Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2944, Sunday 21 May 2017

1   Strip back mature herb (6) BORAGE {ROB<=}{AGE}
4   Bird after time swallowed by snake in country (8) BOTSWANA {BO{T}{SWAN}A}
10 Studies including verse, part of Bible I love, and prayers (9) DEVOTIONS {DE{V}{OT}{I}{O}NS}
11 Perceptive account, subtle except for odd parts (5) ACUTE {AC}{sUbTlE}
12 Narrator of novel could handle life differently (6,9) HOLDEN CAULFIELD*
13 Leading renegades in retreat (4) STAR <=
14 Common foil containing aluminium (9) PREVALENT {PREV{AL}ENT}
17 Visionary man with muscular movement after support (9) PROPHETIC {PROP}{HE}{TIC}
20 Delayed dish, quietly taken away (4) LATE pLATE
22 Man stared, never prepared to give exact reference (7,3,5) CHAPTER AND VERSE {CHAP}{STARED+NEVER}*
24 Give up disregarding small rule (5) REIGN REsIGN
25 Random expression of disgust brought about by risk (9) HAPHAZARD {PAH<=}{HAZARD}
26 Lack of confidence in film with evidence of corrosion (8) MISTRUST {MIST}{RUST}
27 Appearance made by last pair of children in turn (6) VENEER {V{c...rEN}ER}

1   Religion's founder had to change, following upward call (6) BUDDHA {DUB<=}{HAD}*
2   Rebels getting right sign about development (15) REVOLUTIONARIES {R}{EVOLUTION}{ARIES}
3   Hide rage, tooth being broken (2,2,5) GO TO EARTH*
5   Unknown book possessed by sailor? Correct (7) OBSCURE {O{B}S}{CURE}
6   Stick with workforce (5) STAFF [DD]
7   Mad scene, amateur getting excited in area with gaming machines (9,6) AMUSEMENT ARCADE*
8   A requirement, almost, to keep chapter with point in story (8) ANECDOTE {A}{NE{C}{DOT}Ed}
9   Part of boot that's excellent, up among best (6) TOECAP {TO{ACE<=}P}
15 Completely consumed, filled with endless bad temper (9) ALLEVIATE {ALL}{EVIl}{ATE}
16 Power held by faction with unusual range (8) SPECTRUM {S{P}ECT}{RUM}
18 Lights necessary to assist orchestra (7) TORCHES [T]
19 Container inadequate without right cover (6) CANOPY {CAN}{rOPY}
21 Sensitive bid (6) TENDER [DD]
23 Catch up with tips from older singer (5) TENOR {NET<=}{OldeR}