Saturday, 18 June 2022

No 13586, Saturday 18 Jun 2022, Dr. X


1   Tad disturbed about model suffering in a relationship (8) ATTACHED {AT{T}{ACHE}D*}
5   Soldier turned to express contempt about hot Nigerian town (6) IGBOHO {GI<=}{BO{H}O}
10 Topless beach in Goa, popular once more (5) AGAIN {bAGA}{IN}
11 Vehicle around gala serving up excellent buffet (9) CAFETERIA {CA{FETE}R}{A1<=}
12 Dr. X involved in treating mother with a foot deformity (9) HAMMERTOE {ME} in {MOTHER+A}*
13 Article about rebellious boy becoming a tennis pro (5) NADAL {AN<=}{LAD<=}
14 Brainless group returns in party after scoring ecstasy (6) STUPID {S{PUT<=}IDe}
15 Celebrity, largely overwhelmed by depression, becoming aloof (7) DISTANT {DI{STAr}NT}
18 Vanquishment of most evil right-wing politician (7) VICTORY {VICe}{TORY}
20 Industrial town containing commercial centre in Venice (6) RIALTO [T]
22 Wealthy husband leaves to acquire the Spanish artefact (5) RELIC {R{EL}ICh}
24 Doddering initially after drink on island, boyfriend gets stoned (9) LAPIDATED {Do...g}<=>{LAP} and {I} over {DATE}
25 Esteemed head of nurses enthralled by a cute doc perhaps (9) ACCOUNTED {Nu...s} in {A+CUTE+DOC}*
26 Bicycle has good saddle (5) RIDGE {RID{G}E}
27 Dropping a tea tray nervously in convention (6) TREATY {TEA+TRaY}*
28 Planned move pinning pawn back, thus ending in checkmate (8) PROPOSED {PRO{P}{SO<=}{c...tE}D}


1   Student abandons plan to take course showing lack of interest (6) APATHY {lA{PATH}Y}
2   Son left immobile after drinking a rum cocktailit's upsetting (9) TRAUMATIC {sT{A+RUM}*ATIC}
3   It's an offence by cheat to seduce essentially woozy female on date (8,2,5) CONTEMPT OF COURT {CON}{TEMPT}{woOzy}{F}{COURT}
4   Consuming cocaine, went out animated (7) EXCITED {EX{C}ITED}
6   Turning despondent, argue and become angry (3,4,6,2) GET ONES DANDER UP*
7   Losing head, yelled and had a row? (5) OARED {rOARED}
8   Where food might be served easily (2,1,5) ON A PLATE [DD]
9   Hurt by bad result (6) OFFEND {OFF}{END}
16 Views boil situated over patient's back (9) ATTITUDES {SITUATED}* over {p...nT}
17 Covers at ground? It's cloudy (8) OVERCAST*
19 Agreed to restrict rent in Russian city (6) YELETS {YE{LET}S}
20 Blame alcoholic drink, losing head quicker (7) RAPIDER {RAP}{cIDER}
21 Learner lost, confused about number in part of a sum (6) ADDEND {ADDlE{N}D}
23 English philosopher in bar, starting to enlighten (5) LOCKE {LOCK}{En...n}

Reference List

Model = T, Soldier = GI, To express contempt = BOO, Hot = H, Popular = IN, Gala = FETE, Article = AN, Ecstasy = E, Husband = H, The in Spanish = EL, Drink = LAP, Island = I, Boyfriend = DATE, Bicycle = RIDE, Good = G, Pawn = P
Student = L, Plan = LAY, Course = PATH, Son = S, Cheat = CON, Seduce = TEMPT, Female = F, Date = COURT, Cocaine = C, Bad = OFF, Result = END, Rent = LET, Learner = L, Confused = ADDLED, Number = N, Bar = LOCK

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  1. Did Dr. X's puzzles back to back after missing solving 3 days in a row. Loved Contempt of Court and Get one's dander up among some wonderful clues.

  2. Doc.never disappoints. Yes,contempt of court was indeed great.
    Get one's dander up was new to me,but being an anagram helped and with crossings.
    WE had topless beach yesterday also.
    Stoned- means only one thing in a Dr.X puzzle and so it held me up here for a while.
    Had a good time on an unusually cool morning here in Chennai.

  3. Nice clues once again given by Dr.X.
    Got stuck in "put one's monkey up" (since I didn't get igboho)instead of got one's dander up. Got rapider but couldn't get Rialto, hence bottom right corner of CW could not be completed.
    Thanks for the blog to complete them.
    With regards,

  4. Tough going for me today. The two long solutions did help of course. Dr X raises the bar ever so in each grid.

  5. Many excellent clues today. Took me much more than an hour to finish. Tribute to dr X whose surfaces and word play are as deft and smooth as the lobs, dops and ground strokes of Nadal. Reminded I have attempted to recall this as follows :

    French open 4th round was TRAUMATIC with the opponent running NADAL hard. The champ on a RIDGE played his best shots harder and RAPIDER to win. It does GET ONES DANDER UP especially playing in pain defying a HAMMERTOE injury. But he is so ATTACHED to this tournament and has the right ATTITUDES too.

    His arch rival Djoko probably under stress after nearly encountering CONTEMPT OF COURT at Australia could not stop him. The champ meanwhile easily ACCOUNTED for the remaining players.

    In OVERCAST conditions NADAL strode to VICTORY in the French open yet AGAIN. An ADDEND to his multiple grand slams. The final was easy and it seemed as though the trophy was handed over to him ON A PLATE.

    It EXCITED fans all over from IGBOHO to as DISTANT as YELETS who rOARED in delight seeing the PRO POSED holding the cup.

    Nadal not STUPID to OFFEND his leg further is not going to risk playing with injury for sometime. He will probably next be seen relaxing in a CAFETERIA at RIALTO taking the remaining season off.

  6. Great one Ramesh! A toast fit enough for the champ. Yes,that QF which should have been the final,turned out be a damp squib. Djokovis was not even a pale shadow of his better days- did contempt of court at Australia (nicely put by you) have anything to with it? Should I say the toast should be given to you for an interesting recall.

  7. Today's grid was moderate and completely solved. Esp. LOCKE & names of new cities are new to me. Thanks to goolgle too. Throughly enjoyed. Have a gr8 weekend.