Tuesday, 2 May 2017

No 11996, Tuesday 02 May 2017, Arden

1   Soldiers are part of the old man's fears (6) DREADS {D{RE}ADS}
4   Begin to admit law is bad for one who's loyal (8) STALWART {ST{LAW*}ART}
10 Service maybe aimed at reaching a large population (4,5) MASS MEDIA {MASS} {AIMED}*
11 It returns somewhat regularly- makes absolute mockery (5) COMET [T<=]
12 He ran many a mile filled with bitterness over a paste up job (7) COLLAGE {CO{GALL<=}E}
13 Conference remains orderly (7) SEMINAR*
14 News breaking- even petunia is showing listlessness (5) ENNUI {N}{N} in {pEtUnIa}
15 He would rather act than eat mince pies (8) THESPIAN {TH{PIES*}AN}
18 Old, getting on, is distressed (8) AGONISED {AG{ON}{IS}ED}
20 Republicans join public meeting (5) RALLY {R}{ALLY}
23 Not many turned out to be the opposite (7) ANTONYM*
25 Sewers are mostly unnecessary (7) NEEDLES NEEDLESs
26 They are sometimes counted on retirement (5) SHEEP [CD]
27 Middle of eight, nine, ten- taking one back for tidying up (9) NEATENING {eiGht}{NINE}{T{A}EN}<=
28 Admit it could be hard to forego (8) DISCLOSE {DISC}{LOSE}
29 Peak hour is 8 (6) HEIGHT {H}{EIGHT}

1   Old Greek was crazy up close, perhaps... (8) DAMOCLES {MAD<=}{CLOSE}*
2   ...similar character- one set to slip freely inside (7) EPSILON {SLIP}* in {ONE}*
3   A sentence that is eternal for motherland (9) DAMNATION {DAM}{NATION}
5   Corrected and sent, central to being in the spiritual realm (14) TRANSCENDENTAL*
6   Starts using motorway on the border, it's understudy (5) LOCUM {LOC}{Us..g}{Mo...y}
7   Country music about soldiers (7) ARMENIA {AR{MEN}IA}
8   They teach primarily- teach for America to retain top spot (6) TUTORS {Te..h}{U{TOR}S}
9   They make you buy- means test drive convertible (14) ADVERTISEMENTS*
16 Hang on, shift reserve into private banks (9) PERSEVERE {RESERVE}* in {Pr...tE}
17 Agreed to be part of rowing team- showing vision (8) EYESIGHT {E{YES}IGHT}
19 No balls- Imagine getting tactical tips (7) GUTLESS {GU{Ta...aL}ESS}
21 Tilling ground, keeping in rhythm (7) LILTING*
22 Took a break to hire outside accommodation (6) PAUSED {PA{USE}D}
24 State panel reconstituted (5) NEPAL*



  1. Raju,
    There is a suggestion from me to you under yesterday's Comments.

    1. Thanks, CV. There is a Riposte also from me there. I reproduce. lest you get haywire !

      CV : HA HA ! Even at this age you have a fertile (fertility ?) mind ? I expected this smart- CV-Alec comment from you . I am reminded of the old Hindi films where Rajesh Khanna , Dev Anand and Dharmendra try their luck with their (respective) heroines jumping on to the haystacks in Punjab villages. Is this what they used to call as hitting (in) the haystack?

  2. Welcome Me!
    You seem to have sleepless dream in stead of a dreamless sleep! Keep counting.

  3. I counted my pension receipts after retirement and found that I fell asleep in one minute flat.

    1. How do you know it is 1 min.?

    2. There is a small watch-like instrument. In a japa, as you say Rama (or whoever) each time, you press a button. It keeps counting and will display total. Mine showed 59 as my finger had stopped pressing at that point. Costs less than Rs 50. Browse through Giri Traders puja articles shop.

    3. Thank you for the interesting and informative reply. had been to Giri Traders recently, but since I was in a hurry I could not go through in detail. They have an anormous collection for every single need.

  4. 14A- News gives 2 N's?
    11A- Does 'Returns' have double duty?

    1. 14A It is NEWs
      11A I too think so

    2. Thank you KKR. NEWs is new to me. Arden finds innovative ways.

  5. Many returns of the day, Ajeesh! 💐 🎂

  6. For once, Arden, has set an easier puzzle today! Missed out on 26a SHEEP, yet enjoyed solving the grid. Thanks, Arden!.

  7. Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Ajeesh

  8. Me! Returns counting Sheep!Nice cartoon to supplement an equally nice puzzle.

  9. Col.,
    On counting, I got Sigma, function, integral, square and square root. Could not get the other one. I would be grateful for clarification.

  10. In 3D, how do we get Dam in Damnation? Could someone help?

  11. Thank you all for the birthday wishes