Friday, 12 May 2017

No 12005, Friday 12 May 2017, Vulcan

1   Fine leader's philosophy (8) THINKING {THIN}{KING}
5   Knit a piece without pressure (6) SPLICE {S{P}LICE}
10 City's local clubs alone potentially (9) BARCELONA {BAR}{C}{ALONE*}
11 Perfect copy (5) MODEL [DD]
12 An instrument, the best, a diabetic keeps it (6) STADIA [T] How is this an instrument? See comments
13 It is working, good fish caught (7) LONGING {L{ON}{G}ING}
14 North American girl in this ancient place (8) CANADIAN {CANA{DI}AN}
15 Simple ways to find temperature (6) MODEST {MODES}{T}
18 Setter managed to answer the one with the questions (6) TESTER*
20 Trouble reported after Chief Minister hosted a drive (8) CAMPAIGN {C{A}M}{PAIGN}(~pain)
22 Difficult to find peace, finally settle outside America (7) ELUSIVE {p..cE}{L{US}IVE}
25 Attribute that's describing a politician, extremely unpleasant (6) IMPUTE {MP}{Un...nT} in {IE}
27 Back when a nightclub's partially empty (5) INANE [T<=]
28 Step right in after Henry gets inside bar (9) HINDRANCE {H}{IN}{D{R}ANCE} IN from? See comments
29 Hate crime otherwise not witnessed (6) ENMITY ENorMITY  
30 Way to stay still when holding this piece of furniture (8) BEDSTEAD {ST} in {BE DEAD}

1   It is cylindrical, a container that's empty on top (4) TUBE {TUB}{Em..y}
2   Stray rats in the Indian restaurant; basically they are a nuisance (9) IRRITANTS {RATS+IN+I+Re...nT}*
3   Required say, to be pressed (7) KNEADED (~needed)
4   New one out, a short story pertaining to recent development (8) NEONATAL {N}{ONE*}{A}{TALe}
6   Pepper is the pizza's topping, no item otherwise (7) PIMENTO {Pi..a}{NO+ITEM}*
7   Creature that's somewhat cylindrical (5) INDRI [T]
8   Educate nurse with ease (9) ENLIGHTEN {EN}{LIGHTEN}
9   Start to feel pain and collapse (4) FAIL {Feel}{AIL}
14 She's running in the race (9) CATHERINE*
16 Being old is difficult we hear (9) EXISTENCE {EX}{IS}{TENCE}(~tense}
17 Happiness of artist, one captivated by rock (8) RADIANCE {RA}{D{1}ANCE}
19 I have to counter depression, it's obvious (7) EVIDENT {I'VE<=}{DENT}
21 First to produce a syrup that's used in making paper (7) PAPYRUS {Pr...e}{A+SYRUP}*
23 Take the gun away from a male and run off (5) UNARM {A+M+RUN}*
24 Recollection of speech overheard (4) ECHO [T]
26 Completely gone (4) DEAD [CD]



  1. 28 Step right in after Henry gets inside bar (9) HINDRANCE {H}IN{D{R}ANCE} IN from?

    Inside = IN

  2. Nice and neatly constructed puzzle

  3. stadia1 /stāˈdi-ə/ (surveying)
    A graduated rod used in measuring distances at one observation, by the angle subtended by the distance between two hairs (stadia hairs or lines) in the telescope (also stadia rod)
    The telescope so used (US)

    1. The online edition of Chambers doesn't have this meaning.

      See STADIA

    2. The online Chambers is not the BRB that you have but a cut-down version called the 21st Century Chambers Dictionary or some such.

    3. sta·di·a 1 (stā′dē-ə)
      a. A telescopic instrument having two parallel lines through which intervals on a calibrated rod are observed, used to measure distances.
      b. The parallel lines in this instrument.
      c. The calibrated rod so used.
      2. The technique of measuring distances with this instrument.
      Source... Freedic.

