Tuesday, 16 May 2017

No 12008, Tuesday 16 May 2017, Sunnet

Summer is the flair today, but Sunnet will never get tired with Pangrams? :-)

1   Temper is the main issue (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
4   Insert chip into cracks with the French sucker (8) POPSICLE {POPS}{IC}{LE}
10 Kiss in Sun alone is treated as platonic (3-6) NON-SEXUAL {X} in {SUN+ALONE}*
11 Cancel Times' top edition (5) ERASE {ERAS}{Ed...n}
12 Repeat telecast on campaign (5) RERUN {RE}{RUN}
13 Strongest fighter on street to take on a couple of Indian newspapers (9) MIGHTIEST {MIG}{HT}{IE}{ST}
14 Will's unending fight for this Indian garment (7) SHALWAR {SHALl}{WAR}
16 Cube built using two diamonds (4) DICE {D}{ICE}
19 Crusty eye's inflammation (4) STYE [T]
21 Reportedly stops payment orders (7) CHEQUES (~checks)
24 One election official has large quantities of desserts (3,6) ICE CREAMS {1}{CEC}{REAMS}
25 Best booty (5) PRIZE [DD]
26 Dynasty is not applicable to ruling coalition (5) NANDA {NA}{NDA}
27 Fast diminishing earth's lost (9) LIGHTNING LIGHTeNING
28 Crazy unauthorized users (8) CRACKERS [DD]
29 French wine's secret about resins (6) VINYLS {VIN}{SLY<=}

1   Bend to remove garment (8) SUNDRESS {S}{UNDRESS}
2   Unusual to ban moral training (8) ABNORMAL*
3   Canoe torpedoed in water (5) OCEAN*
5   Compelled terrorist to meet police officer along with journalist (7) OBLIGED {OBL}{IG}{ED} OBL = Osama Bin Laden, thanks to Google
6   Randomly select cap for display (9) SPECTACLE*
7   Nettled US law enforcement officer with tea (6) CHAFED {CHA}{FED}
8   Denies right to leave and sacks (6) EJECTS rEJECTS
9   Time adder? (6) SUMMER [DD]
15 Damp power boat in outdoor recreational area (5,4) WATER PARK {WATER} {P}{ARK}
17 Drone to verify and regularly sift yard's moisture content (8) HUMIDITY {HUM}{ID}{sIfT}{Y}
18 Presages sprinkling rite (8) ASPERGES*
20 Opponents have better facilitator (7) ENABLER {EN}{ABLER}
21 Jointly endorse company's logo (6) COSIGN {CO}{SIGN}
22 Trim edges of best cut for outing (6) PICNIC {PICk}{NICk}
23 Patch up an heir's rupture (6) HERNIA*
25 Favourite American state of bacteriologist (5) PETRI {PET}{RI}



  1. Thanks for the Summer treat Sunnet!

  2. Credit to Sunnet to make a pangrammatic crossword without obscure words.

  3. 14A: I have always spelt it as Salwar!

    1. I have always held it like that only.

    2. I have NEVER plucked it and thrown it from a hilltop to let it cascade as the lady held her hands before her bosom.

  4. Re: Opening comment: He is an A to Z guy

  5. Yesterday Chennai had 41 deg C. Please suggest a sundress for me.

    1. I think sundress is for ladies. Undress is one option.

    2. If Chennai people start looking around for sundress at 41 degrees, then I wonder what Nagpur people look for at 46 degrees (saw a message just now in whatsapp!)

    3. I am due to visit Ranthambore national park, in Raj next weekend. Scared to see the temps going up everywhere.

    4. We are moderately boiling at 43...off to Goa & Karwar for a few days..hope there it is cooler

    5. Indeed at 31 degrees a lot cooler here...dont feel the humidity also

  6. 10A) At first I read it as Kiss Sunny Leone.... :(

    1. Try that if you can get past the bouncers.

    2. Maybe due to recency effect..the lady just had her birthday

  7. Lovely puzzle. Missed out on PETRI & VINYLS. My strongest COD was...You know what!

  8. Sunnet adds heat to the already sizzling weather by his summer musings ! Warm thanks to Sunnet. Brain didn't heated much -- a bit of PETRICHOR here due to Summer showers .

    NANDA tied a bit of Naada around my neck as the only dynasty that will rush to mind is that of the dying dynasty !

    We shall wage no wars with Shalwar's spelling as salwar or shalwar always deserve a second look !

  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I had lightning also as a theme word, but not stye.

    1. I thought Sun alone (or leone) was also a theme word, albeit a part of the clue but fits the theme nonetheless.