puzzle. Clear clues. My fav ofcourse - LAUREL & HARDY.
    Post war, Post the economic crisis are other examples of Post as After.
    Thanx KrisKross.

  9. Glad you liked it Gowri. Laurel & Hardy was one my favourites in this grid too!