    4. Big Red Book.
      See image here:
      The dict has always had hard red covers with title in gold.

    5. Thanks Sir..though I have got Chambers 21st century dict, I dont think it is BRB..I got it in Mumbai from road side book shop near Fashion Street a few years ago..

    6. The Chambers 21st Century Dictionary is one where they removed all Scottish words and other archaic/obsolete words and so it is less big. BRB is the original, unabridged. It is very bulky and now after coronary surgery I can't even remove it from the bookshelf and hold it.

  4. Very boring puzzle, so boring that it penetrated my heart.

    1. CV Sir stealing the thunder of Ravi....he must have been left speechless

    2. It was not Ravi who made the 'boring' remark. It was a different member about whom we know nothing of. Their remark will be more appreciated if they stay, get acquainted with the norms and standards here. Not that we don't criticise clues - we do but we give reasons. If I say a cup of coffee is horrible, I can say how, can't I? Why smash the cup to the ground?

    3. Well! CV, In case of coffee, maybe not. I don't like the taste. That's it.

    4. Just 'don't like the taste' won't do, you can say say too bitter or too sweet or too much/too little milk or not brewed enough etc etc :-)

    5. Why? When I pass a casual remark at a gathering of friends.

    6. The point is that casual remarks made among friends are ok and nobody wants an explanation.
      In a blog like this, first presumption is that we are all friends.
      Also the remarks should not be offensive.
      When someone says that he did not like the crossword, it depends more on the tone of the comment than the words per se. I do remember an old friend on this blog who scream 'horrible crossword' every time she found it too difficult to solve. But she was a frequent visitor and had won the love and affection of all here. So, this kind of comment was not offensive in any way.

      Am I rambling?

    7. Colonel Sir @ 1:38 pm.
      Like to add one more on coffee being...
      Too hot to handle!

  5. Easy one. Don't understand how 30A works.
    2D - I for Indian? 'the' can be ignored?
    4D - Why development?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. 2D 'basically' would refer to both Indian and restaurant. 'the' is redundant and perhaps the clue would read better without it.

      4D I think 'pertaining to recent development' is the definition

    2. 30 Way to stay still (when holding this) piece of furniture (8)

      Stay still is holding way to become bedstead.

    3. Sorry Sureh, I deleted the reply.


      30A To stay means to "halt/ Stop". So ST is in BE DEAD

    4. 'Still' is not 'be dead'. 'Stay still' is 'be dead'.

      So 'holding this' would be the containment indicator.

    5. Thanks. 30 - 'this' pointing to 'way' - isnt this too convoluted?
      4D - Understood the defn but not sure if development can be used this way.

    6. I thought that 30 was fine.
      Re 4d maybe. But it is not an unusual usage.

  7. Pretty hard crossie, having got the SW corner easily , had a tough time for the others.
    Vulcan being a known setter, by now, we should have got the hang of his setting but today, he had me stumped. Not witnessed as a deletion indicator for R out of enormity, meaning crime, was worked out only after I surmised enmity for HATE. Shouldn't it have been hatred instead of hate? Similarly, BE dead to hold still is a bit misleading as Suresh garu had mentioned .
    I consoled myself@ It takes all kinds of compilers to create माथा पच्ची !!!

  8. Just in case you haven't noticed...
    The Hindu online edition has tomorrow's crossword (12006) by Phantom today! Since I did not see the paper edition in the morning, I solved the online grid and when I checked into the blog I saw that it is Vulcan. The online edition also had #12005 (this xw) but it was in the side pane with the older grids and I didn't notice it.
    So will have to look for a new grid to solve tomorrow :)

    1. Some one who handles this Online version must be a night owl with a time warp syndrome

    2. Good one Raju!
      Thanks Ramki, I could solve much earlier tomorrow's puzzle!

    3. Will that be height of efficiency or height of laziness!!

  9. Height of inefficiency?