Saturday, 13 May 2017

No 12006, Saturday 13 May 2017, The Phantom


8 Auditor’s unfinished curriculum (6)  COURSE {~COARSE}
9 Nick revolts displaying sheer hatred (8) LOATHING {GAOL<=} around {THIN}
10 Son trying hard to catch a fish (8) STING RAY {S}+{TRYING*} around {A}
11 A sports arena’s approach… (6) AVENUE {A}{VENUE}
12 … passage from left entering into grounds (6) CLAUSE {C{L}AUSE}
13 Crime is minor yet illegal (8) ENORMITY {MINOR+YET}*
15 Rhythm's irregular in dance nowadays (7) CADENCE  {DANCE*}{CE}
17 Coating after a little time, not very dull? (7) TARNISH {T}{vARNISH}
20 American to introduce Bill as one with National Trust (8) ACQUAINT {AC}{QUA}{I}{NT}
22 Will lady carry pen around for promotion? (6) LEGACY {L((-ad)+(CAGE<=))Y}
23 Warning about mine, that’s abandoned (3-3) TIP-OFF {PIT<=}{OFF}
25 Members gathering around washroom, note dropping undergarments! (8)  BLOOMERS {meMBERS*} around {LOO}
26 Routine for staff to drop bitumen in cart (8) HABITUAL {HA{BITUmen}AL} Haal is cart ?
27 Kindle smuggled in foreign items (6) IGNITE (T)


1 Bread with mould rejected, volunteers getting sick (8) TORTILLA {ROT<=}{T{ILL}A}

2 Architectural style bowled over aunt in Australia (3,7) ART NOUVEAU  {A{OVER+UNIT*}U}
3 Standing order disallowed credit for Greece (6) DEGREE {DE((-cr)+(GR))EE}
4 Amateur left in bad mood creating minor scene (7) PLAYLET {P{LAY}{L}ET}
5 A throw with acceleration ricochets following usual geometrical shape (8)  PARABOLA {PAR}{A+ LOB+A<=}
6 What goes into say revolutionary product from milk? (4) GHEE {E{EH}G}<=
7 Slight alteration in units about length (6) INSULT {UNITS}* around {L}
14 Crew and its union repressed by Times’ board (10) MANAGEMENT  {MAN}{{AGE}{MEN}{T}} Times=Age & T
16 Hairdresser’s style suitable for all, officer included (8) COIFFEUR {U+OFFICER*}
18 Care for harassed city user … (8)  SECURITY {CITY+USER*}
19 … short, fat having left unshaven (7) STUBBLY {STUBB{L}Y}
21 Leaving base, go up by chopper for summit (6)  CLIMAX {CLIMb}{AX}
22 John's relative is being included (4-2) LOOK-IN {LOO}{K-IN} Chance for being included ?
24 Sad news as King's killed in revolution (4) OBIT {OrBIT}

Reference list

Son=S, Left=L, Nowadays=CE, Very=V, Bill=Ac, As=Qua, One=I, National Trust=NT, Promotion=Ad, Note=Me
Volunteers=TA, Australia=Au, Credit=Cr, Greece=Gr, Acceleration=A, What=Eh, Say=Eg, Length=L, Suitable for all=U, Time=Age, Time=T, John=Loo, Relative=Kin, King=R

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. 26 Routine for staff to drop bitumen in cart (8) HABITUAL {HA{BITUmen}AL} Haal is cart ?

    Sorry. That escaped attention despite repeated checking. Was a mix up in the fodder. Meant it as HAUL.

    1. ... and apologies to those who might have been put off by this bloomer in the clue.

    2. It is almost as if the mind sees what it wants to see and hence does not spot the error

  2. Lovely puzzle despite the haal..haul mix up( haal kaisa hai janab ka!)
    Some super smooth surfaces & wp. A nice week end treat.

  3. Replies
    1. I still watch this movie (Chalti ka naam gaadi)..for the songs & the comic scenes..

    2. This was one of the Hindi movies that I saw in the theatre when they were released originally.

  4. Saturday blues for commentators here continues

  5. Was familiar with all the equivalent words given under reference list barring these two, namely...As = qua and nowadays = ce. Could someone enlighten me on 'ce' please? Thank you.

    1. CE=Christian Era(equivalent to AD)
      BCE=Before CE(~BC)

    2. Common era . It is the secular alternative to ad/bc

  6. Phantom regales his fans with wonderful wordplay. looks like he is at home with homophones.

    Vasantji: I thought crossword addicts do not have any specific day for blues as it is habitual to solve on all days any and all cryptic puzzles. Don't they solve on all days but only abstain from appearing here for comments ? What is common factor amongst us that could keep some away on specific days? Or do they have their favourite setters ? To me, all setters are welcome due to their diverse styles and I look forward each day for new challenges in the grid.