Thursday, 2 June 2022

No 13572, Thursday 02 Jun 2022, Arden

Solution to 29A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Managed to get a wicket and a countryman (7) RWANDAN {R{W}{AND}AN}
10 Country air polluted, points to another country (7) UKRAINE {UK}{AIR*}{N}{E}
11 She sings about a crime boss in “Bad Man” (7) MADONNA {A}{DON} in {MAN}*
12 Show couple of workers (7) PAGEANT {PAGE}{ANT}
13 Andre Alba cast as a star (9) ALDEBARAN*
15 Buttocks — locals have four less (5) NATES NATivES
16 A countryman has bottle opener and tumbler (7) ACROBAT {A}{CRO{Bo...e}AT}
19 Are comics wrong to expose hidden character? (7) OMICRON {cOMICs+wRONg} What's the role of 'are'? Hidden also appears to be superfluous
20 Extremely tasteful, eating uncooked fish (5) TRAWL {Ta..{RAW}..uL
21 Gray elected before Attlee, perhaps (9) INCLEMENT {IN}{CLEMENT}
25 Shifting magnetic poles, at once go missing — look! (7) GLIMPSE {MaGnetIc+PoLES}*
26 Fat all around, a horse is a slow mover (7) LAGGARD {L{A}{GG}ARD}
28 Saw it wasn't frozen (7) NOTICED {NOT ICED}
29 Self admission of an old man leads to a holdup (7) I?P?S?E (Addendum - IMPASSE {I'M PASSE} - See comments)

1   Misdeed, a part of 10 once (6) CRIMEA {CRIME}{A}
2   Police department will come around and open (6) CANDID {C{AND}ID}
3   Programming essentially to find God... (4) ODIN cODINg
4   ...if a run out is unsporting like (6) UNFAIR*
5   Meet a wanderer on a horse (4,4) BUMP INTO {BUM}{PINTO}
6   Force against blocking the main vessel (10) BRIGANTINE {BRI{G}{ANTI}NE}
7   One wearing coat looks like a column (8) PILASTER {P{1}LASTER}
8   The spray is not correct — ditch (8) JETTISON {JET}{IS+NOT}*
14 Shock absorber's fat from top to bottom in the rear (6,4) BUBBLE PACK {(-p)BUBBLE(+p)} in {BACK} 
16 Against left? That's a tragedy (8) ANTIGONE {ANTI}{GONE}
17 Set rails, set by those who are down to earth (8) REALISTS*
18 Has the propensity to get sick in the final parts (4,4) TAIL ENDS {T{AIL}ENDS}
22 Port of call brief, like one is in France (6) CALAIS {CALl}{A{1}S} Semi&lit
23 Proceed with ease, taking rounds (6) ELAPSE {E{LAPS}E}
24 Bank takes one day to make it look neater (6) TIDIER {T{1}{D}IER}
27 Open wide at the top — get another pink envelope (4) GAPE Acrostic

Reference List
Wicket = W, Points = N,E, Horse = GG, Force =- G, EASE = E's = EE, Day = D  


  1. 29ac..IMPASSE.. sounds like I'm past ... confession of an old man

  2. 25a go also appears to be extra and misleading.

    1. 'Go missing' means disappearing. I don't think it has any misleading element

  3. 29A. Impasse. Self= I'm. Old= passe

  4. 19a a doubt: in normal construction we ignore is/has etc. Can't we do same for "are" in question format.

    Hidden character referring to the secret identity of the villian omicron in Superman series.

    1. I also think 'are'is more for surface reading.

  5. Another good and enjoyable one from Arden. Several good clues. Liked Crimea/Ukraine. Topical.

  6. Liked the first four Across clues

  7. Nice grid. Missed INCLEMENT.