Wednesday, 10 May 2017

No 12003, Wednesday 10 May 2017, xChequer

7   Plan chores engaging support (6) ANCHOR [T]
8   Trapped? Essential to keep normal at indication of danger (8) CORNERED {COR{N}E}{RED}
9   Run amok, more to leave space (4,4) MAKE ROOM*
10 A problem at home reflecting bad blood (6) ANIMUS {A} and {SUM}{IN}<=
11 Bubbly stuff, temperature controlled, for bosses (5) STUDS {S{T}UDS}
12 Give in quietly, leaving women to rave (6) WANDER (-p+w)WANDER (Addendum - PANDER {P}{wANDER} - See comments)
14 Balanced funds help, so good in extreme depression (6,2,7) SLOUGH OF DESPOND*
17 Spooks seek to obtain answer by spying in the main (6) HAUNTS {H{A}UNT}{Sp...g}
18 Instruct journalist, providing limit for copy (5) EDIFY {ED}{IF}{copY}
22 Gradually disappear, retaining accountant as false front (6) FACADE {FA{CA}DE}
23 Leaves competitive exam — good to leave, 'get-up-and-go'? (8) GREENERY {GRE}{ENERgY}
24 Better be ready to engage a dancing girl (8) BAYADERE {BE+READY}* over {A} Had to Google for this. Never heard of this dancing girl serving in a Hindu Temple!
25 Gift of storybook (6) TALENT {TALE}{NT}

1   Immature drive to migrate left Indian stranded (9) INFANTILE {LEFT+INdIAN}*
2   Guard left inside, criminal hides (6) SHIELD {L} in {HIDES}*
3   Caught cheat in bishop's staff (5) CROOK {C}{ROOK}
4   Reading novel on love, fine material (8) ORGANDIE {O}{READING*}
5   Rent twice controlled — appeal to proceed without control (3,2,3) LET IT RIP {IT} in {LET} and {RIP}
6   Base rumours accepted, something in our blood? (5) SERUM [T]
8   Acute fit, bogman endlessly treated for shell shock (6,7) COMBAT FATIGUE {ACUTE+FIT+BOGMAn}*
13 Score showing opener out after single? Equally matched (3-3-3) ONE-FOR-ONE {ONE}-FOR-ONE [DD]
15 Turmoil in path out of town, value suffering (8) UPHEAVAL {PAtH+VALUE}*
16 Basic wine in hotel over-exploited without hesitation (5,3) HOUSE RED {H}{O}{US{E R}ED}
19 Dead fish swing loosely (6) DANGLE {D}{ANGLE}
20 Roughly judge cut weight for stones (5) CARAT {CA}{RATe}
21 Cross examination before closing for jury (5) TESTY {TEST}{jurY}



  1. Xchequer is kind today. 24AC, never heard before.

  2. Let's see if today also the Interactive version will appear at 4:20 PM

    1. Mr Vasant Srinivasan was kind enough to send me a version of Windows spreadsheet. Thanks to him.

    2. Today's CW still not up in TH.

  3. Missed out on the dancing girl & greenery..

  4. Interactive version uploaded at 5:42 PM

  5. Let's see if there is any improvement tomorrow.

  6. 12A I filled in the answer as PANDER in the interactive version and it showed up as correct!