Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2943, Sunday 14 May 2017

1   Shake tower of strength (4) ROCK [DD]
3   Fellow enthralled by complicated maths, no novelist (6,4) THOMAS MANN {MAN} in {MATHS+NO}*
9   Level still without one floor covering (7) PARQUET {PAR}{QUiET}
11 Colourful display in fantastic bar I own (7) RAINBOW*
12 Run into a wild, rough old animal (9) ARMADILLO {A}{R}{MAD}{ILL}{O}
13 Certain alien back in fashion (5) FATED {FA{ET<=}D}
14 Artist, good artist with clarity, finally sad about broken pen (7,5) GRAYSON PERRY {G}{RA}{c...tY}{SO{N PE*}RRY}
18 Not familiar with upper-class conduct, same all over the place (12) UNACCUSTOMED {U}{CONDUCT+SAME}*
21 One with force reflected about love for language (5) MAORI {1}{R{O}AM}<=
22 Sorry about thousand libels, criminally elaborate (9) EMBELLISH {E{M}{LIBELS*}H}
24 Energy in motivation daughter gained (7) DERIVED {D{E}RIVE}{D}
25 Model army's leader after survival seizing power (7) REPLICA {RE{P}LIC}{Army}
26 Painting left strangely grainy (10) PORTRAYING {PORT}{GRAINY}*
27 Network becomes helpful to some extent (4) MESH [T]

1   Cancel article in disgust (6) REPEAL {REPE{A}L}
2   Approach keeping fringes of hair yellow (6) CHROME {C{HaiR}OME}
4   Spanish article supporting fashionable guest house (5) HOTEL {HOT}{EL}
5   Travelling merchant hurt company with game (5,4) MARCO POLO {MAR}{CO} {POLO}
6   Sign of fortitude, having quarrel with superior in error (5,5,3) STIFF UPPER LIP {S{TIFF} {UPPER} LIP}

7   Judges in time consumed by bias err badly (8) ARBITERS {T} in {BIAS+ERR}*
8   Negative methods receiving notice in these times (8) NOWADAYS {NO}{W{AD}AYS}
10 One doing less well than expected, suffering ruin, ached continually (13) UNDERACHIEVER {RUIN+ACHED}*{EVER}
15 Beatles song certainly rated uncommonly higher than unknown quantity (9) YESTERDAY {YES}{RATED}*{Y}

16 Day in season, endlessly cheerful, described concisely (6,2) SUMMED UP {SUMMEr}{D} {UP
17 Sailor breaking rule or prepared to give a hand? (8) LABOURER {AB} in {OR+RULE}*
19 Beautiful guess (6) DIVINE [DD]
20 Refuse to accept hard defeat (6) THRASH {T{H}RASH}
23 Stop working for lord (5) BARON {BAR}{ON}



  1. Special at 10:30 by new setter Fraz

  2. 6D:Yes..liked it!Thanks..

  3. Lovely blog Col....Armadillo illustration, Beatles Song, Stiff Upper Lip cartoon