Thursday, 25 May 2017

No 12016, Thursday 25 May 2017, Gridman

1   Game from lowly sphere (8) BASEBALL {BASE}{BALL}
5   Backward boy going round the medical department of the teeth (6) DENTAL {D{ENT}AL<=}
9   Weapon is extended before the front of ship (7) LONGBOW {LONG}{BOW}
10 Mentioned way to allow a bit of underground development (7) ROOTLET (~route}{ROOT}{LET}
11 Vessel to discharge right one — mishmash (9) POTPOURRI {POT}{POUR}{R}{1}
12 Symbol of authority provided to leading lawyer (5) GAVEL {GAVE}{La...r}
13 Vagabond leaves model accessway (4) RAMP tRAMP
14 In a little money from abroad, I have inducement (9) INCENTIVE {IN}{CENT}{I'VE}
17 Morbid hunt he lay in a bad condition (9) UNHEALTHY*
19 Erode apparel (4) WEAR [DD]
23 One follows part of Karnataka leaving out old dog (5) CORGI {COoRG}{1}
24 Feeble announcement of seven days' requirement (4-5) WEAK-KNEED (~ week need)
25 Intend to draw back the Communist in ramble (7) MEANDER {MEAN}{RED<=}
26 Smarter arrangement in part of a chair (7) ARMREST*
27 Fine distinction made by sister about a church (6) NUANCE {NU{A}N}{CE}
28 Cheat — what a beggar might say while obstructing saint (8) IMPOSTOR {I'M POOR} over {ST}

1   Approximate estimate of everyone in big power ship (8) BALLPARK {B}{ALL}{P}{ARK}
2   In sum, player's caught indeed in the inner room (7) SANCTUM {S{A{N}CT}UM}
3   Graduate gets timely blessing from primate (6) BABOON {BA}{BOON}
4   How one sinks more and more with a New World role gone awry (5,3,5) LOWER AND LOWER*
6   Extend lone, crumbling portal (8) ELONGATE {LONE}*{GATE}
7   City tale spun out by victors surrounding one (3,4) TEL AVIV {TEL A}*{V}{1}{V}
8   Not much kindled and let out (6) LITTLE {LIT}{LET}*
10 Show clock up — let people be aware of danger (5,3,5) RAISE THE ALARM [DD]
15 Stop one clubhead at intervals (8) PERIODIC {PERIOD}{1}{Club}
16 Dissolute director one expecting payments (8) CREDITOR*
18 Ravan in strange trance (7) NIRVANA*
20 First principle of one's most favourable environment (7) ELEMENT [DD]
21 Shrewdness shown by a hundred university workers (6) ACUMEN {A}{C}{U}{MEN}
22 With arms bent, novel character stands in Nigerian town (6) AKIMBO {A{KIM}BO}



  1. Greatly enjoyed solving. It ran so fast I did not have to refer to any external assistance and got all except that I stumbled on the basic element.
    Filled in Gavel and had my doubts about town ending in V until the (3,4) gave it away.
    I was careful and got all the links given, but novel character came in last since it had no indication until the cursor passed over it.

    1. Paddy, in this new template links are not underlined but show up in a different colour, the underline will show up when the cursor passes over the word. I have mentioned it on the panel on the left

    2. I know and I got it late. Just wanted to check that in stead of underlining, a diff. colour is possible if it is not too difficult for you. I try to read up all links.

    3. Words with links are in a different colour. You mean I should change the colour?

    4. Colour changes do not make much of a difference. However I have now added the underline to words which have embedded links. Is it okay now?

    5. Excellent. Thank you & of course, sorry for troubling you.

    6. In mobile version, the coloured links are easily visible..not checked in web version
      If you have added links with underlined words that is not visible in mobile version..but the coloured links are ok, I feel.

    7. Anyway, both of us are happy!

    8. Underlined link words are visible on my mobile

  2. Enjoyable puzzle. Thanks Gridman

  3. 2D In parsing SANCTUM where do we get N from?

    1. Thank you. I have no idea of bridge at all!

    2. No need to KNOW bridge- just that the four players are called North,South,East & West. Sometimes partners are referred to either as NS or EW and opponents could be NE etc.

  4. 2 In sum, player's caught indeed in the inner room (7) SANCTUM {S{A{N}CT}UM}

    ACT for please?

  5. Col: Have you tweaked the template? If so, the present one is more agreeable and user-friendly. Thanks