Monday, 13 June 2022

No 13581, Monday 13 Jun 2022, Afterdark

Solution to 9D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Stuntmen dead, livers sad... (10) DAREDEVILS*
6   ...old boys in tears from the beginning in memorial service (4) OBIT Acrostic
10 Smith perhaps, forging arsenal outside a corner (9) ANNEALERS {AN{NE}ALERS*}
11 Girl prompted to go behind opening and eyed (5) OGLED {G}{LED}<=>{O} O/Opening?
12 Abbr? Yes (13) ABBREVIATIONS [CD]
14 Quiet male replaced by lady that's awful (5) LOUSY (-m+l)LOUSY
15 Depot's split rent allowance (9) STOREROOM {'S}{TORE}{ROOM} Split seems to be superfluous
17 Injured blondes outside emergency exit (entrance maybe) with a condition (9) NOSEBLEED  {NOSEBL{Em...y}{Exit}D*}
21 Eastern accountants primarily hate this form of money (1-4) E-CASH {E}{CAS}{Hate}
22 Is this what it is? (9,4) AUXILIARY VERB Definition by example
24 Brat says “Good morning, a new beginning” (5) GAMIN {G}{AM}{1}{New}
25 Indispensable old boy got bail furnished (9) OBBLIGATO {OB}{GOT+BAIL}*
26 Snatch animal tied around pole (4) YANK {YA{N}K}
27 Southern side, across river enables small watercourses (10) STREAMLETS {S}{T{R}EAM}{LETS}

1   Fail to attract a thin boy in the front (4,1,5) DRAW A BLANK {DRAW}{A}{LANK}<=>{B}
2   Small vehicles outran bus strangely (9) RUNABOUTS*
3   Church office is free and easy, not safe somehow (7) DEANERY {fREe+AND+EasY}*
4   Songbirds change, that is significant to begin with (7)  VEERIES {VEER}{IE}{Si...t}
5   So? Let's be outside hotel, round the country (7) LESOTHO {SO+LETS}* over {H} and {O}
7   Neglecting the last, bold use of single dose... (5) BOLUS {BOLd}{USe}
8   ...three times a day by end of dayOrder (4) TIDY {TID}{daY}
9   Gloomy again, outside the windows, say (6) ?O?O?E (Addendum - MOROSE {MOR{OS}E} - See comments)
13 Morning, I hop in bus noon get out — like a frog (10) AMPHIBIOUS {AM}{I+HOP+In+BUS}*
16 Usually get orange juice across the road (2,7) ON AVERAGE {ON{AVE}RAGE*}
18 Fighting first bout with a beast in Germany (6) BOXING {Bout}{OX}{IN}{G}
19 Fish & Fish — quite set (7) EELPOUT {EEL}{P}{OUT} Quite set = QUIET = P
20 Doctor can add some betadine and make it wet (7) DRABBLE {DR}{AB{Be...e}LE}
21 You are heartless; smile. It can become Shangri La, perhaps (7) ELYSIUM {YoU+SMILE}*
22 Manager gets a direct message to be at home (5) ADMIN {A}{DM}{IN}
23 Pug lying inside is dangerous (4) UGLY [T]

Reference List
Corner = NE, Girl = G, Male = M, Lady = L, Eastern = E, Good = G, Old Boy = OB, POle = N, Boy = B, Hotel = H, Three times a day = TID, Noon = N, Road = AVE, Germany = G, Windows = OS(Operating System), Direct message = DM, At home = IN


  1. 9D MOROSE - Again - MORE outside OS (Windows operating system) - MOROSE

  2. Probably, Hole/opening in the shape of O.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. 15A
    Perhaps a correction.
    split - tore
    allowance - room
    'Rent' seems to be superfluous.

    1. Nope. Neither rent nor split is superfluous. Setter has churned up an old usage

    2. I think the intention of split is to divide 'Depot's' into "depot" and "s"

  4. 19d pout is another term for eelpout.

  5. doubt
    Outside the windows ,say
    Can we take the starting and ending letters.

    1. Obviously windows here is to the Operating System (OS)
      With 'And'leading to more it becomes simpler and direct as given above.
      It is X outside windows- no indication to pick first and last letter

  6. Wonder why the setter didn’t go with 1a Stuntmen deliver sad mix-up ?

  7. I think the surface reading,as it is,looks better.

  8. Moderate grid. not too difficult. TID (Three times a day) was new learning today. Taken a long time and finished the grid with Aha moments.

  9. Nice puzzle. Not too difficult. 40 mins.
    Thanx Afterdark.