Saturday, 11 June 2022

No 13580, Saturday 11 Jun 2022, Afterdark

Welcome back Afterdark but the Nina has a small error!


7   Sign on top of notebook and enter (3,2) LOG ON {LOGO}{No...k}
8   Caution; frequently in vain, soldier takes a weapon (9) VIGILANCE {VaIn}{GI}{LANCE}
10 Republican is coming in to take last son out for propaganda (6) ADVERT ADVE(-n+r)RT
11 No band has regulation (8) LIGATURE [CA] {LIGATURE+NO}*=REGULATION}
12 Suggests removal of article and have only badges (8) BROOCHES BRO(-a+o)OCHES
13 Ninety-nine.. hundred..timeless figure (4) ICON {IC}{tON}
15 Retweet contains review of article on earnings (7) RECEIPT {R{PIECE<=}T}
17 Puke's contents establishes suicide (7) SEPPUKU Letter Bank
20 Harry to play around lunch, perhaps (4) BAIT {BA{1}T}
22 Deep sore festering, grandma applies ointment finally (8) RESONANT {SORE*}{NAN}{o...nT}
25 Reptile primarily persisted in land earlier... (8) TERRAPIN {TERRA{Pe...d}IN}
26 ...long-lived, a precious commodity swimming over ocean (3-3) AGE-OLD {A}{G{E}OLD} E/Ocean? See comments
27 Homes or adda, even by half should manifest clearances, say (9) HEADROOMS {HOMES+OR+ADda}*
28 Considering that, change directions and start (5) WINCE (-s+w)WINCE


1   Expression of frustration on finding goo in fridge all over the place (4,5) GOOD GRIEF {GOO+FRIDGE}*
2   Owning nothing setter left earlier being forsaken (8) LONESOME {ONES}{0}{ME}<=>{L}
3   Still bald? Avoid heroin (7) AIRLESS hAIRLESS
4   Driving under influence? Caught one at Singapore, at a corner in camouflage (8) DISGUISE {D{1}{SG}UI}{SE}
5   Communist actors dismissed (6) CASTRO*
6   Orange colour has reddish edges primarily; or is it another colour? (5) OCHRE Acrostic Semi&lit
9   Escort? Cut off the head. Cut (4) ETCH fETCH
14 Kicks father-in-law and destroys porn film (4,5) SKIN FLICK {KICKS+FIL}* (Addendum - {KICKS+FIL+'N}* - See comments)
16 Losing a dash, suffer sweetheart's barb at the end? It's a conspiracy (3-2,3) PUT-UP JOB {PUT-UP}{JO}{barB}
18 Widespread fear around Delaware before storm arrives finally (8) PANDEMIC {PAN{DE}{s..rM}IC}
19 Relative had some gold, foreign exchange made into half (7) GRANDMA {Gold}{RAND}{MAde}
21 Erode is a bad village ultimately, without roads (6) ABRADE {A}{B{R}AD}{v...gE}
23 Spread is a special one (4) SPAN {SP}{AN}
24 Primarily cinema enables lousy entertainer becoming a star (5) CELEB Acrostic

Reference List

Sign = LOGO, Soldier = GI, Republican = R, Article = A, Only = O, Ninety-nine = IC, Hundred = TON, Time = T, Retweet = RT, Article = PIECE, Lunch perhaps = 1, Grandma = NAN, Land = TERRAIN, Directions = S,W, Considering that = SINCE
Left = L, Bald = HAIRLESS, Heroin = H, Singapore = SG, Corner = SE, Escort = FETCH, Father-in-law = FIL, Dash = -, Suffer = PUT-UP, And = 'N, Sweetheart = JO, Delaware = DE, Foreign exchange = RAND, Roads = R, Special = SP

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. Replies
    1. Didn't realise that. I suppose we are to read it as F-father in L-law

  2. Replies
    1. N from and is also a possibility

    2. Will wait for AD's response

    3. From Free dictionary...

      'n' or 'n
      conj. Informal
      And: mac 'n' cheese.

    4. Actually I filled all anno. FIL+ KICKS. I had a doubt for 'n'. with less confident I filled 'n' against AND, finally it clicks well. thanks col.sir & KKR garu. Excellent grid. challenging clues.

  3. 5d: For some strange reason I took Actors=Cast and Dismissed=RO=Run out

    1. Well conceived Vasant.
      Instead of Castro, TATTOO would have helped flawed NINA

    2. It was Tattoo in the original fill. Strangely I could not clue it satisfactorily at all. So either change that corner in full or let go of the NINA. After 3 days decided to let go of it. :(

    3. So KKR is right after all!

    4. +1
      perfectly pointed out Vasanth. Dismissal = run out we use to fill it as RO w.r.o cricket.

    5. Me too. Was surprised to c the blog solution. 😊

  4. Good & Tricky clues given by Afterdark today. The most challenging for me is 2D. Few of them this blog helped to finish.
    With regards,

  5. I have 2 doubts in today's puzzle. Some expert may please clarify. I thought the DEFINITION always lies in the beginning or the end of the clue. But in 11A, it is the second word-BAND, not the first. Secondly how does OCEAN give E in 26A? Regards

  6. 11a- Obvious exception to the rule is Composite Anagram (CA)as indicated by Col. That is the solution word (Ligature) and NO gives Regulation.
    26A- Col. has raised the same question in his original post. So we await clarification.

  7. BROOCHES & BAIT new for me. thanks to After dark. Throughly enjoyed and all done.

    1. Did you see Col.'s link for Brooch. It is the old name for a hair clip- a little decorative though.

    2. A brooch is not a hair clip. It is pinned to the lapel of a dress or to hold the pallu pleats of a saree.

    3. yes sir. It's a decorative item.......migrated from Europe & scandinavia.

  8. Nice puzzle. 15ac - filled REVENUE & could not parse, nor proceed in that zone. Finally had my aha moment & finished the grid.