Monday, 8 May 2017

No 12001, Monday 08 May 2017, Scintillator

1   Crossing junction, stomped away with light vehicles (6) MOPEDS StOMPED*
4   Go mad disciplining jerk that's opinionated (8) DOGMATIC {GO+MAD}*{TIC}
9   Sodium appropriate to make inflammable jelly (6) NAPALM {NA}{PALM}
10 Electronic charge and discharge (8) EMISSION {E}{MISSION}
12 Rich myth misrepresented with regularity (8) RHYTHMIC*
13 Son told off brother not working in deep recession (6) SUNKEN (~son){SUN}{broKEN}
15 Famous person playing violin jettisons six accompaniments (4) LION viOLIN*
16 Persistent seller sent off (10) RELENTLESS*
19 Gasping boy has heart beating to a smaller extent (10) BREATHLESS {B}{HEART*}{LESS}
20 Hound a Hindu monastery (4) MUTT [DD]
23 Orders often to get prompt delivery (6) RESCUE {oRdErS}{CUE} Nice one
25 Corrupt time server needing milliseconds to recover (8) RETRIEVE {TImE+sERVER}* [CA]
27 Hue of satire describing English test (4-4) IRON-GREY {IRONY} over {GRE}
28 Take flight? (6) HIJACK [CD]
29 Ingredient of unfinished old cry gel, possibly (8) GLYCEROL {OLd+CRY+GEL}*
30 Head of 20 must recruit Times' puzzle-maker (6) SETTER {TT} in {SEER}

1   Some among relatives of mixed descent (7) MONGREL [T]
2   Teen crush not just on little dogs (5,4) PUPPY LOVE [CD]
3   Origin of Pandavas in modern capital (ancient city) (6) DELPHI {Pa...s} in {DELHI}
5   Siemens (unit of conductance) inverted? (4) OHMS {S}{MHO}<=
6   The vast majority nearly resigned over a bug (8) MOSQUITO {MOSt}{QUIT}{O}
7   Boneheaded alien deported by Bush (5) THICK THICKet
8   Some teeth can shine without hard cleaning (7) CANINES {CAN+ShINE}*
11 Outwardly flashy flier flying in night (7) FIREFLY {Fl..hY+FLIER}* Semi&lit
14 Threesomes in France — the trophy of pride for Englishman (7) LEASHES {LE}{ASHES} Didn't know this meaning of Leashes
17 Former social worker's housing extremely luxuriant (9) EXUBERANT {EX}{UBER}{ANT}
18 Battle horse participates in street dash (8) STRUGGLE {ST}{RU{GG}LE} Dash/Rule ?
19 Prohibition on head of State is insane (7) BARKING {BAR}{KING}
21 Hiker finds bodhi, eg., right outside outskirts of Konark (7) TREKKER {TRE{Ko..rK}E}{R}
22 Hurt bishop is overwhelmed by regret (6) BRUISE {B}{RU{IS}E}
24 Pure white sidekick of Tintin (5) SNOWY [DD]
26 Tentative Tories content to contain sign of discontent (4) VETO [T]



  1. The Hindu online paper failed to keep up its time of appearance of 00:01 hrs, which it has been following till recently.
    Thanks Col, I could lay my hands only on your grid and clues.
    Scintillator proved to be difficult today.
    +1 for 23Across.

  2. Difficult. Offbeat, but enjoyable CW. Struggle in the bottom half. Sorted out, thanks to the blog. Several good clues- long to list here.

  3. While the top half went in easily, had to struggle in the lower half..lovely puzzle..the importance of clues being posted is apparent today..when no puzzle appeared online

  4. Congrats Col for winning the Oracle May day puzzle

  5. Was difficult. Also struggled for 27 IRON-GREY with English test.

    1. Yes, that was difficult to understand (let alone solve) though the def, 'English test' is very precise.

    2. No, I thought aptitude test was so

    3. Yes, I got a little confused. It is TOEFL, that is for English.

  6. Col.
    Very glad to hear about May day puzzle. Congratulations.

  7. Congrats Col for the Mayday-Oracle prize. How many times will you enter the Hall of Fame? Please remain there and then you don't have to enter !!

  8. Col: Why is the Grid missing here? It is also not appearing in the Online version.

  9. Pl. look on the left column. Grid and unsolved clues have been there since morning. About TH on line version- well, less said the better. CW does not have ANY priority there.

  10. Col: Why i it that when I log in, immediately a burning flame appears and disappears on the screen before the actual blog shows up? Reminds me of the blaze that used to appear on the screen in the TV of Times Now of Arnab's days .

    1. That is the background image on this page

  11. The interactive version has been uploaded at 4:20 PM !!

  12. Congrats, Colonel, for winning the May Day puzzle!

    1. Thanks PP. Long time no see. What news of The HUB?

    2. Welcome PP. Been missing your cryptic comments.

  13. Thank you! Yes, GRE is not an English test per se, unless you want to argue the medium is English.

    There is a theme on friendly loyalists... wonder how it has been missed!

    1. Now that you mention it, the theme words are pretty obvious..
      Dogmatic, Mutt, Retrieve(r), Setter, Mongrel, Puppy Love, Canines, Barking, Snowy

    2. Good Vasnt. You jumped at it.
      Dogmatic loyalists!

    3. Leashes could also be added though unfriendly to them.

  14. Congrats Col on your winning the May Day Puzzle!