Saturday, 20 May 2017

No 12012, Saturday 20 May 2017, KrisKross


1 Dim Ron maybe a stupid person (6) NIMROD {DIM+RON}*
4 Scold a pretty girl holding man's leg (8) ADMONISH {A}{D{M}{ON}ISH}
10 Gambler’s away to become more wealthy (6,3) BETTER OFF {BETTER}{OFF}
11 Lion, say, returning again to feed (5) CATER {CAT}{RE<=}
12 It is protected by King perhaps, rebellious and strong (7) DRASTIC {C{IT}{'S}ARD}<=
13 Raced back with speed to tell a story (7) NARRATE {RAN<=}{RATE}
14 It could make one go in disguise finally, with false name (5) ENEMA {disguisE}{NAME*}
15 Wit conceals American President’s initial tension (8) SUSPENSE {S{US}{President}ENSE}
18 Secret auditor helps to maintain balance (5,3) INNER EAR {INNER}{EAR}
20 Spoke about wearing an ornament (5) ADORN {A{ROD<=}N}
23 Metaphors to describe University bands (7) TROUPES {TRO{U}PES}
25 Cyclone, in ultimately hot season, moves north to south (7) TWISTER {hoT}{WI(-n+S)TER}
26 Rule broken by Oriental mathematician (5) EULER {E}{RULE*}
27 One very wild animal kept at quarantine (9) ISOLATION {I}{SO}{L{AT}ION}
28 Sounds like girl’s kidnapped in error (8) MISTAKEN {~ MISS TAKEN}
29 Not worried about cutting corners (6) SERENE {{SE}{RE}{NE}}


1 Unimportant people in an empty battlefield (8) NOBODIES {NO}{BODIES}
2 Tame hen perhaps found in marshes (7) METHANE {TAME+HEN}*
3 Open wonderful store, finally to buy and sell excessively (9) OVERTRADE {OVERT}{RAD}{storE}
5 Fears detention possibly, or an expulsion of sorts? (14) DEFENESTRATION {FEARS+DETENTION}*
6 Coveted award in heros career (5) OSCAR (T)
7 Crying damaged retinas (2,5) IN TEARS {RETINAS*}
8 Reportedly saves many people (6) HORDES {~HOARDS}
9 A part of "Murder in Retrospect" novel is set hereright inside an English county (14) WORCESTERSHIRE  {CROW<=}{IS+SET+HERE}* around {R} My COD
16 Time to command heartlessly: “Kill!” (9)  ERADICATE {ERA}{DICtATE}
17 Charm ten different people to consume a bit of narcotic (8) ENTRANCE {TEN*}{RA{Narcotic}CE}
19 Stupid people finally learn a lot (7) NOODLES {learN}{OODLES}
21 Tedious working in the open air (7) OUTSIDE {TEDIOUS*}
22 River starting to swell — run inside! (6) STREAM {Swell}{T{R}EAM}  Thanks Col. for the anno
24 Place a jacket (5) PARKA {PARK}{A}

Reference list

Man=M, Leg=On, Again=Re, Is='S, American=US, University=U, North=N, South=S, Oriental=E, One=I, Very=So, About=Re, Corner=SE, Corner=NE
Right=R, Run=R 

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. For Ramki's standard, easier one,IMO.

    1. Yes, but some of the annotations reqd out of the box thinking!

    2. Didn't intend it to be more difficult or easy, maybe it just turned out that way!

  2. A weekend beauty! My standout picks are DRASTIC, SUSPENSE, ADORN, MISTAKEN. Thank you, KrissKross.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks - hopefully it raised a chuckle!

  4. 1D Unimportant people in an empty battlefield. Is empty battlefield 'no bodies'?

    1. Battlefield is supposed to be filled with (dead) bodies. Empty battlefield means 'no bodies' - I presumed this way.

    2. So did I.
      For that matter, I solved quite a few clues and then started looking for annos.

    3. Nobodies = unimportant people and "no bodies" is what you would find in an empty battlefield. That's the anno I had in mind.

  5. Thank you Ramki. Enjoyed solving it, though my vocabulary (or the lack of it!) was severely tested- defenstration for example.
    Though I am a fan of Agatha Christie and Poirot in particular, I had missed out on Five little Pigs or Murder in Retrospect. I will now have to find it.

  6. ... and Ramesh, I forgot to thank you for the wonderful blog.

    1. Rameshji: Can you please get rid of the light blue colour for the names , comments and reply? Or make it darker blue? The contrast between sandalwood yellow and the pale light blue is not easily discernable ! However, Turqoise blue with white and Microsoft or Barclays blue -white combination is my favourite . Thanks.

    2. Raju, that is part of the template. Will see if I can change it

    3. Thanks a lot. Much obliged, Sir !

  7. KrisKross aka Ramki had sent a 25 across our way that makes our brains turn to 18 down. However, the crossie was as spicy as the sauce from 9 down. 5 down will not be done from the grid for , that's a word which will turn anyone's tongue into a 25 across ! Thank you fornot putting us kris-kross in crossroads !

  8. Well done, KrisKross! I loved your presentation.

  9. Beautiful Puzzle.Loved the surfaces that are smooth & tell a story like the simple Oscar & Stream. Admonish did bring a chuckle but the beautifully constructed Nobodies & Mistaken were gems. Thought I had come across Worcestershire clue in 1Across or CCS clued by Ramki so it went in easily.But, the other long one took ages.
    Over-all a smashing week-end puzzle!

  10. Trying to catch up with the backlog of puzzles from Tuesday to Friday.
    Had a wonderful time in Goa & Karwar.

  11. Great crossword, Ramki Sir!

  12. Thank you KRK, Vasant and Ajeesh!

  13. Some very nice clues Ramki. Enjoyed solving this crossie.