Thursday, 4 May 2017

No 11998, Thursday 04 May 2017, Incognito

Incognito visiting Chennai?

1   Death row not rebuilt. It's straightforward (4-2-5) DOWN-TO-EARTH*
9   After end of recruitment, sailor gets the French musical instrument (5) TABLA {r...nT}{AB}{LA}
10 Manufacturing salt in Goa leads to longing for old times (9) NOSTALGIA*
11 There's no roundabout in Tripoli - stick to locality in 8 (10) TRIPLICANE {TRIPoLI}{CANE}
12 Mark's vehicle (4) SCAR {S}{CAR}
13 European police take English city (5) ESSEN {E}{SS}{EN}
15 Live around Uganda initially taking some soup and leftovers (8) RESIDUES {RESID{U}E}{Soup}
17 Posts stolen unwanted advertisement materials (8) MAILSHOT {MAILS}{HOT} Not necessarily 'unwanted'
19 Giant bird's article (5) TITAN {TIT}{AN}
22 Popular actor returned animals (4) RATS<=
23 Story spread about commencement of amour (your and mine) after initial vibes is positive (10) FAVOURABLE {F{Am..r}{Vi..s}{OUR}ABLE}
26 Tidying without using water by cleaning without using lac compound? (9) NEATENING {NEAT}{clEaNING}
27 Permission for vacation (5) LEAVE [DD]
28 Valet hid gin cocktail - it was a miserable life (6,5) LIVING DEATH*

1   At first, Delhi University mum left Indian city for city in the Middle East (5) DUBAI {D}{U}{mumBAI}
2   Persons without much strength (you and me) get a King fishes (9) WEAKLINGS {WE}{A}{K}{LINGS}
3   Violent Scot in medicinal waters (6) TONICS*
4   13 churches get substance (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CE}
5   Growl "Right propeller" (4) ROAR {R}{OAR}
6   Judicial institution where a drunk may be produced? (4,5) HIGH COURT [CD]
7   Figure can be seen by all in country (6) STATUE {STAT{U}E}
8   Sailing armadas dropped anchors initially in old city (6) MADRAS aRMADAS*
14 Saul consumed mixed paint and became an apostle (5,4) SAINT PAUL {PAINT}* in {SAUL}
16 Amongst other things, bury boxer with initial stage of amnesia (5,4) INTER ALIA {INTER} {ALI}{Am...a}
17 Port in Myanmar in Asia (6) MARINA [T]
18 Talk about egg supply (7) ORATION {O}{RATION}
20 "Wanted" journalist in demand (6) NEEDED {NEED}{ED}
21 Spoilt egg consumed by fish having teeth (6) COGGED {CO{EGG*}D}
24 Removed first nail from bench for a seaside place (5) BEACH BE(-n+a)ACH
25 Fuel spilled around setter may produce drive (4) DERV DRiVE [RA] Correction [CA]



  1. 20 "Wanted" journalist in demand (6) NEEDED {NEED}{ED}
    Defn: wanted
    ED in NEED

    1. I intended it to work the way the Colonel has annotated. Definition is "in demand" =needed. In your parsing, if in is intended to be an inserticator then the remaining part, demand =need, not needed

    2. This is how I parsed it too.
      Def.- Wanted- NE(journalist)ED- Need for demand.

  2. Not visiting Chennai. Commemorating an event that took place this month many years back.

  3. Event in May in Chennai worth commemorating? I am getting curious.

  4. "17 Posts stolen unwanted advertisement materials (8) MAILSHOT {MAILS}{HOT} Not necessarily 'unwanted'"
    It could be for 'unwanted hair removal' treatment. A couple of days ago there was an ad that tried to lure young customers; it had attractive pic and alluring text.

    1. Unwanted advertisement materials would be Spam. Whereas Mailshot need not necessarily be unwanted

    2. That's a new term for me, though the intended meaning is clear.

    3. Unwanted is unwanted in this clue 😀

  5. Enjoyed it neat in 26A and the High(?) court as well.
    Expecting a tougher one today as per yesterday's indication.
    Glad it is about madras & Triplicane. Thank you,Col. for the link. Interesting.

  6. The hint of today's theme was aluded yesterday...exactly 94 years ago May Day was first observed in was held in Marina beach & led by M Singaravelar, leader of Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan

  7. Event in May- unveiling of 'Triumph of Labour' statue on the Marina!
    Goes with Triplicane, beach, marina, statue.

  8. Statue link. Not unveiled in May, but as a commemoration of May Day.

  9. 26 Tidying without using water by cleaning without using lac compound? (9) NEATENING. How do we get NEAT please?

    1. A 'neat' drink is one taken without adding water or soda.

  10. Loved this down-to-earth Crossie! Thanks, Incognito.

  11. STAR turning to RATS was also seen in the Sunday Special by Dr Nabar. Drat it ! Maybe a coincidence. Incognito seems to have COGGED his teeth into Madras Marina Beach, interalia. Not lost his simplicity for Down To Earth compiling and not creating a LIVING DEATH for the solvers. Enjoyed immensely. Madra soulds more glamourous than CHee -nnai