Sunday, 7 May 2017

Special, Sunday 07 May 2017, The Esoteric Two

Welcome to our new setter 'The Esoteric Two'
Brickbats and Bouquets welcome.

Three answers per commenter as usual till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

7   Group from distressed regions around America’s capital (8)
9   Banish plastic trashcan (6)
10 Kinky slut's desire (4)
11 Napkins arranged in neat circles, bell shaped (10)
12 India enters into a military alliance with North and South Korea, perhaps (6)
14 Accidentally, I type a "G" before "N" to make "Tongue" (8)
15 Contents of Häagen-Dazs' menu (6)
16 Sibling has no right to irritate (6)
19 I took part in campaign organised to remove Trump finally - he deceives people (8)
21 Repercussion of mischief/sham? (6)
23 He talks about climate change and the warm winds across eastern borders of Afghanistan (10)
24 Join a broken tub (4)
25 Remarkable gesture (6)
26 Jumble sale having flat 50% off on tops in every shade, but not green (8)

1   Physical injury leads to trouble running and upsets many athletes (6)
2   Script of Spartacus (4)
3   Observed, but enlisted wrongly (8)
4   Sex with foreigner, say without protection (6)
5   Daily, wearing new shirt to work's getting hard - I store mostly old clothes (10)
6   Rent clothes for Spooner's cat (8)
8   Heartlessly blame confused and upset setter having an image (6)
13 Missing hot, old girlfriend's shelter (10)
15 Teacher is a chartered accountant and trained medic (8)
17 Putting one in school to learn Chinese, maybe (8)
18 Creature from Manila (6)
20 Principles upheld by Tesla, Edison (6)
22 Order food (6)
24 Guy gives up cocaine for good (4)

Across Lite version can be accessed at The Esoteric Two 1



  1. 20d Principles upheld by Tesla, Edison (6)IDEALS<-(T)
    18D Creature from Manila (6)ANIMAL*
    15D Teacher is a chartered accountant and trained medic (8)A CA DEMIC*

  2. 7A : ORGANISE from Regions and A ANAGRAM
    10A : LUST from SLUT
    15A: AGENDA T

  3. 10a Lust
    15a AGENDA (T)
    16A B(-r)OTHER

  4. 2d Script of Spartacus (4) PART [T]
    8d Heartlessly blame confused and upset setter having an image (6) EMBLEM {BL{-a)ME*}{EM<=}
    12a India enters into a military alliance with North and South Korea, perhaps (6) NATION {NAT[I]O}{N}

  5. 19A: MAGICIAN (I in CAMPAIGN -P)*, def = he deceives people
    17D: ORIENTAL (I in TOLEARN*) with school as anagrind, def = Chinese perhaps
    11A: TABLELINEN (INNEAT* around BELL*)

    Superb crossword with very smooth surfaces :) Keep them coming, Esoteric_two!

  6. 23 across: WEATHERMAN- anagram of THE WARM and A&N from ends of Afghanistan
    21 across: IMPACT-- Mischief=IMP +sham= ACT + repercussions

    25 across: SIGNAL= Remarkable= Signal and Gesture = signal

    1. Small change in the anno Raju for WEATHERMAN
      [(THE WARM)* around E] + AN

  7. Good debut by The Esoteric Two. Will complete the rest by and by. Where have these new compilers been hiding? Lets have more of them as we get to learn new tricks. Welcome aboard .

  8. 9A - ASHBIN*
    24A - ABUT*

  9. 12A NAT(I)O + N (def is "South Korea, perhaps")
    5D THRI(FT)S* + (H)OP (shirt anag.; FT = Financial Times = daily; OP = opus = work)
    26A LEA(FLat + E S)S* (sale anag.)

  10. 16a Sibling has no right // to irritate (6) B[-r]OTHER
    3d Observed, // but enlisted wrongly (8) LISTENED*
    15d Teacher // is a chartered accountant and trained medic (8)A/CA/DEMIC*

  11. 1D- Trauma- Acronym- Trouble Running And Upsets Many Athletes

  12. Yet to be solved
    Across- 14
    Down- 4,6,22,24

    Col. always says 'Bouquets & Brickbats' welcome. Getting curious as to how they are to be shared when there are 2! As far as I can see, it's all bouquets only. So no problem.

  13. My third- 24D
    Able- Def. Good
    Gives up Cocaine=> Cable-C=Able
    Nice one.

  14. Since NATION was already done, here's my third:

    6D WIREHAIR (hire wear spoonerism)

  15. Lovely grid. Remarkable use of anagram indicators. A couple of them were new to me.
    All in all an excellent debut puzzle. Looking forward to many more from The Esoteric Two.

  16. 14a EGYPTIAN i+type+n+g
    4 SAFETY f+et+say

    1. Doesn't ring true ! Parsing is a bit iffy iffy !

    2. Hi :)
      EGYPTIAN => (I TYPE A G)* before N
      SAFETY => SAY without (F+ET)

  17. 12A- loved the misleading North & South Korea. Lovely enjoyable CW. Thank you for this and more that is certainly expected.

  18. Some really nice clues with good surface.

    10A doesn't read well at all. The S-word is derogatory and disrespectful. Could have been clued differently.

  19. 22D can be answered by anyone

  20. 22d : COURSE- DC or CC? Fare and order

  21. A minor barb only but not a brickbat , on some clues being a bit offbeat oin parsing. Otherwise, the setter(s?) could have also done with a lesser number of anagrams too !

  22. That completes a nice and enjoyable Sunday fare. Thank you ET & Col.

  23. Thanks for the special The Esoteric Two, hope to see some more

    1. Thank you Sir, for hosting the grid :)

    2. Thank you sir, for hosting it!

  24. Very enjoyable puzzle,Kaustav & Vignesh.
    Could get to it only today.
    Keep 'em coming!